Blogging for lead generation Blogging as a Tool of Lead Generation

What is a blog?
A blog (short version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying data in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

Blogging is used as a digital marketing tool by businesses for digital marketing campaign. For a business, blogging not only lets followers know about recent company news and events but, it also contributes in establishing an authority over your competitors, informs about the inside look at your workplace culture and boosts SEO.

Sometimes, these blogs lack the elements required for proper lead generation. The guide mentioned below gives you the information needed for effective lead generation through blogging. With these elements, you’ll be able to create a lead generation machine for your business.

Call-to-action text in blogs
Call-to-action or CTAs helps in involving the readers to interact with the business page and take action on buttons. This buttons are necessary for readers to land on website pages of relevant product or services.

Offer exclusive content
Blogs are written to provide in-depth knowledge regarding a brand and its services or products. A trick to create interest amongst the readers is by holding a little information back for those who are willing to give a little extra in exchange for more information.

Tease your readers with exclusive content that can help them even more apart from the information available on the blog.

Offer discounts or other perks
A great way to generate leads is by offering your readers with a discount coupon or any other offers on services. Such offers can bring leads of potential clients to your business as blog readers can get attracted to these links and in-turn buy more products from your business.

Blog summary downloads
Sometimes, the information on a blog can cross more than 2000+ words as the topic requires in depth data like examples, case studies or several images to define a point. However, not all readers are interested in reading those long blogs and loose interest. To solve this issue, one can present a shorter summary of a blog in exchange for their name and contact details. By this your customer database will increase and in return you will receive leads for business.

Answer comments with CTA’s
Comment sections of an article is the best place to generate qualified leads. This is an area where people with the most interest regarding your business will interact. If someone comments on your blog regarding more information on a particular point, answer the query with a well-thought-out comment including a CTA to a post-click landing page where they can get more data.

Companies that included blogging in their digital marketing campaign receive 97% more links to their site. Inbound links are one of the most important factors Google takes into account when ranking your website.Traffic generation combined with lead generation make your blog a worthwhile investment. We at Global InfoCloud provide exceptional blogs with search engine optimised keywords for more traffic towards your website. Choose our services for putting meaningful and informative blogs as a tool for lead generation on your business site.

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Email Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales in 2020

What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a promotional activity of sending marketing related informative material through email. It is an effective digital marketing strategy targeting customers with promotions directly reaching their inbox.
Emails for cart abandonment, sales, and product announcements are commonly sent as a promotional material in an email. Although, one can start email marketing and send emails in almost any situation to any customer. You can gather email addresses of customers by providing newsletter signup options on various digital platforms and set up your email marketing campaign.
It is estimated that there are approximately 2.5 billion email users worldwide, hence email marketing can turn out to be a great tool to reach those potential customers and send them information regarding your brand image, provide customer support and keep in touch with them. Email marketing being popular over the last few years, led to a great number of bulk mails and unsolicited spams reaching the inbox making your promotional letter getting lost in the list.

Check the list of points compiled below for a successful email marketing campaign in 2020 and grab more sales with the current trends:

Minimalist email design
Minimalist email design are preferred now to gather more sales. Users receive a large amount of emails from various brands for promotions. It is important to standout from the crowd and send eye-catching and crisp promotional material. Instead of colourful and bright images in the mail, a minimalist email and plain text mail works better. A minimalist email design has benefits such as optimised email load time, deliver a clear brand image and keep the focus on the offer or information and not just the image.

Personalised email campaigns
Email marketing in 2020 is no more about having a single promotional material for all the consumers or audience. Brands need to analyse the psychology of each user and create email promotions solving their individuals problems, these mails convince them to buy your products.
Hyper-personalized automated campaigns are the future of personalization that gives great results. Companies can track browsing behaviour and real-time data to send highly-relevant emails to the users.

Mobile optimization
The number of mobile phone users have exponentially increased over time. Mobile phones help save time and people prefer reading emails on them nowadays. Not only around 61% of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices, but also 79% of mobile users have made a purchase online with their device in the last 6 months which means customers are ready to learn more about your product and buy it with the gadget.A well-optimized email is clean and simple to understand and brings more click through rate.

