Tips For Starting An E-Commerce Business

Being your own boss is the best thing you will ever do to yourself and if you are fascinated enough to live by this then e-commerce business is the best opportunity to begin with.  E-commerce business has been consistently showing the great scope for a growth, sustainability, and excitement.

Luckily you live in such a digital era that setting up an e-commerce business is easy although growing and monitoring it is the real task. All you need to do is start a website, upload some high-resolution pictures of your products and Yay! You have successfully set up the base. But the actual part or the real part begins after that.

You can read a lot about e-commerce, How it works? What goes in? How to run it? Phew….that is a lot of work. But all of it comes later the first and the basic factors you need to learn are the things you need to start an e-commerce business. They say well begun is half done and it surely is the case with the online business.

We have some really interesting Stats regarding this grooving business. It is said that global e-commerce sales are assumed to show about 20% growth. The article at  says that there are about 47% digital buyers present across who prefer to shop online. It is also predicted that mobile will cover 70% of the e-commerce traffic by the end of this year.

These numbers surely prove how e-commerce is the strong rapidly growing domain across the globe. Scroll down to read some of the important tips to consider before starting an e-commerce business.

Do not rush the launch

The number one tip to consider before launching your dream project is to be patient with it and not to rush. A lot of entrepreneurs do the mistake of rushing in the initial launch and land up into the complete disaster, missing their only chance of creating the best 1st impression.

Your launch must be something that comes after. First, you need to decide the solid strategy that concerns about the business model, inventory management, shipping methods, SEO and a lot more.

Have a customer-focused approach

While e-commerce business is the most convenient way to shop for the customers and the easy way to do business for the owners, the customers still do not get any chance to interact with their favorite product before purchasing. Although, you can compensate for it. You can make your site user-focused by adding all the details of your products regarding quality and material. You can do this by offering high-resolution images and videos.

Test and Re-test everything

The worst thing you would come across is the failed interface that too after launching. Trust us this is the last thing you would want to happen to your business. So to avoid this all you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of your customer and access your website using all functionalities. And you will come to know all the bugs still present in your website.

Must be mobile friendly

The e-commerce sales touched the whopping mark of $204 million a few years ago and are only expected to grow in the coming years. This clearly states the urge of having a mobile-friendly e-commerce business.

Managing and monitoring an e-commerce business is the actual difficult task and Global Infocloud excels in establishing the well-versed and extremely smooth functioning e-commerce portal. If you wish to know more you can, feel free to call us and we will assist you thoroughly.

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Things To Know Before Starting An E-Commerce Business

If we speak about the biggest booming business in today’s age, we have to say that it is indeed an e-commerce business.  However, we need to understand that not all online businesses achieve the great levels. If you wish to learn what benefits the e-commerce business will get you, you can read …….  and get a clear idea.

Growing up your own e-commerce business is difficult, it is much more than just choosing some products and displaying them online. If you wish to ensure the success there are few things you need to consider.

Statistics say that 2018 had about some 206 million assumed shoppers spending their money on online shopping across the world. The e-commerce business has shown about 10% of the growth in the retail and is expected to grow by 15% this year. This stats show that this is the best to start your e-commerce business.

Before starting your e-commerce business you need to know the basic factors that build the strong foundation of any online trade.

Choose your products

The basic step of any e-commerce business is to know what products you will be interested in to sell. This is said to be the most difficult and important part of any business.

Choose a business name

The name of your business is what makes the first impression for your brand. Therefore, you need to choose a fabulous and memorable name for your business.

Secure a domain name and a website

The name of your business will be your domain name, but if it is not available you can choose an URL that is easy and relevant to your business. Do not worry if you do not get an exact name you will always get a suitable option available.

You might have to invest a bit more in the design of your e-commerce site. Since you are paying so much, make sure you not only make it an eye-pleasing bit also functional.

Start early marketing

The delay in marketing may crumble down your invested time and efforts. Early marketing will give you an edge to do better and reach the potential clients quickly.

Be precise with the price

You have a lot of competition than you think, therefore it is important to be good with the prices. Be reasonable and the chances are your customers might never leave you.

