Is ‘Thank You’ Page Really Required For a Website?

A website is a platform which provides consumers to peep into the business and its product range. The intention of businesses is to drive traffic to their website, for which there are multiple tools like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc. Apart from these, one can grab opportunities to promote their businesses through many other ways.
A ‘Thank You’ page can be one of those places where one can convert this possibility. This page usually appears after the consumers are done with browsing or shopping on your website.
It has been found that, most of the businesses underutilize this page and focus only on the home page andproduct pages. They lose the prospects where they can grab the major opportunity to increase the revenue or get user specific data. We have enlisted various ways and benefits one can get advantage from a ‘Thank you’ page:

Gather Customer Feedback

The opportunity to convert your Thank You page into an automated research/feedback tool. It is the easiest platform to gain an in depth insight into your audience for the betterment of your website content.
Create a survey: Put a survey form on your ‘Thank you’ page and ask relevant questions which you want to know about your users. Free tools like Google Forms are available online to ease down the process.
Tell us more about yourself: You can put a leave comments or tell more about yourself section on your thank you page where the consumer can freely express what they feel about your products or what more do they expect from your brand.
Ask for feedback: Taking feedback related to the product or services sold is also a great opportunity to be grabbed from a ‘thank you’ page.

Sales Opportunity

A thank you page can accommodate links to various things like feedback forms as mentioned in previous point, similarly it can also be linked to your best seller products, testimonials, an ad video or exclusive features on website. The patrons who have visited your website would love to explore more through these recommendations.
Links to products: You can put links of recommended products or featured products in your thank you page, which will attract customers to explore more and shop from your website.
Display Testimonials: Showing your testimonials from satisfied customers boosts the morale of new consumers and creates a goodwill regarding your brand. Good reviews and testimonials form a great influence in pulling sales from your website.
Show Offers and Discounts: Discounts and next purchase offers often attract customers towards purchasing more products from your business. A ‘thank you’ page is a great platform to put these alluring offers.

Awareness about your brand

Building brand awareness is necessary for enjoying a long term patronage. The goal should be to engage them on a regular basis so they always remember you.
Social Media links: It seems unnecessary since you already have social media links in sidebar or footer. But those links tend to get lost among the other things on your site, whereas the links on ‘thank you’ page mostly never gets unnoticed.
Build strong community: Establishing a strong community around your brand is essential for building a fan base, which leads to more sales for your business. A ‘Thank You’ page is the perfect place to encourage visitors to participate in your other community-oriented features like podcasts, forums, etc.

The above mentioned points clearly state that a ‘Thank you’ page comes with a lot of plus points for a website. By utilising the page for interacting with your customers, the ROI of your ‘Thank You’ page will increase irrespective of any business. Global Info Cloud is a leading digital marketing company providing website development services to various businesses. Contact us for creating a seamless website for your brand and multiply your opportunities over the web.

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Automation Strategy In Google AdWords

What are Google AdWords?

Google AdWords or Google Ads, is an advertising system by Google in which advertisers bid on certain keywords so that it appears on Google’s search results. Advertisers pay for these clicks and charges the amount from businesses. An AdWords campaign is an ad campaign within an AdWords account. Each ad group serves different ad texts based on the type of keyword a user may type into Google’s search engine.

Automate Your Google Ads Bidding Strategies

Marketing and advertising requires efficiency and automation of Google AdWords gives an opportunity to streamline a campaign. Automated bidding strategies helps you to handover the control to Google, where they are bidding on your behalf on the basis of specific user data including device used, demographics, location, time of the day searched, operating system used. These strategies are driven by certain goals and are optimized to perform specific actions.
There are 8 different types of automated bidding strategies that you can choose from when it comes to Google Ads and each one prioritizes different results and actions. These strategies are discussed below:

Target CPA
This bidding strategy drives on a focal point to get as many conversions as possible at your target CPA or cost-per-acquisition. This bidding strategy works well when an average CPA is set, some bids cost more or less than your target but they ensure that it averages out. For selecting this option you must set a target amount to maintain profitability and no loss to ROI.

Target ROAS
ROAS or return on ad spent is the conversion value that one receives in return of every rupee spent. For a ROAS of 400% you must receive a sales of Rs.4 per rupee spent on your ad. This bidding strategy can only be applied to a single campaign instead of multiple campaigns.

