Use of Images in Social Media

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.’
Images comprise of a large portion of content on Social Media. People have a very small attention span for less than a few seconds. Images become a major part of communication on social media and are very important.
A larger part of brain is focused on processing visual data, making humans process images at an incredible speed. A human brain can recognize a known object in milliseconds, which makes it a perfect way to communicate in today’s world.

Check these viewpoints explaining the importance of using images in Social Media:

Images are remembered

On the basis of research, it has been shown that people remember only 10% of what they listen once after 72 hours. For instance, if you put up an image with a relevant text content, a person can remember 65% of the information after three days.
This study shows that more attention towards images make it a salient feature while building a brand’s presence on social media. Text is also an important source of communication, so it should be presented along with an image for complete impact of an image.

Audience attention
Social media is crowded with a lot of images and content. To grab the attention of your potential audience you must select relevant pictures to post on your social media. A social media post gets 10 times more engagement when it has a relevant image attached to it. As mentioned above our brain responses better towards an image than any other kind of information, making it easier to draw attention towards your social media post.

Variety of photos create Interest

Keeping an audience engaged to your social media page requires you to put a variety of photos. These photos can be cell phone pictures, banners made on computer, graphics, professionally clicked catalogue shoots, etc.
Your page must have a vivid range of images to not make it look monotonous to the viewers. Similar looking images or content leads to loss of interest by audience.

Consistent Imagery across platforms

Most of the brands are available on more than one social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Posting relevant images on social media gives you better attention, builds loyalty, communicate better with the viewers and increases engagement across all platforms.
Standing out in social media and develop a visually different brand identity makes a better impression amongst your patrons. When you stay consistent and connect images with your marketing message, your brand will have more staying power.

Social media is a widely accepted platform across people. It has now been used for strengthening business and build a brand image to reach more number of audience who are already present over this platform. We at Global Infocloud provide you with the best team of experts to dictate your brand on social media.

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How to use social media for Retail Business ?

Social media is a widely accepted platform across everyone who uses internet over their cellphones. Promoting your business over this platform means reaching millions of people without having paid huge amount for banners or advertisements. Greatest advantage of using social media is that the efforts implemented on building a brand image pays off almost immediately.

A few years ago, brands preferred developing websites for promotions and inducing sales, social media has now wiped out that mindset and opened up a horizon for all businesses whether small or large to showcase on more than one social media platforms.

Social media is a great platform to promote your business over websites and brick and mortar stores, however you need to work smartly on it to get actual results.

Here are some tips to make the most out of social media for your retail business:

Promote Social Media links

It is quite obvious that one must provide social media links on their ecommerce website, if you have a physical store for your retail business you can add social media related posters in your store and provide QR code connected to these social media websites. Make sure you have placed your social media account’s link on everyadvertisement or banners. Educate your business staff members to always educate the customers regarding your availability on social media platform where they can read and understand more about you.

Place professional content

There is a huge range of content on social media which the viewers process every day. High-quality content, both visual and textual will make you standout in that chaos and bring you half of the success of your product. Working towards a quality content must be your priority to attain progress in both website and on social media.
Video contents are a great content for catching the attention of online viewers. It is a supreme visual content which sends a strong message to your customers. Don’t forget to add written content along with videos to make a greater impact. Video content rule the social media market. Retail giants also rely on visual content of 5-10 seconds to launch their collection on social media.

Connect with your audience

Apart from providing customized deals to your customers, keeping your audience in the loop and taking their opinion is a great way to connect with them. In the era of modern marketing appreciating customer feedback is very important. To understand the needs and wants of your customer taking these small surveys once in a while will be of great importance. This will also help you to make promotions of your retail business on social media more efficient. For faster processing of surveys, you can access various survey tools available on the internet.
You should also respond to the reviews and comments by consumers to make yourself more available amongst them.


Spreading about your social media account everywhere and rewarding customers who are active followers will definitely lead to a loyal patronage. Promoting your retail business on social media is not a difficult job however you need to plan it properly. We at GlobalInfoCloud help you with the digital marketing of your brand and promise you with great results.

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Why you should opt for Cloud Services?

What is cloud services?

Cloud services’
 is term referred to an array of services provided on demand to a company and customer over the internet, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware. These services are created to provide easy and affordable access to applications and storage of data.

The cloud services deliver a significant advantage to the companies of all categories. Services like proliferation of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media and data analytics is included which does not require any physical infrastructure by the company. Businesses have realized the importance of cloud services and are opting towards them. Here are a few points which emphasizes you to opt for them:

Ease of Scalability

The key advantage of cloud services is the ease of scalability. The platform gives the freedom and capacity to make an optimal set of computing resources and provide extra storage. It rapidly allocates resources with needs of the company and adjusts the resources like bandwidth, storage, RAM, etc. In traditional hosting you have limited access to the resource’s adjustment.

