Online Marketing Guide For Manufacturing Sectors

Manufacturing sectors are one of the most important parts of an economy as most of the income and labor is generated in these sectors. That being said, due to change in customer behaviors and new technological innovations the competition in these sectors has increased.

Millions of websites deliver new content every day and making an impact in the industry, even in niche markets, has become a huge obstacle for manufacturing companies.

According to the IHS GlobalSpec “Trends in Industrial Marketing” report, 54 percent of industrial marketers spent more on digital marketing in 2013 than they did in 2012. With online industrial marketing delivering rapid ROI, better-qualified sales leads, and numerous opportunities for brand exposure, it is easy to conclude that this trend will continue in 2018 and beyond.

Online marketing is not a magical process that will instantly generate revenue or boost sales 100 per cent. It is a valuable tool and untapped resource that brings about new ways of thinking and new ways of doing business in this modern age.

Manufacturing companies that want to succeed in today’s online marketplace are ones that take time to develop clear and comprehensive strategies. However, with a ton of marketing platforms to choose from, online marketing is bound to become a daunting and overwhelming task.

Here are a few guidelines for digitally market manufacturing sectors:

  1. Keep your goals clear
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Provide excellent content
  4. E-mail marketing
  5. Improve customer loyalty
  6. Nurture leads
  7. Keep strategies dynamic

Your best bet is to design a strategy that focuses on your needs and the needs of the customers in your industry. Your digital marketing strategy should fit in with your business plan. Define exactly what you want your marketing efforts to achieve.

Keep it simple, yet relevant because by simplifying your strategy you get a clear indication of what you are working towards. It is wise to take time to get your goals right as the goals you focus on will govern which methods you should use.


One of the best ways to improve lead generation and direct sales numbers is to increase brand awareness and strengthen the image of your company. You can achieve this by building your site and ranking well for important terms.

To build up your brand’s awareness you can:

  1. Invite current and past customers to follow you on social media
  2. Host social media groups or build conversations using hashtags
  3. Employ a quality content development and SEO program
  4. Build an email list from forms filled out on your computer
  5. Create a PPC strategy that complements your organic and social efforts.

An effective lead generation plan comes down to one thing: content. If you can offer valuable content that potential customers are eager to consume, you will be able to generate more interest in your products and more leads for your business.

Content can be offered to customers in two ways:

  1. Blogging- Well-written and informative blog posts will always generate leads as they have become the content currency of the internet. Having a regularly updated blog also reassures new prospects that you’re a successful and thriving enterprise.
  2. Lead Magnets- “Lead magnets” are downloadable content that people will exchange their email address for. This can be an eBook, PDF guide, or short video series that can be emailed to the customer or downloaded directly.

According to a report by GlobalSpec, industrial companies spend 11 percent of their annual marketing budgets on email marketing. In this modern age, e-mail still is one of the most effective online marketing tools with click-through rates of over 4 percent in the manufacturing sector according to email marketing leader MailChimp.

Once you have a decent-sized, targeted email list, you can start using email campaigns to turn these leads into customers.


As they progress, customers are extremely likely to engage with brands online. 95 percent of online adults between 18 and 34 follow a brand on social networking sites and seventy-one percent of customers who report having a positive social media experience with a brand say that they are likely to recommend the company to others.

This presents you with the perfect opportunity to engage with prospective customers and build strong relationships.


Using various platforms, you can take advantage of the power of marketing automation. When customers visit your website, you can track their behavior on your site, particularly when they utilize the resources you provide. When they convert to a lead and provide you with their information, you can nurture your lead through the rest of the sales cycle with marketing automation.


No matter what tools and platforms you use to promote and market your business consistency and results will always remain important. The market and customer behavior is subject to constant change and thus you need to ensure that your online marketing strategy is flexible throughout all your digital platforms.

As the competition for domestic and international sales increases, online marketing has transcended from being an option to being a need for manufacturers. Global Infocloud can help manufacturing industries to build relationships and establish their organization at the forefront of their field.

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Business Automation In Taxi Booking

Every person in the business industry is talking about the automation nowadays and not just talking they are implementing it too. But for the business like taxi what exactly will automation do? How will it work and what influence will it have on your business? Despite hearing all the glory of the automation is it still questioning your knowledge that why do you need to pay attention to it?

That is what we are exploring here, we are putting the automation under the microscope to learn what it is all about, why is it important, what advantages it provides and what steps must be taken to prepare your business for what is considered one of the profound and greatest changes the industry is ever going to face.

