Growth in the automation industry

What is the automation industry?

Automation Industry means the majority of production is done with the use of automated machinery and less involvement of human labor. It does not mean that there will be no human interference. To run the machinery some amount of human skill and intervention is required or at least to monitor the machinery, having said that, there are few industries where fully automated machines are used for production. It totally depends on the type of production and industry.

Scope of the automation industry

There is a number of industries where automation systems are currently used such as food, Manufacturing, chemical, Pharmacy, Process, Automobile, power plant, etc. 

Type of automation industry

  1. Fixed automation

This type of automation is used when the production rate is high and to achieve this a fixed program is set for the operations. This process increases the production and efficiency of the product. One of more advantage of this process is that it reduces the overall cost of production. The only drawback is that once the process is set in a particular way, it is hard to change the process. This type of process is only used for production where one fix type of products is being manufactured.  

  1. Programmable Automation

It is best for fit for medium to high-end processes. It is more flexible than the fixed automation method. It allows you to change the method based on the product. New products can be introduced and also programs can be revised according to that.

  1. Flexible automation

It is a more flexible method of automation; it allows the products to be designed according to the product. These changes can be done by the simple use of codes. This method is suitable where there are different ranges of products.

  1. Integrated  automation

In the case of the integrated automation system, everything is automated through computer systems. Right from the start of the process to the end of it, each and every process is controlled either by robots or computer systems.

Reason for growth of the industry

Automation brought many positive changes in the industry. Automation is the main reason why there is so much of a boom in the market. List down are a few of the reasons why many industries are going for automation.

  1. Reduces errors

Even after years of practice, human still makes some or the other. It is the natural tendency of humans that mistakes are bound to happen because of various reasons, but this is not the case with machines. Once the program is set machinery works in the same program without any errors.

  1. Increases efficiency

How many works do you think is required to get the job done? 100-200 may be more than depends upon your company and production, well when you substitute that with machinery plus you can also increase the efficiency of the production.

  1. Diversity

It allows you to diversify the process and focus on more core processes which help in increasing the overall production of the business.

  1. Cost reduction

The overall cost of operation also comes down with fewer labors and more machines. The work efficiency also increases which helps in increasing the production and leads to a reduction in the cost of the company.

With the introduction of “Make in India” many of the policies are in favor of promoting the industries and individuals to do business. There has been a constant growth in all the industries because of these policies and also because of the technological advancement in the industries. Many of the industries now are using automated machines, robots rather than human labor which why we can see a constant growth in all the industries. As we have discussed above, there are many benefits of using an automated system rather than human labor.

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Facebook Marketing Guide 2019

Before starting about Facebook marketing guide, let us understand what is Facebook?

Everyone knows the story of Facebook and how it started. The hero of the story is Mark Zuckerberg, and he brought change with his superpowers and skills. That change is known as Facebook. Since 2004, Facebook has changed a lot with time and generation and adopted according to technology, which is why Facebook is so relevant until now. After Facebook, a lot of other social media platforms came such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. All these social media platforms can be used for growing and marketing the business.

Talking about digital marketing, Facebook is also used as a means of marketing, and there is nothing wrong in that. Having said that, Facebook is known as one of the cost-effective and cheapest means to market the business and products. But why only Facebook and why not other social media platforms? Yes, nowadays the trend is changing, businesses are using Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to market and promote their businesses.

But why Facebook won the first hand? Facebook has a huge amount of users as compared to other social media platforms and which is why businesses prefer Facebook over other platforms. Facebook lets you market your business with unlimited means and with the wide audience available you can easily set and target your audience which helps.

Why should you use Facebook for marketing in 2019?

According to facts shown in the Statista website, India now has over 300 million Facebook users which are 100 million more as compared to the United States.