Maximise clicks
This bidding will work to get as many clicks on your ad as possible, going through your daily budget to make this happen. One can set a spend limit, which ensures that you won’t end up splurging too much money on a few clicks

Maximise Conversions
This strategy is similar to the previous strategy mentioned, the focus here is however entirely on conversions rather than just getting clicks. Google studies your spend data to maximise your conversions.

Target Search Page Location
This strategy prioritizes ad placement either on the top of search page or on the first page of results for advertisers to bid. It is a portfolio-only bidding strategy and can be applied to multiple campaigns. The potential to portray your ads at the right place will act as an advantage, especially in searches for high-value but very competitive keywords.

Target Outranking Share
Target outranking share 
strategy is similar to the above mentioned one, as it focuses on the placement of ad instead of the cost of the action. It prioritizes not only good placements but also outranking every specific competitors. This bidding strategy allows you to set bid limit and target specific competitors.

Enhanced Cost per Click
It stands for “enhanced cost-per-click”, it allows Google to adjust your bid even if you’ve set it manually. Google adjusts the bid depending on the potential for a sale, increasing if its higher and decreasing if its lower.

Target Impression Share

A comparatively new bidding strategy that prioritizes bidding to reach a target percentage of the impression share. Impression share tells you the percentage of searches you’re appearing in which you are capable based on targeting and keywords. Higher impression share means more people are seeing your ad and there are more chances of a click or conversion.

Google’s automated bidding for AdWords or Ads gives a favourable opportunity to save time on manually setting bids and optimizes the campaigns for more conversions, clicks or any other goals set. GlobalInfoCloud is a leading digital marketing company set to provide you the best digital marketing campaigns to boost your business and reach the right audience and get more conversions.

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Why Restaurants Need To Have A Website?

Online presence of a business is mandatory nowadays as the world in moving ahead towards digitisation. Improved internet connectivity and advanced smartphone technology has become a key source of information provider to the users.
A website gives you a portal to connect with your customers and convey information and create a brand image which is a stepping stone for a profitable business and you can trasform your business with marketing.

There are numerous advantages of having a website in general for a business, however their a number of specific advantages for a restaurant to have a website of their own. We have enlisted a few points to highlight these benefits:

Build brand image
A website is the first impression to a potential guest of your restaurant. A nicely designed home page and consumer friendly website gives you a leverage to control image of your brand. It gives platform to tell the story behind your restaurant business, the speciality of food served and the ambience of your place. Potential customers might also be interested in getting an idea of how your restaurant looks like, provide high quality images clicked by a professional photographer. This is a great opportunity to present your staff by including pictures and bios of management, lead chef(s), etc.

Low investment advertisement
Developing a website requires a very low investment as compared to other media and advertisement methods. Billboards, commercial and radio spots can be popular forms of advertising for a restaurants but they are temporary and run for a certain duration. A well-developed website with proper content and SEOs can act as a better tool in longer run to advertise your business.

Improved Search Rankings
Once you have built your website, invest some time on search engine optimisation (SEO)
which will help your business to stay on top of the search engines. Customers usually search online before choosing to dine-in a restaurant, SEOs will give you more exposure and hopefully bring more customers to your place.

Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonial can be put on your website, which will increase your credibility in front of the clients. If you have ever been featured in a publication such as a newspaper or a magazine, you can put a link on your website. A website for your restaurant business can bring you in notice of internet based food bloggers with whom you can collaborate and gain popularity.

Differentiate over your competitors
It is a high probability that in 2020 a competitor restaurant might already have a website or online presence giving them advantage over other competitors. Having a website will make you present yourself in a discrete manner and provide information to the potential clients pf your business regarding your uniqueness and persuade them to choose you over your competitors. A well-presented website will show that you are willing to invest in your business and working towards its betterment.

Give key information about your business
A website is a platform where you can provide endless updates about your restaurant at one place. You can put FAQs, contact details, location details, opening and closing time, payment methods available and the most important of all the menu. Customers prefer looking at these aspects of a restaurant. Festive and promotional offers can also be put on the website to attract customers.
A website can be used to provide other important and detailed information about your business like home delivery options, outdoor catering, private meeting facility, etc. You can also put a section which provides the users to book a table in your restaurant and have a comfortable dining experience. Gift cards are a great tool to boost your business by selling it online on your website.