First of all, let us bring the advantages of the automation in a spotlight.

Taxi business automation claims some very big things and the truth is they deliver them too. If done right taxi automation can prove to be a total bliss by providing you the following advantages

1. Remarkable Cost Savings

 Yes, we can save significantly for real, it is fast to achieve, is long lasting and can multiply the profit too many times.

2. Allure New Customers

With the arrival and rapid growth in the taxi business, the expectations of the customers have raised. Automation tools help you big time to gain the new customers.

3. Win customer loyalty

Your customers can easily get tempted by your competitive taxi service that has great automation tools like the customer app, driver app, and web booker. Automation gives your customer more reasons to stick to you.

4. Great experience for drivers

Implementation of the great automation will make the driver’s life really easy along with keeping them busy. Happier drivers will prefer to stay with the firm that works smoothly.

5. More Drivers

Happier drivers automatically allure the new drivers.

6. Compete with the best

No matter how best, there is always something lacking and you can exploit that with automation of your own.

7. Expands your customer base

The presence of an app automatically connects you with your customers in an effective way creating a broader customer base.

8. Supply and Demand can help to provide the flexibility in pricing

Pricing will automatically get flexible on your service of the supply and demand.

For the customer-centric business like the taxi business, automation for it refers to the intersection of many crucial systems and technologies.

The major key elements for the taxi business automation are

  • Customer App

A well-versed customer app has the capability to majorly transform the business.

You can call it whatever you want a customer app, passenger app or consumer app, this tool is perhaps the most powerful element of the taxi business. A taxi dispatch system enables you to have own application that your customers can download and unlock the whole new level of outstanding features. The moment customers download your app they will be able to book with your company within a few swipes. This will give them the benefit of tracking the activities going on and even the payment can proceed through the app. You might have the perception that people do not personally like apps and prefer personal contacts but the statistics say that around 20%-30% of the people prefer the app for convenience.

  • Driver App

With the help of Driver App, you can interlink the working by putting all the essential information at the fingertips of the driver.

This is the most essential link that connects the dispatch system, the consumer app and the driver. All the activity is linked and performed automatically. An efficient driver’s app is user-friendly, has a great navigation and makes life much easier. The thing we are trying to convey here is to practice the high-tech technologies with a smooth driver app.

Speaking about the effect of the app if we analyze the combined effect, the achieving rates of the automation is up to 75%. And this number can literally revolutionize your business.

To deliver the automation promise successfully, implementation of the CRM is the crucial factor and must be seamlessly integrated to receive the benefits.

If any of the apps do not work accordingly it might eventually impact the outcome of the business.

After discovering the perks of the automation one can definitely say that it is a game changer. The beauty of automation lies here that even the smallest of the firm can have an outstanding automation system. They are no longer for the huge organizations with the great fleets.

If you have any question about the taxi business automation and wish to explore more, Global Infocloud is ever ready to assist you and help you with all your queries.

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The Impact Of Digital Marketing For Spa And Beauty Industries

The beauty industry is all about helping people feel good about themselves and provide them with services which makes them feel relaxed and stress-free. The widespread web of this industry includes spa, beauty parlours, estheticians, barbers, hairstylist, makeup artists, hair salons and much more.  All these are operated by young entrepreneurs single-handedly or by the professionals of the beauty world with an army of experts. With the changing trends in various fields, it has also become mandatory for people of the beauty industry to enter into the world of internet and take their business online so as to get better marketing resulting into inflow of clients.

From a responsive website design to email marketing and loyalty programmes to big social media marketing plans beauty professionals must be there where their audience is. And we at Global info cloud help you by assisting in improving your online presence. In today’s world of a techno-savvy generation where half of the population have smartphones and access to the internet, 61 % of the consumers search for the beauty products and services online. They make up 50% of the more frequent purchase than compared to the general population.

 Consumers of skin care products and services are 29%  more influenced by internet advertisements than average consumers. Along with their availability virtually with the help of social media networks, they get a direct access to the service provider which can work wonders for your business by taking it to another level.

How can we help you in expanding your beauty business?

Search engine optimization

People don’t search to search but they search to FIND! When consumers are searching they are doing their research about the product or the service they want. If they are searching a local service they are motivated buyers which mean there is a higher chance of customer acquisition. In order to be a top choice for your prospective client, you must show up in a search. Search engine optimization is having your website rank higher organically in search engines. It is important that you must be found when people search for the services provided by you and not only by the name of your business. You can also appear in the listing section of search engines or on the review sites over the internet. You might feel why is this important? According to the statics, 70% of the potential clients search for online reviews before trying out a new salon. If you are worried about what if a negative review comes, you absolutely don’t have to worry about it as a well-handled negative review can fetch you more clients than several positive reviews.