Keep it simple

Keep the process of buying on your portal extremely simple. This will give your customers a good experience and allure them to use your site more. Smooth functioning is always the key to keep your customers happy.

Give them  a reason to buy

There are a lot of platforms or your customers to buy from. Your challenge is to give your buyers a strong reason to buy from and be your loyal customer.

Be more productive with technology

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives and e-commerce business is not an exception. You will be in profit if you decide to integrate the best software into your platform. This will make your accounting and a lot more thing easy.

Considering the above points will not only help you grow but will give you a clear insight into the way your business should run.

Global Infocloud can help you get the in-depth knowledge of the things you need to do to build and grow your e-commerce business. Feel free to call us and we will assist you thoroughly with all your queries.

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How To Get Into An E-Commerce Business ?

With the headlines on the internet screaming about how an e-commerce is grabbing the complete marketplace it is quite sure that whether you run online an online business or wants to add an e-commerce-business to the existing brick-and-mortar trade, online sales are extremely important.

With this speedy e-commerce business trend, all the business owners who have not yet opted for this avenue will certainly find them customers choosing your competitors with online presence over you. So it is better to move forward with the technologies and start your own e-commerce business.

Let’s come to the numbers now, the e-commerce business of B2C sales has witnessed the growth of about 11% from the year 2015 to 2018. And it is also estimated that the overall growth in this market has been of a whopping 78%. Analysts have also predicted that by the year 2030, the digital commerce revenue will surely increase by at least 30%. The store-purchases all over the world are said to be increased by 56% due to the digital influence. Isn’t this surprisingly amazing?

With all these amazing stats we bet you are tempted to try your luck in an e-commerce business, and for all those enthusiasts we have put together some interesting points discussing how to get into an e-commerce business. So without further ado, let’s begin!

            Start with the small steps

Rather than starting with the big site and involving tons of products, we insist you take small steps initially. This is how you will know how your business is doing, its pitfalls, and advantages without investing much. You also gain the experience of the tackle and handle the possible obstacles. Taking these baby steps will lead you on to the great path of success.

            Look for the micro niche

Take an example where you wish to sell shoes, but if you think about the search engine optimization you would be initially competing with the bigger brands. This will kill your chances of growth, but if you play smart and be more specific like you will sell the shoes but only in the black color, you will suddenly be back in the game. This is the key! Be specific as much as you can, this will give you less competition and more chances to survive and thrive.

                    Find a mentor

It is easy to run a physical shop alone, but when comes to an e-commerce business you surely need mentors from the start to end and even after that to make sure you are on the right path. To do this you can find the best company around who will help you design an efficient portal with high functionalities, make you available on the various social platforms and also monitor the activities. Just think how easy it will get.

You just learned how you can get into this e-commerce business, but if you wish to establish one and try how it turns out to choose Global Infocloud, with the proven record of serving numbers of clients we have successfully delivered a well-versed solution for their e-commerce business. To know more feel free to call us anytime and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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What Exactly B2B Content Marketing Is And How To Write It?

B2B content marketing is the word we all have heard many of the times, but our knowledge on this concept stay restricted. B2B content marketing is nothing but a way of business to business marketing that majorly uses the curated, relevant and valuable content to attract the companies and the wholesale buyers.

Bill Gates once said ‘Content is the king’ and we are just about to explain to you why!

If we take a look at the history of advertising we will always find that the brands with the big names became big because they published themselves through valuable and meaningful content. May it be a simple tagline or some jingle the brand had.

But 2018 is the time where using only jingles and taglines would not make that impact. The time and competition demand more. And to provide this extra, Content Marketing is crucial.

Despite all these facts, the questions still rise ‘ What good the content could do to my business?’ How would the words really influence the purchasing decision of the companies? And even if it does how much would it be?

If all of these questions are rising in your mind then just keep reading because this article has every answer in store for you.

To give you a little close insight here are a few B2B content marketing statistics that you will want to pay attention to.