A website is a way to strengthen your brand and keep customers in the loop about your restaurant. Global Info Cloud is a leading digital marketing and website developer company who have worked with more than 100+ businesses developing their websites and put them on worldwide web forum. Contact us for developing a seamless website with advanced tools to promote your restaurant business online.

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Digital marketing – Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs #WomanPreneurs

Starting up a business is no more a male dominant job, women have now stepped ahead and converting their ideas into successful businesses. Nowadays, businesses are using online platform to reach the whole wide world. Digital marketing via social media, content marketing and SEO are being used to spread the venture to new markets and make a strong hold. With so many advantages of digital marketing adapted world-wide, it needs to be delivering reasonable ROI to your business. Women today have realised its importance and making the smart move of choosing digital marketing for their businesses.
Here is a list of vital benefits ‘WomenPreneurs’ can grab from digital marketing and become a successful business venture:

E-commerce site
Building an e-commerce is an important step to enter the world of digital marketing. A user friendly website with relevant product and its description uploaded with an aesthetic look matching to the brand image is important. Make sure your website is compatible to run on mobile and opens up quickly without consuming too much data.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is a very powerful tool to make a strong presence about your business through various channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus. Attract real followers and promote your products through these channels in an interactive manner with the users. Posting entertaining and knowledgeable content will lead to new followers who can convert into future customers.

Join Forums / Business groups
A lot of business related groups and forums are available online on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc which are also women oriented and related to similar business idea. Joining such groups will open up your business horizon and give you more ideas relevant to women entrepreneurs and the challenges they had faced.

Focus on SEOs
Building a quality SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a necessary step to get traffic towards your website. A quality SEO which can give good results can take a few months to form. A well-established digital marketing agency with can help you with optimising the website with SEOs.

Create Blogs
Creating or adding a blog relevant to your business that features updates like offers, announcements, and market trends. Assure that the blog is posted on social media channels as well as on your webpage, it should reach the potential people who will invest in your products. Blogs are a wonderful way to attract more crowd to your website.

Email marketing
Get visitors to signup the newsletters on your website. Email marketing is a trend working well to make sure the information regarding the business reaches the interested person. Email newsletters bring more relevant customers and can be availed for free.

Video Marketing
Video marketing has evolved as a strong marketing tool for your business. There are various cost effective tools to edit videos. These videos can be promoted by embedding and uploading them into your website using YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Being a women Entrepreneur and finding success in today’s competitive world, is a challenge. Digital marketing if utilised effectively will make you reach greater heights with your business and reach potential customers. Global Info cloud is an established digital Marketing firm and believes in women entrepreneur’s efforts in building their business. Our team of experienced and flexible people can help you work towards the progress of your venture online.

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Why your business needs a Chatbot?

A brief about chatbots

are computed programs that can have a real conversations with users through a chat interface. Chatbots can comprehend written and spoken messages and interpret its meaning. The bot can then search for relevant information and deliver it to the human user.
Modern smartphones and computers rely on chatbots with Artificial Intelligence to help users get information
Chatbots are designed in two categories based on the technology involved:

1. Command based chatbots rely on a databank of replies and heuristics. The context of query is analysed by the bot and it replies with the data fed into its programme relevant to it. They cannot create new text and answer ambiguous queries.

2. AI based or Machine Learning Chatbots have the capability of replying to ambiguous questions by creating replies from scratch using machine learning and processing data over internet. These chatbots train themselves with past queries with the machine learning skills and get smarter over time.

By the year 2020, almost 80% of businesses are using a chatbot in various forms. Chatbots have become a key element for business growth for solving customer queries. The requirement of advanced powered bots is going to rise in future. Here are various reasons stated below why you should opt for chatbots for your business:

1. Automated Customer Support
A common list of FAQs are there in every industry’s database which users commonly enquire. A specific set of queries have the same replies which they need to send every time a customer makes an enquiry. For such instances, it is best to save your time and engage the users with chatbots to answer them.

2. Save Human resource
Chatbots are designed to assist consumers for a specific task at any point of time. They can also perform a repetitive task round the clock making your business available 24/7 to the consumer. Hence, the human resource can be relieved from such tasks and engage them in productive task for the enterprise which will save the cost of hiring multiple support employees.