Email marketing

As search engine optimization opens doors for new clients email marketing helps in staying top of the mind of your existing clients. 20 % of your loyal customers know what kind of services you offer. Rest might be unaware of all the services, therefore, email is a great way to showcase all the services your salons offer. Thank you emails immediately after the client gets a service done or emails with special discounts and coupons on birthdays and anniversaries can lead to more and more client capturing. Appointment reminders, event-based emails, appointment confirmation emails and text messages also help in customer solicitation. Along with all these a loyalty programmes which deliver loyalty points on every service and these points be converted into cash on getting several services done will keep the client coming back again to the salon.

Social networking sites

Social media is very important as every salon or beauty service provider has a visual story to tell. Posting pictures of your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest is one way of engaging with your fans and customers online. Social media sites are dominated by the female audiences where  92 % of women share their experiences, inform about deals and give reviews about the product or services to one another online. Social media is one of those marketing tools which comes with its value in real-time nature. No other tools provide you with the ability to truly engage with your customers when they are away from salons.

Profile images, cover photos, logos, location are something that resembles the core value of your brand or salon.  The complete about section on facebook about who you are and why you choose this profession provides the customers with complete insight into you making you more open and trustworthy. Consistency in posting your work and daily images along with replies to the comments are something which will help in upgrading your business and staying in people mind.

Global Infocloud is one stop solution for all your digital marketing queries and processes. If you are looking to attract, engage, communicate effectively and efficiently using a strong digital marketing strategy to build up and interact with your clients. We invite you to visit us and we will suggest you with the best plan suited for you. We assist in improvising your virtual presence by taking your business online and expanding it on a global level. With all the above-mentioned services we have the potential of changing the graph of the current status of your business.

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Business Automation In Real Estate Industry

Real Estate business is a vigorous one in nature, there is always so much happening around the field. The industry demands to handle various processes simultaneously like tackling multiple projects, keeping tracks of different locations, keeping the inventories up to date, selling the property, seeking the tenants, making the investors get onboard for the new developers in the puddle of many others. The real estate business falls under the complex category involving scores of processes that are usually connected to each other. The implementation of automation and use of technology makes the communication smooth and eases the management of the business. We are peeking into the details to the industry to give you a look at how the real estate firms are using the business process automation to boost their organization to the greater altitude.

Sources said that about 92% of the home buyers use the internet to search the property. There are approximately 82% of the people who believe that the online agents are the good source of information. Nearly 42% of the home buyers use the internet as their 1st search medium. These facts somehow signal towards the world getting extremely tech-savvy. Implementation of ERP and CRM has also played a key role in the real estate business.

1. Management of Property

Technology has influenced the mindset of people to such an extent that people now search the properties in the different ways. This impact has led to the ever-increasing use of technology. The process of finding the properties often begins with a search query to seek the well-suited listings on the internet. Today, every real estate business manages the property listings online. This is all done by using an integrated web application to list out the office space, commercial and residential spaces, warehouses, agriculture and also the properties that are available for sales and rentals. An individual can use google maps for every property listings and their locations, images, property age, plans for floors, relevant amenities, and required documents. The potential customers can search properties and enquire online.

2.Automated workflows of the business processes

We can manage the real estate services by using an integrated web interface. Stalking the property constructions, improvement of the existing process, details of the properties, agreement renewals, tasks, emails, documents and every other activity is centralized. Real estate companies can efficiently manage the staff workloads with the automated workflows. Various activities can be aligned by sending the regular reminder and notifications to the staff as well as the management. One can configure these properties according to the business requirements. Managers and executives can receive the automated reports and aggregated data by the system.

3.  Leads and marketing for the properties

One of the most important things to take care of, for the real estate companies is to manage their marketing activities and sales efficiently. It is a crucial task to improve the sales by generating high-quality leads. Campaigns can be easily managed through an integrated web application. A dynamic website can be used to upload property listings along with the image maps, google map integration for the location and rest of the documents. All this leads to inquiries and qualified leads from the web. The campaigns like social media marketing, exhibitions and expose could also be operated from the integrated software. We can aggregate and analyze the ROI from different campaigns of property, their results, and its impacts on the business.