But, how to use Facebook advertisement and channelize the resource in a proper manner is the main concern. There are a lot of things one should keep in mind before starting marketing on Facebook. Here is the list of those things which one should keep in his or her mind before starting a Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook Page

The first step is to create a Facebook page and not a Facebook account. Facebook account is not for businesses as such as it has some demerits. A Facebook account user can only add 5000 friends and if someone wants to see the content, they need to send friend request which is time-consuming. That’s why businesses should consider making a Facebook page, as it doesn’t have any limitations, anyone can see the page, it has more freedom than a Facebook account.

Simple steps to create a Facebook business page

Steps to create a Facebook business page account includes, Select Facebook business page while creating a page and then while selecting a business classification one should click on business or brand. The third step is to add the company’s information such as the name of the brand, category of the page, address and phone number is optional. Upload photos for the Facebook page, it is recommended that the Facebook profile photo should be the logo of the brand. With profile photo, there is a section for uploading a cover photo of the brand which should be used effectively by putting a photo of the employees of the company or any recent accomplishment of the company. Next step is the about section, where you can give some information about the company and its achievements. The second last step is to add a description of the page within one or two sentences. The last and most important step of all is to keep posting on the Facebook page to grab the attention of the audience and to increase the audience on the page.

Let us understand a few more points about why and how one should use a Facebook page?

As said in the above points, Facebook has a wider audience which helps in effective marketing. A wider audience means the marketing has to be planned to work effectively. One must understand that these audiences are of different ages, gender, and locations. To capture such a huge market one need to make proper strategies and set a target audience for whom the marketing should be done and which can affect them.

Various types of Facebook content        

Once you find your audience, the next step is to create content, so that more and more people get attracted towards the page. The content should be such that it helps you to engage and inform the audience. But there is a catch in all of this that the one who creates a successful content should understand how to use status, images, and video as a means for Facebook marketing.

Let’s talk about status first. Status helps you to write a short description, easy and simplest format for updating information about the brand. The next more engaging content you can create is by images. No doubt, images are more engaging as compared to texts. Images are visually pleasing and easy to understand. You can use high-quality photos which can reflect your brand as more exciting. With images, you can also add some short description with that to explain more about the image. Videos are most engaging as compared to both images and statuses. They are easy to understand and are more visually appealing.

After deciding which means to use for content, the next step is to plan the calendar accordingly in the most effective way. For that one need to understand when and what to post, so that you can engage more and more audience within less time. Scheduling posts reduce the efforts and also increase the engaging ratio of the page.

Let’s now discuss something about Facebook ads.

Once you understand your audience and content, the final step is to market the post using Facebook ads. It helps you to reach your target audience. It appears on the news feed of your audience. You can decide your target audience depending upon their age, gender and location which is the most effective way. Depending upon your need, you can decide your budget. Once you decide your budget, you can start your campaign. The best thing about Facebook is that it provides you with analytics of how the advertisement performs. It gives you all the basic information which will help you to focus more on the target audience efficiently.

Facebook polls are the most helpful way to understand the current mindset of the audience. It can be used for any specific event or brand. It is engaging and easy to create at the same time. Facebook groups are a more personalized way of engaging. These groups can be public or private, more specific to a certain type of audience.

These are some of the ways you can use Facebook Marketing, for gaining a wide range of audience.

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Omnichannel marketing in 2019

Omnichannel marketing means using all the possible channels to reach out to the customers using both online as well as offline mode. Online marketing includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails, while all the physical stores come under the offline channel.

The main aim of the Omnichannel is to provide a similar type of experience at all the levels. Understanding the customer’s behaviour and planning accordingly and interacting with customers on a personal level. Personalize all the messages to the customers according to their preference and choices. All these efforts make the customer and buyer relationship more engaging.

The advancement in technology is both bliss and misery. Now, there is more information available than before and buyers are more aware of what they are buying. The options for buying a single are unlimited. One can buy from different websites as well as from a physical store. With more brands coming in the market, the need to stand out from others is important.  Having said that understanding buyers behaviour is easier than before. There are various data available for one to understand the buying pattern, likes and dislikes of something. Nowadays it is easier to conduct a survey through different means and understand the mindset of the buyer.