3. Cheaper development
Chatbots require a minimal cost of development as compared to the development of an application which act to its advantage. Investment in advanced technology like chatbot will work as a value addition to your business’s customer service.

4. Increases the scale of business
Chatbots are an automated computer programs which can handle more customers simultaneously. Existing consumer contact solution if handled by human agents, would limit their interaction to maximum 2 to 3 customers at a time. By employing chatbots which can operate with a lot of consumers you can scale up your business to new markets without the problem of multiple incoming enquires by new consumers.

5. Assist consumers with product choices
A survey online found that 83% of shoppers online need support in choosing a product or services while shopping. Sometimes, customers require assistance online while buying an expensive product or during first purchaseChatbots act as an online assistant by filling the void and provide knowledgeable recommendations to the customers for selecting the right product and services.

6. Engage Consumers with your business
Digital marketing experts have recommended often to engage the consumers with the business. Their engagement converts into 20% – 40% of more spends by consumers which is a profit for your venture. This can be achieved by actively interacting with them on social media channels; however to add a real time interaction and value to this a chatbot can engage even more consumers and personalize their engagements and convince them to go for your product or service.

7. Efficient Workplace
Chatbots are majorly used for consumer conversations, however it has found to be useful being assigned for interacting internally within the organization. It helps in building an efficient team by completing mundane and repetitive tasks. It will automate their work that are tedious and make them more efficient by engaging in a logical and creative thinking projects.

Chatbots can support your business with various services apart from costumer service such as marketing, sales and even internal tasks such as assisting employees. It is a value added service for your business which assures you a great technological advancement in future.
We atGlobal InfoCloud have a team of experts who can design an interactive chatbot for your business page and help you expand your venture in all horizons.

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Why startups should opt for SEO ?

SEO is a short form which stands for search engine optimization, a process of optimizing the website to receive organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engine results. It is a process of growing the quality and quantity of website by increasing visibility of a website or a webpage to users of a web search engine.

SEO helps startup owners create fast, robust and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines like Google (most used search engine globally). It helps in bringing potential customers to your site and increase the conversion rates.

SEO also helps in creating brand awareness for your business as search engine users are more likely to trust the results. It is very obvious that a startup is not going to hire a full-time SEO team. Hence, the best solution for startup owners would be to outsource the SEO services that can effectively boost your online presence.

Here is a detailed list of benefits by using SEOs for your website:

Customer Behavior Data

The SEO data is crucial for collecting data and information related to customer behavior. This data will help startups to realize their potential customers. The more SEO research will be done, the more customer behavior and demand will be understood.
SEO guides gather a lot of data over a period of time and helps startups for future building of their business. Several SEO tools help accumulate important user data and is beneficial way to target customers resulting in more customers and sales.

Builds Trust and Credibility

The reason for having a fruitful SEO is to form an establishment with a well-designed website with an effective user-experience. The website where the customer lands after reaching it via search engine must be easy to navigate and they can easily find what they are searching for. A seamless experience over the website establishes a strong relationship with the customer and a brand value. SEO gives sufficient guidance to build a dynamic yet simple website with quality content.

Local SEO can Lead to Higher Traffic & Conversion Rates

SEO channels can help get traffic on the website and get more conversions resulting in higher return on investments. Focusing more on local search engine optimization for a particular geographical area and targeted customer base can gather more audience. Mobile devices are more used by searchers over a computer which leads to higher local searches. Local search has been playing a very significant role for small and medium scale businesses startups. Local SEO focuses on practical medium to establish your digital presence in local areas and regions so that people can find you easily and quickly. 

Long term goals

Paid advertisements work for shorter terms and costs higher as compared to other marketing channels. It is easy to stay on the first page of search engines if you opted for an expensive advertisement campaign. Before spending your resources on these, one must invest in the SEOs and monitor the impact in first 6 months which will be quite noticeable.
The more time and effort put on SEOs, will create a larger impact in the market and bring more conversions at a lesser price.

Keep Your Site Updated with Ever-Changing Algorithm

SEO requires a constant effort and regular improvements and alterations in algorithm and guidelines. Optimizing your website is not a short-term engagement and requires regular changes as per market demand.
Not keep your site updated with the crucial factors will make it positions go lower from where it can’t be resurrected.

Google rearranges its algorithms more than 3000 times a year and core search algorithm changes take place once every three months. To be on the first page of Google you must be aware of the most important factors that influence your business and its online presence by constantly monitoring the SEOs.