4. Projects, inventories, and assets

The process of managing various projects and inventories at the different location can prove very taxing for the administrators. The integrated online software can help you manage these different locations in an efficient way. One can access the given inventory from any place at any time. Aspects of project milestones, highlighted events, expenses, budgets, inventory, and manpower can be accessed remotely. We can proactively do the cost and quality control.

5. Accounting and financial analysis

These days real estate companies desperately need a centralized and online accounting system. This could be done by implimenting an ERP. The driven procurement can be used to maximize the cash flow for the business. Also, all the billing material, machinery, and manpower costs can be tracked.

Business automation is promoting the real estate companies to the newer heights. Technology is proving its capabilities by redefining the way people are transacting and managing the things. Automation can simplify the core business activities of the real estate industry such as selling the property, searching the potential leads, managing portfolio and asset management. The expectations of the people to improve the service delivery, communications, and discovering the new ways for growth is making the real estate industry to adopt the technology.

If you have any queries and wish to know more please feel free to give a call at Global Infocloud and our team will assist you thoroughly.

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Business Automation in Food Industry

Have you ever noticed how automation and digitalization have changed our lives in the last decade? And have you ever thought what impact it is going to make in the coming 10 years? It is said that by 2028 automation is likely to makeup a great percentage of our workforce. Automation software is the big buzz right now and it will be the biggest next thing to hike the sales and productivity of the company.

If you work in a food industry or have a food business, you probably know what amount of hard work it takes to run a successful company. However, if you could, would you take up a way that was much easier? Here, in this blog, we intend to talk about the business automation, its perks and how it will shape the future of food industry in the coming years.

A recent study suggests that 9 out of 10 food processing and packaging companies are totally into automation and the predictions strongly vocalize that the ratio is eventually going to increase. A consulting firm Accenture predicted that the companies from all over the world falling under the food sector are going to unlock billions over the next decade by being a beneficiary from the digital technologies like real-time data analysis.

Within the food industry, we can see a number of recent trends adding complexities to the workflow and functioning of the company. In addition to these outside trends, one needs to understand that at the end it is a business. We need to cut the cost and find out the ways to run a business more efficiently and hike its net profit.

One of the most effective ways to tackle the growing complexity of this industry is to invest in business automation and indulge in the technologies like ERP system, use the analytical tools and many such more. A well-designed frame of business IT automation will help you integrate all the aspects in a single set of data, facilitate the management system of the company. In addition to all these, it will improve the operational performance of the firm. It can also integrate all regulatory compliance rules at a single place to make sure they are being fulfilled.

Every type of company can get advantages from the Business IT automation. But, in the case of the food industry, there are few areas that reflect the maximum positive impact of implementing software automation.

1. Finance

All of the financial documents within an organization can be managed in a hassle-free way with the ERP system. Right from the inventory reports to the orders of purchase to the summaries of the order the system can accumulate this information into one location that too in a well-organized manner. One of the greatest benefits the food industry can get is to be able to have the summarized reports that would help them during the decision making. These summaries offer an overview of the sectors such as regulatory compliance and help you map out the areas that have the scope to save money.

Another biggest financial advantage comes from raw materials. Just like the synopsis mentioned above, the summaries of the materials are also available that helps to balance the supply and demand, optimize the inventory levels and ignore the delays of production that are driven by the scarcity of the raw materials. With all the detailed information company will be empowered to make smart sourcing decision leading to the higher quality and better produced products.

2. Operations

Business IT Automation can help a company in a great way to streamline the processes of the operations. With the aggregation and integration of all the processes throughout the company, it is much simple to find out the production areas that need to be improved and also the ones that are already running efficiently. Adoption of the software automation permits the human capital present in the company to focus on more meaningful tasks which will eventually propel the company further.

3. Food Safety

Not just the operations and finances of the company, IT automation can also help you improve the quality of the food you produce. Considering raw materials and food, it is extremely important to track the expiry dates, source the materials from the reliable places and implement the production without any regulatory violations. In addition, every product is tracked that helps the firm to provide precise information present on the food labels.

There are many issues food companies are facing today. With the implementation of the business IT automation, they will be prepared in advance to face the issues and emerge successfully.

If you wish to know more about Business IT Automation, feel free to call Global Infocloud and we will be more than glad to assist you with your queries.

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How To Increase Conversion Rates Of Your Hotel Website

The main aspect of any website is its overall look and appearance. A nicely developed website with the right sort of features and tabs can impress a visitor and it also improves the chances of him/her getting converted into a lead. However, there are many other factors that can increase the traffic for your website.