  • The most effective B2B content marketers say that about 28% of the total budget is allocated to the content marketing.
  • Over the years the marketers have witnessed the significant growth in the site traffic by 7-8 times higher with the help of B2B content marketing.
  • 44% of the content marketers say that their organizations have a clear idea about what kind of content proves right and successful for their business.

How to write it?

How to write the content and do the B2B content marketing is a vast concept, but to help you understand better we will list out some of the strategies you can practice to increase the effectiveness of your B2B content marketing.

The strategy to do your B2B content marketing must be different and advanced from that of B2C content marketing. You must take the efforts to look deep into the process of delivering precise content.

Analyze where you are currently

To understand what steps you need to take to make the B2B content marketing better you need to take a look at where you stand at the present point. While doing this ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a clear look at the buyer persona to be targeted?
  • Do you have the knowledge of how to reach that persona?
  • What is your present content?
  • How do that content affects that your targeted persona?
  • What channels are you using to distribute the content?
  • What your competition is creating?
  • How do you compare?

Find out where you are heading

Once you understand where you stand n the field it is extremely important to determine where you are heading and how to cover the created gap.

Things you need to do:

  • Have a clear idea about your business persona
  • Try to communicate them in the most efficient way
  • Reach your target through the new distribution level
  • Optimize your existing content
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Do best than your competitors

Short or long-tail keywords

The problem with the massive rise in the content field is because there is the scope of doing a lot. Which means you will have to struggle a lot ranking for the short-tail keywords like ‘logistics’

But the descriptive phrases like ‘logistics management and software case studies’ will get easily ranked due to their lack of competition. The only downfall of the long-tailed keyword is that their search volume is generally low. Therefore you need to select the keywords that find balance.

Global Infocloud is a pioneer in the field of content marketing that has served a number of clients with assured success. We provide the service considering all the important tactics that help to grow the business. If you wish to know more feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to guide you.

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Business Automation for Start-ups

Start-ups have always been under the scanner of criticism for dearth in constructive planning and lack of creative ideas. However, it is not true infact start-ups have some of the coolest ideas and innovative concepts that sometimes even the established businesses fail to think. The fact is that they fail in the execution part due to lack of methods and resources which are required to implement them in an efficient way. So, what can the start-up businesses do in order to prevent early losses and failures?

Apart from the different techniques of marketing and digital branding, the start-ups also fail to streamline the different processes of their business and often end up in a sorry state. Implementation of business automation solutions can streamline of such process and bring a state of transparency and smoothness in an organization.

What is Business automation?

Business automation is incorporation of technology and management at various levels in an organization in order to automate the processes. It helps an enterprise to reduce their cost overheads, enhance their services and quality of their products as well. It also helps them to use their resources in the best way so that they do not end up wasting them on unimportant things.

How can business automation for start-ups help?

Business automation reduces human efforts and intervention to a great extent. This is ideal for start-ups as they already have less manpower as compared to the established industries.

A start-up can hardly spend much on streamlining their HR department and usually hire 2 or 3 people to handle all the documents, offer letters, recruitment and so on. Business automation enables them to work efficiently with a limited labour and resources. Many automation solutions have digital storage system for the documents and CV’s of shortlisted candidates which help them in the long run as well.


Social media marketing is one aspect that has hugely benefitted from the business automation. Lack of creative skills or individuals can cause a lot of problems for start-ups who are trying to leave their footprints on the digital platform. Start-ups who have trying to provide digital marketing services too can reap huge benefits as hundreds and thousands of memes, posts and content can be made available in a business automation software as per the client’s demands and perquisites. Business automation solutions also have bulk e-mail sending capabilities which help a firm while launching a new product, making new clients, spreading awareness about their services and products, etc. Start-ups are in dire need of such promotional strategies and e-mail marketing is certainly one of the most powerful tools when it comes to mass impact.

Data Analysis

Analyzing data can be a tedious task especially when the probable customers are not interested in communicating with you. Business automation tools can gather a huge number of data on the basis of demography, shopping habits, financial sources and much more which help start-ups to achieve more through lesser efforts.