 SEO is considered to be a new edge marketing technique that can bring you important results with having to spend very less. Global info Cloud is a digital marketing organization which will help you in finding the most advance and seamless solutions for your business in this digital era.

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10 Ways to choose your Domain Name

domain name identifies a network domain, it represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, it is attached with any services communicated via internet like personal computer used to access internet, a server computer hosting a website or the website itself.
Domain name is the name of a website unique to it which cannot be owned by anyone else. It is is purchased and registered online through various websites.

Selecting a possible domain name is as important as choosing a brand name, it should be unique, must define the nature of your website and must be easy to identify. It requires a lot of thought and consideration to think of an ideal domain name for your website.
Here in this blog we are enlisting 10 ways you can choose a perfect domain name for your business:

1. A Short Name

A complex and long domain name will risk your website to get lost while typing the spelling.
It’s a lot better if you have a small domain name which is easy to remember, and the possibility of a spelling mistake is less. This way you will not lose your potential viewers or customers.

2. Easy to Type

Having a complex spelling for your domain name is going to give you negative results. Using slangs or creative spellings for your domain name will land your viewers to a wrong website. For example, using ‘4’ instead of for or ‘instead of you. Keep your spellings clear and universal to type.

3. Defining Keywords

Keywords are important to be seen easily during an online search. Keeping a domain name similar to the type of service or business provided by you will make you reach the top of the list while somebody searches regarding your services. For instance, you can keep your domain name if you are a carpenter working with making of wooden panels.

4. Geographical Area’s influence.

Some businesses cater to a local audience. The reach need no to be worldwide but, only in a particular state or city. You can add the geographical locations name in your domain name to make it easily searchable for local customers of that geographical area.

5. Do not use special characters of numbers

Using a special character like hyphen (-) or numbers can confuse a person and they will be unable to find your website. When somebody hears about a website name, they tend to forget the special characters and misunderstand a number to be written in spelling or a numeric. To avoid such confusions, it’s better to have a simple domain name. If you really need a number due to its identity in your business, you can register the other versions of the same domain name, so that they redirect it to your website only.

6. Rememberable

Domain names are registered from all over the world, so you can imagine how many of them are there online. So, having a catchy and quirky domain name is important. It should be easy to remember even if somebody read it only once. For testing if it can be easily memorized you can send them to your friends or collogues and test that if they can easily remember it for next time.

7. Research about the name

A domain name is going to be visible to everyone on the internet, so you don’t want to mess it up by naming it without a thorough research. Make sure your selected domain name isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or registered with some other company. It can land you in legal trouble and could cost you a hefty fine which will be a negative impact on your business.

8. Appropriate domain name extension

Extensions are suffixes which come after the domain name like or .org in your web address. The most widely used extension is .com, it may get difficult to get your desired domain name registered with it as a web address. However, you can go for many other suffixes which can define your business such as, .photography or .edu .

9. Protect your domain name

There can be various versions of your domain name like a misspelled version of the same name. Your competitors can register themselves with those names and swallow up your share of market. So, for protecting your website you can purchase the other versions as well so they will redirect to your website only even if somebody did a mistake while typing.

10. Be fast or Be Last.

Domain names are not a very expensive assets to hold. Thus, they are sold quickly across the web. If you don’t want your well researched and unique domain name to go away to someone else, you have to act really fast and purchase it in advance. Various websites online will help you in buying domain names and secure it for your use only.

We at Global InfoCloud, are a bunch of people who provide excellent services for digital marketing and website development of your business. Contact us to spread your work over the web and let everyone know about your presence.

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What brands and companies do or don’t do at this time will matter in the future?

“Your actions today will mold your tomorrow”, a quote which perfectly describes the impact of the Dos and don’ts by a company at this time which will define how they are going to perform in the future. Future is uncertain and it’s not possible to exactly predict any formula to achieve success, however with certain strategies and planning one can mold the future in their favor.

Listing your strength and weaknesses
Strategize to understand how your business functions, what does it specialize in and where do the problems lie. If you will analyze the issues in the present, then you will be well prepared for the hurdles that lie in the future.

Stay focused on your brand.
No matter what the conditions are or wherever the trend is changing, don’t lose your brand identity to go with the flow. One should not make a mistake of thinking that extraordinary circumstances call for fundamental positioning or branding pivots.