Hotels were always in great demand as people have always loved to travel to different locations. However, with globalization and increase in overall population, people have started preferring the hotels and this has led to a steady increase in the competition as well. Therefore, numerous hotels have launched their websites and even some third party websites such as Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc. have started providing references of these hotels which are based on a number of aspects such as customer reviews, Google ratings and much more.

Top 5 factors that should be focussed on to increase the conversion rates of your hotel website:

User-friendly website

Many-a-times it happens that you are generating enough traffic on your website but it is not getting converted to actual sales of your services and products. A website that is easy to understand and operate is the one that increases your chances of improving the revenue of your hotel. This happens because the visitor finds the process of booking easier and chances of him/her of buying the product increases to a large extent. Instead of providing a length and a complicated procedure for booking and payment you can provide them with simple steps that needed to be followed in order to rent a room. This not only impresses the visitor but he also will remember this user-friendly experience and prefer the next time he travels to a nearby destination. Apart from that you can also make your website compatible and user-friendly on digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. which will help you to grow your overall reach and conversion rate quickly.

Social media impact

Use of social media to drive traffic to your website can be very helpful because all the people are linked to social media platforms in some way or the other. Also, you can use these social media networks to build your own brand and create its own following. You can join the different communities which are available on the social media platforms and use them to impress your target audience by implementing digital marketing strategies.

Manage website rankings

One of the best ways to manage website rankings is by implementing SEO strategies and working your website on the top of all the search engine results. Your website must be such that when you search for its name it must be displayed in the top ten rankings of the search results. Implementing SEO strategies will not only boost your website rankings but also improve the traffic which will ultimately result in more conversions.

Improve the content of your website

All the stylish icons and excellent design of your website are of no use if the content of your website is not good enough to attract your visitors. Content can be in different forms such as blogs, informative video sharing the details and location of your hotel, infographics and much more. Creating the right kind of content for your website can help you earn the loyalty of your customers and they may even recommend your hotels to their relatives and friends. Also, you can provide them with accurate contact details, maps and services which make your hotel easily accessible to all those who are visiting nearby.

User-generated content

A visitor trusts a fellow visitor who has already used your services earlier. Therefore, if your website has enough user-generated contents such as customer reviews, experiences, etc. then that can really improve your conversion rate. Also, you can have client testimonials from business groups, friends group or organizations who stayed back in your hotel while travelling, visiting a nearby tourist attraction, etc. This will generate a sense of curiosity amongst the visitors and they will be more inclined to try out the services and ambience of your hotels.

All these factors get positive results for improving the conversion rate for your hotel website. Apart from these methods, you can also try out the following innovative business automation methods to enhance your conversion rate:

Instant messaging

You can use business automation in hotel management for messaging guests’ comments and reviews by indulging them in a mobile management solution. Also, you can provide them with a menu through which visitors can order food through mobiles and complete the payment through e-payment solutions like PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

Room booking

Like a “Book My Show” app, you can show your visitors the available rooms in your hotels. This interface can be provided on both computers and mobiles.

All these above methods can improve the conversion rates of your hotel website. Apart from these methods, implementation of automation techniques can really boost your revenues. Global InfoCloud is a leading provider of IT services and digital marketing services in Pune. We have years of experience in designing and implementing social media campaigns that improve your brand value and generate surplus leads for your website. We have the ability to improve your social and online presence and have enough expertise to provide a global platform for your business.

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Do Schools need digital marketing?

With more than 800 universities, over 1.5 million schools and countless institutions, the demand for education and related services is growing at an alarming rate in India. Moreover, with government and private sector plunging into the scene, the education sector is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in our country. Also, there is still a lot of potential for further growth and expansion of the education system in India.

Today is the age of social media networks and marketing which hugely relies on the various social media platforms. Even though teaching is considered to be a noble and selfless service, it has been one of the fastest rising sectors which are also providing huge profits, especially to the private schools and colleges. Therefore, a lot of schools and colleges feel the need to market their brands on all the media platforms available and digital media is definitely the one which nobody can ignore.

Following are the reasons due to which schools need digital marketing:

Solve the doubts of parents

Parents are always worried about their child’s future which makes them speculative while choosing the schools and colleges for their children. Using digital marketing strategies, the schools can educate the parents about their teaching methodologies and spread awareness about the facilities they provide to improve the learning and extra-curricular skills of their kids. This will resolve all their doubts and queries regarding your services and they can prefer your school over others.