Competition analysis

Some of the business automation solutions for start-ups can be quite interesting as they come with a huge database of budding and well-established businesses of various sectors. This data helps an enterprise to understand how their counterparts are working so that they can implement the good part and omit the bad part that they are themselves following in their organization. It also helps them to understand about other types of businesses who can possibly be their future customers or clients.


Start-ups try to do offline branding by printing their own merchandize like caps, t-shirts, hoodies and much more. Offline branding really helps to catch attention of the masses and brings more value to the brand. Many business automation solutions make this process automatic and help the start-ups to establish themselves in offline branding.

Global InfoCloud is a leading IT firm which is into development of Business automation solutions for start-ups as well as for established industries. We do not just provide a solution but also back-up them with efficient services so that our clients are able to explore and implement their complete benefits. We understand the plight of the start-up industries and the challenges they face since their establishment. Therefore, we customize the solutions and tools as per their requirements. We have assisted a lot of start-up companies in the manufacturing, food, health, marketing and other sectors. GIC expertises in giving full co-operation and support to the start-ups so that they do not feel left behind in the cutthroat competition which is prevalent in the market.

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Digital Marketing for Fashion E-commerce Store

Fashion and digital marketing are the most relatable terms these days and one cannot agree more to this. Fashion is something which changes every minute. The trends in the fashion industry change and they change even faster than the advanced technology of the digital marketing. It is not about the change but it is about the complexity with which the fashion industry has incorporated digital marketing. In the highly globalized world today where E-commerce has become an obsession for everyone. The E-commerce business is growing and fetching huge income for the people with big brand names to small-scale artisans.

Easy purchases from the comfort home, doorstep delivery, secure payment options, easy replacements and variety of options to select from are some of the features that have made this industry bloom more than anything else in the recent years.

The fashion industry is segmented in different sections and the products that are sold online on large scale. According to the recent calculations, clothes and footwear are the most sold products online followed by accessories, handbags and health and beauty products. Digital marketing has directly affected the way in which the fashion industry actually works. The experts predict that the E-commerce market in India is expected to earn more than 32 billion dollars from the fashion industry till the year 2020.

Digital Marketing And Fashion Industry

Content is King:

People read, click and shop. Marketing is next to impossible without great content. Content marketing should always be a part of the process and not something separate. Marketing with blogs and well-written articles with proper description and uses can create a great impact on the buying behavior of the customer.

Customized E-mail Campaigns:

Personalized emails could create a positive impact on the buyers. Promotional emails with personalized subjects lines have 26% possibility of getting opened and viewed by the readers which in return could attract many of the potential customers log on to the shopping website and buy the products of their desire.

Fashion Blogging:

Blogging on the latest fashion trends, colors, textures, fashion tips, color combinations and celebrity fashion has always helped brands to sell their products and generate leads through them. Most of the fashion brands hire professional fashion bloggers who write to promote their brand. Already many of the full time fashion bloggers and vloggers have dedicated their lives in creating interesting content for their viewers and readers. The loyal followers of these bloggers tend to follow tips and tricks advised by them which helps in endorsing products through the blogs and vlogs.

Discount Programmes:

Variety of brands with cut-throat competition in the retailing industry have found new way of attracting their customers. Discounting is one thing which people forward look to buy. Promotion of these discounts to direct more and number of people towards online shopping is a must. These promotions can be achieved through careful posting during the festive seasons and on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email marketing and even through blogging.

Social Media Campaign:

The world is online and what keeps them updated and informed are the social networking sites. These sites are used by most of the people including most of the fashionistas. Social media becomes eye opener when it comes to the fashion and latest trends. Everything and anything endorsed or worn and flaunted by the celebrities are available on the walls of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is the social media platform which mostly attracts youth and the potential customers in them. Posting creative pictures with interesting hashtags has brought millions of followers to follow the application. With its growing popularity, every well-known brand now has their presence on this site. Live streaming of the videos, boomerang videos are some of the other features of Instagram which help in attracting more and more number of the audience towards the app. Apart from that twitter and tweerratis posting and commenting on each and everything from the celebs outfits to the specific brands they are wearing and showcasing has also helped many of the retailers to sell the copy of the similar type clothing line. Even the original brands are left no behind.