Omnichannel vs Multichannel

To understand what Omnichannel is one must first understand about multichannel. The concept of multichannel involves interaction with the customers using a combination of both direct and indirect channels. The major difference is the limited use of the channels. The multi-channel covers channels such as retail stores, website, and mail which is more of the traditional ways of marketing as compared to Omnichannel marketing. The multi-channel uses more of the traditional ways of marketing as compared to Omnichannel marketing. The major drawback in case of a multi-channel is the use of the same method for all the channel which makes it less result oriented.

To apply Omnichannel one must understand the consumer behaviour first. Understanding a consumer’s behaviour involves studying the buying pattern of the buyers, understand the market, preference of the buyer, and choices of the buyer.  Once the study is complete, you apply it to understand consumer behaviour and optimize production. In the case of Omnichannel marketing, it involves more of a personal touch as all the messages are personalized according to the buyer’s understanding and needs.

Why Omnichannel is more popular than multichannel?

Those who use more than one channel to do marketing has a better chance than who use a single channel or limited channel for marketing. For better understanding, let us take an example, Brand A uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms to market products rather than sticking to one particular channel. On the other hand, Brand Buses web site and email to market their products. Using email and web site, they send some generic message to all their customers. On the other hand, brand A sends messages with a mindset to interact and bind with their customers. Naturally, the reach of brand A will be more than brand B, as the number of channels used by them is less. Same while promoting a product, the engagement ratio of brand A will be more than brand B as brand A uses more personalize the type of messages than brand B.

Challenges of Omnichannel marketing

The major challenge which one faces during Omnichannel marketing is that there is no set pattern or formula. Everyone has their own way of interaction with the customers. Understanding the customer’s behaviour is not a cake walk. Even with a lot of data available, no one guarantees that it will work as planned.  In short, this makes Omnichannel a vague term but with more and more trial and errors, one can hit the sweet spot and understand the technique to get it right.

Understanding the customer’s demand

To understand and get the ground level experience, you need to be the customer first. Being the customer means, going through the same experience which is faced by the customer. For example, if you have a website as well as a mobile app, both should be designed in such a way that gives the user a similar experience. There should be a standard procedure for all the platforms. It will give you the buyer’s perspective and understand them from the buyer’s point of view.

Understanding the trends

To stay relevant in the market, you need to change with the current time and trends. One must not be too rigid with their plans and strategies. Following a set pattern cause problems as it will not allow you to work as per the trend. As a result, one might have to deal with losses.

The future is here, according to the trend in the current market situation, AI is the most popular amongst all. It is humanly impossible to attend the customers 24×7. Chatbots are nowadays very common and engage the customers at any time of the day. Same with auto-generated reports which are very user-friendly and helps the customers big time.

Some of the facts

ComScore says that by 2020, 50 per cent of all searches will be voice searches. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa some of the example present.

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Techniques


Marketing helps to widen the reach of the product. With proper planning and methods, marketing can do wonders. Traditional marketing techniques are hectic. A lot of resources are used in marketing. But with the advancement of technology, there has been a change in the methods of marketing and business. The traditional method of marketing is unpopular. Businesses prefer digital marketing over the traditional method of marketing.

Why is digital marketing so popular and effective?

There are many things to cover in this. But let me first address the fact that digital marketing is less stressful as compared to traditional ways of marketing. Digital marketing helps you to utilize the resources at the fullest. It also helps the business to widen the reach.

With the development of the nation, there were many things that changed with it. Demand for real estate also increased with the rise in the population. The high population demanded new houses, which help them to expand the market. Real estate is a vast topic which includes residential, commercial, industrial and land. It’s difficult to cover the real estate market, as it consists of many areas to market. Focusing on a single area and ignoring others might lead to losses.