Easy access to everyone

Young or old, be it, anyone, you will find them on social media platforms. Almost every youngster and an adult are on Facebook, Whatsapp is used by everyone, everyone loves to watch YouTube, and LinkedIn is the most used social platform for entrepreneurs and professionals. Apart from these platforms, you are able to use the thousands of online platforms which provide you ample of business opportunities. Even schools and colleges can use these platforms to find their target and potential students. Also, information about parents can be retrieved to give them valuable information regarding the facilities, services and quality of teaching provided by the schools and colleges.

Revenue benefits

With digital marketing and social media campaigns, you can attract more and more youngsters and convert them into your students. Not just that, it provides a platform where you can expand the avenues of your teaching and you can use the methods like an online course, online teaching and other online services to expand your business. Through these platforms you not only have access to the local crowd, but you can explore your potential students from anywhere in the world as you have a global access to the digital media.

Other benefits

Social media is a favourite pastime for numerous individuals who are seeking jobs and career opportunities. You can tap them through social media networks, train them and make them a part of your teaching faculty, staff, etc. It is a much better method and digital marketing can make your brand more visible to these prospects.

Business automation

Business automation is certainly gaining importance in our day-to-day lives and we unknowingly use them in our daily activities like online shopping, online trading, paying bills, and much more. Business automation is also gaining relevance in the education sector. Moreover, automation technologies can be used to streamline attendance, records of students and faculty, processing salary of teachers and staff, etc. Also, robots can be used to assist the teachers and students in various. Therefore, the use of business automation and digital marketing can really reap huge benefits to the schools and colleges.

Improve communication

Social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns can be used for improving the communication and relation between the faculty, students and parents. They can be used to engage the teaching staff and parents as it provides an easy and effective way of communication. Also, they can be used to provide guidelines to the faculty and other staff. Digital marketing is a great way of showcasing the rules and regulations of a particular college and school and therefore, can be used effectively in the marketing campaigns and strategies. Also, they can be used to provide information about the events, exams, extra-curricular activities, etc. to the parents. Ideas can be shared and discussed in detail on the digital media platforms and can be a topic of your marketing campaigns as well. Promotion of your school’s mission, vision and goals can be easily done through the digital marketing campaigns.

Strategic implementation

Apart from all these benefits, the singular motto of a specific school or college can be to drive traffic to their website which can be converted into leads and sales in the future. Digital marketing and strategies play an important role in driving traffic to your website. Also, it can propel your site to the top 10 websites for schools as you can implement SEO marketing strategies in your digital campaigns.

Sustaining competition

The reckless age of competition has forced many businesses to enter into digital marketing as they have to face new challenges and survive in their respective market. Schools and colleges are no exception to this, and therefore, schools and colleges can use the digital marketing just to maintain and improve their reputation in the education sector.

All these above-mentioned points establish the fact that even schools need digital marketing for establishing themselves and surviving in the competitive educational sector. Global InfoCloud is an established IT firm in Pune which provides dedicated digital marketing services as well. We are well-known for our highly talented staff members who have a sharp acumen of handling your online and social image and branding. We can provide the necessary impetus for the start-ups so that they can expand their customer reach and we also help the established business houses to maintain and improve their brand value.

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Business Automation in Hotel Booking

The evolution of the hotel industry has been immense just like any other industry. The growth of the digitalization and business automation in hotel booking has made it convenient for the customers, business managers and owners to manage the workflow of the business efficiently. The ERP is management system is intentionally designed to use as an entity that is multi-optional, user-friendly and adaptable and would be able to manage all aspects of the business. All the micro and macro operations of the business could be tackled in a clear, faster and effective way with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning software.

ERP system dates way back in 90’s, but at that time there were only a few industries and businesses using it. ERP is one of the greatest tools enhancing the use of business automation in hotel booking. The hospitality industry, particularly the hotels have adapted the ERP systems recently. With the rapid growth in the field of technology, customers prefer pre-booking their stays to avoid the obvious inconvenience. Therefore hotels need to have the booking softwares if they wish to flourish their business and attract new clients. But, using two different softwares for the business management does not sound cost and time effective. This made ERP the best option for the hospitality industry to utilize since it allows integration of information, provides consistency and offers the precise information regarding all the platforms. The crucial role that an ERP plays is, it allows hotels to streamline different tasks and bookings that eventually lead to the increase in the pace of goal efficiency and enhance the consumer management.

The advantage ERP allows to its hotel business is that it eliminates the need for two softwares for the different tasks and everything can run through a single server application. The online booking system gives the liability to the management team of the hotels to outline their functionality throughout right from the accounting to the chain management that too by using a single server. It concludes that ERP is mandatory for the hotels to stay visible and alluring in the market and for the customers to book their stay easily. The process is extremely time and cost efficient as the data entered by customer reaches the managers within minutes of time.