Google and Adwords Campaign:

Adwords campaigning on the Google search network, display network and youtube cannot be neglected. Extensive use of facebook and youtube advertisements help in diverting most of the customers. Along with that search engine optimization has to be done for the better visibility of the site and also get it on top of the ranking list is very helpful. This has to be done without fail because the sizeable portion of the sales happens through the search engine as an important medium.

We at Global Infocloud with determined team ofdevelopers, writers, and digital marketers deliver assistance in developing your own E-commerce store and will also help in getting it viewed and used by most of the people. We excel in delivering all the above mentioned digital marketing services at budget-friendly prices. These are a must-have for the smooth running of any business and fashion E-commerce store is no different.

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Digital Marketing Blueprint for Your Startup in 2019

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and are running your business online or offline, the first question to ask yourself is ‘Does your business have a digital marketing plan?’. If yes then you are on a right path and if no then it is a high time for you to consider it.

Running a business is not an easy job, and the important component for its growth is marketing but especially digital marketing. Building a success-oriented actionable digital marketing plan for the start-up is crucial for success. The other side of this is that digital marketing for the startups can be a bit of difficulty to understand for the people new to this technique. An effective digital marketing plan for any startup could be made with a lot of knowledge and expertise. Failing or avoiding to focus on the digital marketing could prove to be a mistake. The study shows that the firm with the good digital marketing strategy has the chances to grow 2 times more.

Today we are here to discuss some facts and the important entities to consider,

Consider digital marketing for the startups as important as Website

The first thing for you to do is stop considering that website and digital marketing are individuals or independent concepts. The website is the crucial part of the marketing strategies. Building an effective website will complement the digital marketing system for the startups more effectively.

The complete workflow needs to be managed and this is why you need to set the goals and track them on the regular basis. Start by check listing these metrics.

  • Traffic

With the help of Google analytics, you can see the traffic performance of your site. You can also track the active users under the target audience. Using digital marketing for the startups can benefit the firm to get recognized on the large scale.

  • Contacts

Traffic alone is not valuable but converting the visitors to contacts is what going to make money and name for you.

  • Customers

The conversion contacts to customers prove that you are alluring the right traffic and contacts.

  • Referrals

Run a survey to identify the potential customers that could help you to find the new prospects.

Track the best customers and approach them with the right offer

Ever heard about ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ well it somewhat goes here too. No successful business targets everyone, they follow the perfect demographics for their business and try to expand with the particular groups of people. This is the small but vital step to improve your digital marketing strategy especially when you are a startup.

Follow these avenues to find the better customers:

  • Segments

Segments could be made using the behavior, demographics, region, mindset and many such entities. You could find a group that is large and with minimum competition.

  • Personas

Personas work to take you a little deeper. You get the virtual profiles of people that mirrors the targeted segments. It is your role to identify their behavior, skills and attitudes. This is what you get when you chose digital marketing for your startup.

Let the right people find you easily

The relation of business growth and digital marketing is all about transforming the web visitors to the profitable customers. The website plays a role of a wizard in converting the visitors.

In order to connect with your prospects, you need to be part of

  • Advertising

The best, simplest and quickest way of reaching your prospects is with the digital marketing for the startups is paid advertising.

  • Re-targeting

Studies show that there are around 98% chances the visitors won’t convert but re-targeting them would show them the adds even after they have left the site.

  • Social Advertising

Social advertising can build the great opportunities for your business to make a strong online presence.


  • Keep it simple

Let’s face the reality, nobody reads the website. People scan it and make the decision within seconds. It is better to use the simple and highly-informative information.

  • Use research

Better research about digital marketing will definitely inspire you to level up and try different strategies for your business. You can make the process fact-based using the personas, scenarios and user stories.

Global Infocloud can help you to plan and accelerate your goals in the most efficient way. Whether you are a fortune company or startup that needs digital marketing then we can provide you with the better services. If you wish to explore and know more, feel free to call us and our team will assist you with all the queries. All of these are the small things but when you combined together it works great to offer the best digital marketing for the startups.

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