Affordable prices

Cloud services does not require any infrastructure, own hardware or physical space so you don’t have to bother about paying for unused space or resource. Since, you only pay for the resources you have used, it gradually reduces your cost of maintenance and saves a lot of your monetary funds.

Superior Performance

Cloud hosting of your business means superior performance and great speed. The load of data is balanced across various servers as it gives more capacity leading to an increased availability. Cloud services provides an added advantage of network uptime and assures no single point of failure, it performs extremely better than traditional hosting servers.
Due to low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers, it allows 2x faster load times.


Secure Server

Security threat is the biggest concern amongst companies as they rely on computer technologies. Having a multi-server application like Cloud, makes it secure and disaster recovery is much easier. As compared to traditional hosting which requires RAM and CPU, etc to share your resources with other websites on the same server or you have to additionally buy a dedicated server to secure your server which comes at a high cost. Since cloud services has a secure infrastructure with secure data at many levels of the network, application and physical security, no one can access your data and try to disrupt your data. It ensures that data is safe through encrypted solutions, firewalls, etc. A traditional hosting service has only one server, therefore it does not offer disaster or backup recovery.

Upgraded technology

Cloud services uses latest technologies, where you can customize and make use of software applications as per your business requirements. Latest upgrades and technologies in cloud services has made it very popular amongst businesses. Whereas, in traditional hosting, you cannot customize according to your needs and preferences.

Companies which are hosted in cloud environment perform better than hosted on the traditional server. It is a great model where storage and computer solutions can be used by businesses. For organizations that require high loading page speed, immediate allocation of resources, environmentally friendly server, disaster and backup recovery plans, etc. then cloud services are the perfect option for you. GlobalInfoCloudbelieves in using the latest technology for all its products. We firmly think that such upgradations will not only make the product safe but also makes it seamless and advance.

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10 ways Social Media sites to Provide Great Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service, as the name suggests is to use online platform and give customer service and support. In digitally connected era, social media is widely used by millions of people and they expect businesses to have their social media handles where they can connect with them for services rather than sending email.
Various studies by reputed analytics company suggest that more than 50% customers prefer that social media in an effective form of communication with brands.
Social media marketing is an altogether different tool for business promotion as compared to using the same platform for customer service. Social media customer service can help improve brand’s image and create an emotional connect with the customers.
Here in this blog, we are discussing 10 ways in which you can strengthen your customer care service by using various social media platforms.

1. Dedicated Support Handle

The best way to start a dedicated social channel for customer support is to create a dedicated support handle on social media, include that handle in your brand’s other social profile bios. This lets people know where to reach out for support-related requests. Separate support handle makes sure your potential customer will not be landing on your brand’s business handle and see complaints and queries. Usually customers ignore these separate handles and uses your main business handle in their query; you can respond via this separate handle and move the query towards the right team.

2. Monitor Brand Mentions

The onset of social media rise has put the reputation of your company in customer’s hand. The digital development has led to various customer reviews live on these social media platforms which you can’t control.
Patrons are always looking for customer service on social media platform, a lack of which will harm the reputation of your company. Customers seek for response from your brand by tagging your brand name (@yourbrandname) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You must check these mentions and resolve the queries as soon as possible and create goodwill amongst them.
You must monitor any conversations on social media regarding your brand where they have been tagged to resolve their issues and form a positive brand image.

3. Form Social Media guidelines

Similar to guidelines formed for customer support in general on your business website, you must have some guidelines on you social media support handle. These guidelines should include the points like friendly tone of voice, quick response time, protocol in escalations of customer issues and a message approval procedure on resolving problems.

4. Prioritize Social Media Customer Service

Social media plays a massive role in building your brand image, it is as important for your company as other digital marketing tools. Providing quick responses to social media queries and prioritizing the customer response will pour success and pose positive impact on your brand. Make sure your social media support team responses to each and every query online and try to give personal support to each one of them.

5. Proactive content

Predict questions and potential customer service issues that patrons may face. Use that future search data to create educational videos or blogs and share it on social platform.
You can share how-to-do video or Frequently asked questions in a blog on your handle
Social media customer service handles are a great platform to share such informative content. This builds customer interest in purchasing your product and reduces the number of personal queries from each customer.

6. Respond to all queries

Although its very obvious as we have mentioned the pros of customer service handles, support team must reply to each and every post in which they are tagged or hash tagged (#).
Answering all queries on social media be it negative or positive shows that your brand is concerned about customers and their needs. By being active on social media, you enjoy loyal and long-term patronage and an increased number of followers.

7. Expand your Customer Service

Sometimes customers might not directly tag you in a post or ask queries. However, you can find social media users who might just post something interesting online and put a hashtag (#) with your brand name. Responding to these indirect posts induces interest amongst users and push them towards buying your products and follow you on social media.