ERP enables the online management systems that empower the hotels to create the new sales channels, grow their online presence, provoke their rate of occupancy and increase their revenue. Since the system runs on the single server it allows the management to learn the needs of the guests and also track them. It is not just limited to the guests but the staff is also tracked. This helps the management to allocate the tasks on the system.

The linking of the website, social media pages, and management software has increased the effectiveness of the hospitality industry by three times. Also, the third party booking agencies are connected to the software. This helps the management to align and synchronize the available rooms, inventory, and charges on all mediums that could be used for the booking. The integrated SMS, mail or text notification system links all the departments within. It also allows a quick response to the complaints and requests, resulting in the improvisation in the hotel service. ERP definitely proves as a game changer for the business automation in hotel booking.

Let us see the special benefits this software provides

  • Built-in guest history

Retention of the customer is extremely important for the success of any hotel business. ERP permits you to save, edit, manage and analyze the customer data. By keeping the track of the types of the guests that visit your hotel, their likes, dislikes, preferences, concerns, and comments will ease your way to serve them better. In addition to this, your data is extremely secure and remotely accessible as it is stored in the cloud.

  • Boosted efficiency

The availability of the room, check-ins, check-outs, traffic calculations, etc. can be viewed in real-time to assist you in running the business smoothly. Duplicate booking could be easily avoided with the help of centralized system by monitoring the guest bookings along with checks in place preventing double booking for the same room.

  • Enhanced Supervision

ERP help you supervise all the activities and processes through the centralized system to make sure seamless operations in your hotel.

  • Flexibility

ERP’s have readymade business modules that deal with the finance, HR, and inventory. This simplifies the work of the manager. Most of the solutions can be customized as per the business requirements. We can say that these tools and their features have empowered the business automation in hotel booking.

If you are in the hotel industry and wish to learn more about ERP software solutions, Global Infocloud is just the right place for you. We will guide you thoroughly with all the details. To know further how your business can get benefitted from this technology, feel free to call us and we will be more than glad to assist you.

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Top 10 Largest E-Commerce Markets

In the highly globalized world, today  E-commerce has become an obsession with businesses and retailers all over the world. E-commerce is nothing but buying and selling of goods or services or transferring funds with the help of an electronic network primarily the internet. These transactions occur either as business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer or consumer to business. This process of buying and selling of goods, products and services online are often referred to as E-commerce or E-business. It has been continuously growing and developing rapidly over last few years and credit goes to the usage of internet worldwide by the techno-savvy generation. Today almost 80% of the population uses smartphones and internet to shop, search and explore the products and the services.  Therefore any business has a great scope to market their products and services online and thus seek customer recognition and appreciation.

According to E-commerce foundation, online sales worldwide reached 2,300 billion US dollars in 2015 and in 2025 the annual turnover is expected to reach 250- 350 billion US dollars

Here are the top 10 E-commerce sites that are ruling over the world


China’s E-commerce market ranks first in the whole world with a turnover of 691 billion euros in the year 2015 and continues to remain the first even today. Chinese online retail is dominated by two local marketers and they are and they are distinguished by their technological advancement in terms of mobile support. Here the people of this country are noticed to do online shopping mostly on their mobile phones through mobile applications. It was recorded that in 2015 33% of the sales were through a tablet or smartphone. Even the social network Wechat launched its online sales services in 2014 and has been very successful.


In the USA  80% of the population are into online shopping the country stands second highest in the world with a turnover of  537 billion euros in the year 2015. With an expected increase of about 56% in 2020, the country’s future is very promising in the E-commerce business. The 72% of the sales in the USA are done through desktop with only 15% on a smartphone and 13 % on tablet. In terms of purchasing behaviour Americans prefer payment by Visa and master cards. If you are planning to sell your products to the US customers it is essential for you to offer card payment options on your E-commerce site.

The United Kingdom

The UK  ranks third in the list of global e-commerce markets it is a home for almost 43 million online shoppers with a turnover of 157 billion euros. With a very high penetration rate of 92%, the country represents a real opportunity for increasing sales. In terms of products British mostly prefer ready to wear apparels.


Japan the country of rising sun stands 4th on the list with a turnover of 96 billion euros and more than 109 million internet users. As all know Japanese are love and posses their traditions a lot. Proper use of colours for building your online store and consistency in prices are very important if you are planning to sell your goods in this country.