The digital market covers all the drawbacks of traditional marketing techniques. The digital market allows real estate to maximize its resources to reach its maximum output.

Social media

Social media allows you to reach various places and reach a wide range of customers. Using social media is a must to succeed in the real estate sector. Digital marketing should be one of the heads of the lineup while starting a real estate business. If used in the right manner digital marketing can do wonders for you. Digital marketing helps you to build a strong image in the market.

Just like visiting card, a website of your business works as a visiting card for your business. Your website must showcase all the work currently going on, what are the projects that have been completed as of now, and what are the other facilities provided by you.

Website in 2019

In 2019, a website helps you to build an image, so make sure that the website of your company represents all your work and accomplishments. It is a good way to target your audience, and it is not easy to provide all the information on a single web page. So, they need to create multiple web pages to provide all the information and the work done by them. The first page or the landing page should be interactive, must have all the interactive pictures of the projects that they have completed till now. The landing page should explain everything about the business and the brand.

Once you are done with creating a website for your business.

The question is What’s next?

The main concern here is that there are a lot of similar websites on the internet just like yours. Nowadays everything is done on the internet, and the majority of the population uses the internet for searching properties online and this is where the word SEO comes into the picture. What SEO does is, it helps the website to organically rank it above all the other websites, whenever someone searches. It helps to improve the ranking, increases traffic as compared to other websites.  It is easier said than done, there is a lot of planning to be done to get it right.

Engaging the potential customer with the help of a creative blog. Blogs and SEO work in parallel lines.

What are the blogs and how they will help will be your question?

Blogs are the creative way of telling information about the upcoming projects, completed projects, awards, information about buying and selling of the property, related to investments, various ways of financing, loans, property information, surroundings and many such topic related to real estate which helps the buyer and anyone who is interested in real estate projects. SEO helps in ranking these blog above others when someone searches anything related to real estate business or buying of a property.

Engaging the potential customer with the help of a creative blog is important. Nowadays, everyone is on social media. It is a great platform to widen your reach. There are a number of social media platforms which can be used such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In terms of number, India has the most number of Facebook users.

Social Media platforms

Facebook is a great platform to advertise the project. It is one of the cheapest ways to communicate and reach a wider audience. Instagram works in the same way but more through images. A creative way to reach the audience via pictures. Pictures of projects with some information engaging and gaining more audience. With changing times, the traditional blog types are getting lesser views as compared to new microblogs. Twitter is a perfect example where microblogs are used to engage the audience. These microblogs are short and contain small information which is easy to go through and easy to read. Also, it takes less time as compared to traditional blogs.


With all these marketing techniques, you still have to advertise your project. They need to inform their customers, about the ongoing projects or even finished ones.

Facebook is one of the cheapest means to advertise your projects. It helps to target a specific audience. It gives you all the detailed information about the advertisement. It helps you to know where to target and what will you seek from the advertisement.

Google Ads is a paid advertising campaign. If your budget allows and you are ready to be effectively seen whenever someone searches for the property. With the help of Google adds you can increase the reach to a wide range of audience.

Emails are the oldest way of marketing but the most effective one. When you know who your target audience is email is a useful means of marketing. Personalized emails grab a lot of attention and allow you to connect on a personal level. The first thing one should keep in mind while using email is that they should have a strong database.

Following the current trends

Once you know your potential customers, the next step is to engage them through your website content and posts. Following the trend is one of the few things you can do for engaging potential customers. Following the current memes, making a similar post, conducting surveys, contests, sharing daily pieces of information, quizzes, and much of such engaging activities help in grabbing the eyeball of the customers.

The latest trend is creating content on YouTube, which is allowing the users to experience a real-time view of the property and the surrounding via videos. Video making is more useful in terms of engagement ratio as it helps the customer to know in and out of the property. Inspecting the property through video might save a lot of time and helps in faster decision making.

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