Listen to your customer
Honesty towards your brand means staying honest to your customers and realizing they are looking for in your brand. If the future feels uncertain, it is more important to listen to your customers demand which will pave a way to understand their concerns and their transforming needs. It will help you create a better customer experience and win their loyalty in the long run.

Invest in value addition to your business
While you start or grow a business, you must think carefully about your precious time. Expenditure of your time on activities which will pay highest measurable return.

The greatest source of capital in your business is your time. It is your job to decide what’s important for you and resist doing what is not providing you any fruitful results.

Don’t neglect your current customers
As per the research, it has been shown that 1% of businesses deliver an excellent customer.
It will put a negative impact on your business if you don’t put services in priority for your first customers. For a sustainable growth of your company, you must know that your first customers are the reason you were able to kickstart your business.

Give importance to feedbacks
Feedbacks are a window for a business to get an honest opinion from your customers. It will give you a fair idea of why they have chosen you or why they have decided to leave. Allowing your business team to check these reviews and make connections with customers can turn out to be a great opportunity of improvement in future.

Global Info cloud strives to build your business through digital marketing and spreading your online presence. In these times when everyone is present online, you must take a step ahead and choose our services and spread your business with great marketing content from us.

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How to improve the impact of content marketing on ROI

What is ROI?

ROI or Return on Investment is a simple formula to calculate the amount spent on a particular service and the return value to a business under the influence of its application.

Return on Investment = Gains from investment – Cost of Investment X 100
Cost of investment

What is content marketing ROI?

Content marketing ROI
 is a percentage that represents the amount of revenue gained from content marketing in comparison to the amount spent on distributing content.

Importance of Content marketing

Content is king”, this is a famous quote which emphasizes the importance of content marketing as a key to enhance business performance. Content is absolutely essential, it’s not just a bunch of words to improve the search ranking of a post, it is everything unlike videos or podcasts that communicates a specific message to a group of audience.
The marketing channels dependent on content are social media marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, native advertising and traditional marketing. When we refer to content marketing, we’re talking about marketing strategies that revolve around your unique, relevant, and valuable content.
Hence, the content of your business will have an equal impact on your business’s ROI (Return on Investment)

How to improve the impact of content marketing on ROI

Content marketing return on investment (ROI) is the critical number that gives you a clue regarding the efficiency of your campaigns. Using the following tips, measure your ROI more efficiently and improve the results of marketing channel:

Define the Customer Path

The customer path from first contact to final purchase needs to be carefully mapped. It is not necessary that the data will come straightforward from one marketing channel to your website or point of sale. It can involve some bouncing from social media accounts to google ads before landing on your webpage. Studying each touchpoint of a customer can help you to optimize your content to make the path of customer more efficient and quicker towards the final purchase.
Clear audience personas

A collection of audience profiles is a great tool at your advantage while drafting a content. The target audience can help making the content more impactful and resourceful for the brand to reach. Define the gender, marital status, living situation, household income, occupation, hobbies, and personality qualities of your targeted audience.

Repurpose Content Across Multiple Channels

A content must not only increase the conversion, but it also should stretch across various platforms so that it finally decreases the price of each piece of it. Stretch your investment by actively repurposing as much content as you can. Use the information from an article to craft various other contents like small tweets, infographic posters or small posts. The greater number of contents generated from a well written piece, can help reduce the investment.

Correct analysis of Influencer ROI

Map the correct engagement and conversions that are happening as a result of influencer content. Check the count of new visitors driven by the influencer link and if it is actually increasing your sales. The right strategy can help you calculate the ROI efficiently and gather the information to optimize the content creation and reduce the cost of investment over the conversions.

Content Cost and Usage

Each piece of content written comes at a cost, if not published it will add up to reduce your ROI. Generating content randomly without properly targeting the audience can lead to a waste of resources over content marketing. You must work to create a carefully focused content timeline with purposeful pieces that will fit neatly in your marketing efforts, so you’re using all of your generated content and never wasting funds on unnecessary pieces.


The importance of content marketing in increasing your sales via digital presence has been stated above. The tips let you know the methods to increase the ROI from content marketing. We a Global Info cloud are a panel of digital marketing team, who will provide you with the best content with higher ROI.

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