Ajinkya Bhalerao

Head – Technology

Ajinkya Bhalerao is an accomplished passionate Solution Manager with over 13 years of hands-on experience in the computer software industry, particularly in Test Automation and Test Management. His extensive expertise extends to managing feature development teams, Quality Engineering teams, and overseeing Functional and Automation Testing, including API Testing and DB Testing. With a total of 13 years in Automation testing and 3 years in management, Ajinkya is a results-driven professional who excels in driving successful test activities for releases. His enthusiasm for delivering effective solutions is evident in his adept management of Quality Engineering teams, where he not only mentors but also actively participates in driving test activities throughout the software development lifecycle.

Ajinkya possesses a diverse skill set, with extensive domain knowledge in Manufacturing, E- Commerce, Banking, and Fraud Detection/Prevention & Risk-Based Decisioning. His experience spans various industries, allowing him to bring a holistic and adaptable approach to test automation and quality assurance. Beyond technical proficiency, Ajinkya plays a crucial role in the hiring process, contributing to candidate screening, interviews, and coordination with HR teams. His involvement in talent acquisition showcases his commitment to building high-performing teams. Moreover, Ajinkya exhibits a solid understanding of Project Management processes implemented in large organizations, adding a layer of strategic insight to his technical capabilities. His multifaceted experience, from hands-on automation testing to leadership and project management, positions him as a versatile and valuable professional in the
software industry.