France overtook Germany by 5th position in the world e-commerce market with a turnover of 65 billion euros. The e-commerce sector in France is constantly expanding every day. If you are planning to sell you goods or services online in France then free home delivery should be the important aspect of your online store. As 47% of the population declared they would rather abandon the product than paying delivery charges or gong and picking it up by themselves.


Representing a turnover of 57.9 billion euros with 52 million online shoppers Germany stands 6th in the list of top global e-commerce markets. More than half of the German retailers sell their products abroad and even the customers buy products from foreign sites. It is important to study buying behaviour of customers in Germany as the rate of returning goods is almost 41 %, adding easy return options to your online store can fetch you more customers.

South Korea

The e-commerce market in South Korea is doing quite well, while people in this country are very eager to buy products online and almost 60% of the population prefers purchasing products from the mobile application. The most popular networks are Naver, Kakao, Daum and Tistory.


With 59% online shoppers and 26.6 million internet users, the country stands 8th in the list of global e-commerce markets. In terms of purchasing 46% of the population enjoys ordering from the foreign sites. The francophone region of the country delivers help to the French companies as they bypass the language barrier almost 10 million and plus Canadians speak and understand French.


Russian consumers love buying products online because it gives them the opportunity to buy things that are difficult to obtain in local markets. The largest country in the world  Russia accounts for 85.8 million internet users including 30 million e-shoppers resulting in the turnover of 20.5 billion euros stand 9th  in the list.


Brazil is the largest country in South America with top e-commerce market in Latin America. Most of the population in this country is purchases fashion and accessories online. Developing your business online in Brazil or offering it at local  / international market in Portuguese will no doubt increase your sales in this country.

We at Global info cloud help you in providing with an e-commerce site for all those who are looking forward to taking their business online and want to explore global markets. We also help in e-commerce service providing tools which help in managing and taking your business overseas and fetching more customer recognition.

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Boons of Digital Marketing For Start Ups

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants your startup to create its identity? Is your startup struggling to reach the potentials? Do you want to accomplish maximum ROI right from the beginning, but are unsure where to start from. Well then, today you are going to get introduced to some of the most important facts about the digital marketing and its impacts on startups.

Every industry is powered by digital ascendency, still, 49% of the organizations on the global level do not have a clearly defined marketing strategy which is the reason why these firms do not receive the expected results. Apart from the mentioned statistic, sources also said that 58% of the organizations are successful in achieving their goals through business automation and digital activities. There are many more surveys that claim the positive impacts of online marketing.

In this rapidly growing and influential business industry, one needs to strive hard to establish a brand name that people can easily rely on. A startup that successfully creates its positive image in the marketing field influences the customers, prospects and other stakeholders in a great way. With the bunch of robust digital marketing strategies, you can create your strong online presence. A high-power and effectual Digital Marketing can help your company a big time to set a strong foot on the industrial platform. Also, it can help your company to generate a niche for their services, keep you ahead of your competitions and represent you as a leader in your space.

Digital Marketing is related to globalization in a wide way and they are no more the obscure reserved terms. This could be the reason for your startup to get exposed on the global platform. The online marketing gives you the freedom to interact with clients irrespective of their location and time. This directly leads to the extended network and increased possibilities in business growth.

We live in an era where digital activities play a key role in influencing the client’s base and company’s sale too. But a person who just started his/her startup needs to focus on their productivity more. The beauty of digital marketing lies here, it gives you the freedom to concentrate on productive areas of the business and leave the marketing sector to the chosen agency.

Here, we aim to highlight the boons of digital marketing which are as follow

  • Improved conversion rates

These online strategies pave the way to achieve a better interaction with your target audience. One must take prompt actions, use the leads generated and enhance the conversion rate.

  • Cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing

Traditional mass media costs a lot to promote your brand. The online way will save your lot of money on the promotional activities

  • Maximum ROI from the campaign

Digital Marketing will help your business to create better cost-per-lead. Using these tactical CPL figures one can get an increased return on investments.

  • Build Brand Reputation and gain people’s trust

You need to align the brand goals and consumers demand. Online marketing helps you to build the trust factor in the most efficient way.

  • Real-time results

Digital Marketing allows you to know the effect of your approach. By analyzing the scenario you can take the required steps to get the expected results.

  • Improves your outreach

Online platforms serve as the best medium to connect with your customers across the globe.

These were some facts and advantages about the positive impacts of Digital Marketing.

If you wish to get a proper guidance, please feel free to call Global Infocloud or send us a query and we will thoroughly guide your marketing needs.

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