8. Quick Response

Just responding to messages is not sufficient for a great customer service. If a customer reaches out to you on social media, they expect a fast and friendly response.
As per data collected by Twitter, 71% of users expect quick response from brands on social media. Facebook has also conducted similar studies which inferred that online users expect very fast response through social media messaging platform. You don’t have to stay online to respond to all the messages, one can decide certain timings for response post that customers can Direct message on the same social media page.

9. Automated Chatbots

Customers who are user friendly with social media are comfortable with ‘non-human’ customer service interactions. These automated chatbots are an excellent way to provide 24/7 customer services without having to involve any support team. They are efficient in solving frequently asked queries. Some social media platforms provide these automated response feature which you can add in your account.

10. Project the right channel

A brand needs to understand the right social media platform to respond to their customers. You can collect data and target the social media page where you get the maximum queries and response.


We at Global InfoCloud provide complete social media handling solution for your business. As you can understand from the above points that social media is a great platform for supporting your business, we have a team of well-trained professionals to handle your social media platform.

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How E-commerce is changing the buying behavior of Indian customers

Internet provides a platform for the humankind to access data over the internet, communicate with each other and get entertainment. Online marketplace is the most engaged activity for people online.
The current growth of online marketplace and the consumer’s increasing interest in shopping over e-commerce sites have significantly changed the face of Indian retail market. Nowadays customers are more inclined towards shopping online due to technological advancements and benefits of online shopping. The growth in online sales can be partially assigned to the Internet’s advantages of giving access to large amounts of information quickly and inexpensively and its growing accessibility. 

Following statistics show the increasing inclination of consumers towards e-commerce in India:

– India currently has a base of 150 million internet users which accounts to be the third largest in the world.

– Access of internet over mobile devices has almost doubled every year since last decade.

– Number of users accessing the web through mobile devices has almost doubled every year since 2009.

– The e-commerce market is worth around 9500 crores in India. Online marketplace is rising up to 8% -10% globally, however it grew up to 30% in India.

– Online consumer market in India is currently around 20 million which projects to rise as much as 1400% and reach 300 million people within next 10 years.

E-commerce consumer behavior.

According to latest studies on customer behavior, it was inferred that the customer demographics affect the purchase pattern in a significant way. Some of the factors affecting E-commerce shopping are customer traits, previous online shopping experience, internet self-efficiency, shopping patterns, economic benefits and risk perception.

For instance,

– The results show that the young population tend to buy more from ecommerce website.

– The study also indicates that the people living in suburban areas rely more on ecommerce as compared to those living in metropolitan area.

– The consumers who seek convenience & variety do more shopping online and are more. They also found that such people are also more innovative and spontaneous shopper.


Online shopping has become a hassle-free experience due to the phenomenal growth of World Wide Web. A wide acceptance of internet technology in the field of retail sale has changed the traditional shopping in physical stores. The internet provides a platform that is easy to maintain, and online advertisements are also affordable for small businesses. We at Global Info Cloud provide you with the best digital marketing solution for your online businesses.

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How can future search affect your business?

Future search should be used when commitment and ideas need to be shared amongst all the stake holders of the organization. Involvement of all the associates brings new ideas and give rise to energy for taking measures.

It involves a large group of stake holders who have been chosen as they belong to different backgrounds and ideals working towards the same goal. People from various demographics have the potential of sharing diverse ideas and information which will together form a broad spectrum of outcomes for developing a business or organization.

Future search conference works on the basis of discussions between these stakeholders which can be processed in the following way:

Focus on past: The associates of the conference are given a task of creating a timeline of key events related to their past experiences based on the future search topic. Each participant has its unique list of episodes which will help analyzing the subject.

Present Trends: The members of this conference make an association of ideas trending in the market now, which are related to the current topic and going to affect in the future. They can also discuss the trends or ideas they are following in present to boost the business.

Ideal Future Search: Diverse group of people attending this conference will put themselves in future scenarios and describe a potential solution for an Ideal future program. The whole idea of this conference is to get various unique ideas from each stake holders and use their expertise in solving a future business problem.

Inference from the conference: All the data and key points from this conference need to be gathered and put together by volunteers and make a framework of actions need to be taken for the prosperity of business in future.

The most important aspect of Future search is its participants. People from all the cross sections who have been influenced by the decision should attend this as participants. Usually Future search meetings involve 60-80 people, however you can decide these numbers on the basis of your agenda.

Advantages of Future search for your business:

– Due to the commitment and involvement of all the participants, a proposal can be passed with more ease and clarity.

– Everyone involved with the project has attended this conference, which makes it a source of gathering information and ideas.

– Due to sharing of future visions and common agenda stake holders stay committed to the business.

– Participants find themselves working towards the same topic with common ideas and get energized. Complex issues get resolved easily and a common vision leads to a taking a concrete decision.


All these efforts will only be fruitful if the conference is managed properly by the hosts. They must honor the ideas of each and every participant for an ideal result from Future search conference. It is a great tool for the advantage of businesses for solving complex problems with lesser resource investment.

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