Social media integration
With the popularity of social media platform, you can find a potential client in these social media users. It is found the 42% of the population (3.2 billion users) are on social media. For brands, this means an alternative way to reach their target audiences, establish a connection with them, and deliver the brand message. To enhance the influence of email marketing one can integrate social media platforms as people like to read about your business and it’s reviews on various social media sites, working with Instagram nano- and micro-influencers is a great way to leverage reviews, and therefore start selling on Instagram.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive sales if the key trends for email marketing are followed carefully. To stand one step ahead of your competitors and ensure your subscriber’s interest in your email campaigns, think about their needs and give email marketing trends a try. Global Info Cloud understands the importance of email marketing and follows the latest trends. The digital marketing campaign designed by our team comprises of these elements which leads to a larger internet presence and return on online investments. Connect with us to promote your business through our efficient and seamless channel.

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5 Social Media Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try

Social media is used for marketing and promotion of businesses with tools available on these platform. The whole thought behind social media analytics is to understand the direction in which the campaign is heading and rectify the process as per the results achieved.

Social media platforms are aware of the necessity of analytics, that’s why they provide users with some form of insight. However specific tools available online can identify content trends, learn more about target audience behaviour, competitors’ strategy, etc. These are not the kind of analytics that one can find in Facebook’s native insights, a social listening tool to collect and analyse social media data from various sources is required.

We have listed the 5 social media tools you must consider to analyse your social media campaigns:

1. Awario
Awario is a social media monitoring and listening tool designed to help individuals and businesses discover conversations about their brands, products, or services so they can monitor the discussions, know the public’s prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends. It analyses publicly available online data based on the keywords you choose to put in your posts. This makes the tool extremely versatile: it provides you with valuable insights on your brand, your audience, your competitors, influencers in your industry, etc.

All this data can be exported in CSV files, or in PDF white label reports.

2. Sotrender
Sotrender is a cloud-based social media analytics solution that provides businesses with detailed analytics, reporting, and benchmarking tools to optimize their performance across social media. It combines metrics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube insights on one dashboard allowing for easy access and analysis. It shows you the area of maximum engagement by your followers, what content performs best, and how your community is engaging with it. Based on these data and analysis, Sotrender will recommend some actions that you could take to improve your social media performance. You can also analyse the content posted by your competitors, their audience, growth rates, and much more, to strategize a plan to perform better than them.

3. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo is powerful online tool that allows a user to find out the content that is popular by topic or on any website. In order to provide the content that people are interested in, you must know what is popular amongst them
it analyses social listening data for different purposes. First and foremost, it leverages social media analytics to inform your content strategy (both web content and social media content). The tool analyses content shares to identify the hottest topics, emerging trends, thought leaders, and the most popular content types. It finds the hottest content by topic, author, or domain within a matter of seconds. Buzzsumo also shows the share activity across all the major social networks including, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Buzzsumo is the best match for the brands that put a heavy weight on their content marketing strategy.

4. Crowdbabble
Crowdbabble is a social media analytics company that helps marketers tie social media activities to business outcomes by eliminating complexities and reducing the time required for analysis. It provides you access with detailed analytics of your social media accounts across a variety of platforms. It gets data from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. It collects all the necessary metrics in one place so you can check out all your social media performances without opening the apps separately.

In addition, Crowdbabble can also analyse your branded hashtag and tell you how many people mention it in a minute, how many users are engaging with it and the top posts that mention the hashtag.

5. Sprout Social
Sprout Social is not an analytics tool, it’s a social media management tool and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes, meaning that it combines scheduling, profile analytics, and social listening features.

There are individual statistics such as reach, clicks and impressions for each post. A separate dashboards for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook analytics is provided, where you can see your profile analytics and benchmark your account against competitors. One can see cross-channel reports which combine the data from all your social media accounts.

Sprout Social also does social listening for brand analysis, market research, and customer support. It allows you to identify social media trends, pin down the key topics around your brand, and give a timely response to criticism on social media.

All this data can be exported as raw CVS files or presentation-ready PDF reports.

We have suggested the above 5 social media analytics tools available online to regularise all the social media platforms utilised for by your business for digital marketing campaigns.Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to do market research or want to take up competitor analysis, there will be a tool for you to choose from. Global InfoCloud is a leading digital marketing and IT automation company helping businesses with diverting their business on the right path on a digital platform and get high return on investments. Contact us for getting these solutions from our experienced and expert digital marketing team.

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Why Social Media is More Important Than Ever for Businesses During the Coronavirus

Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented times where future seems uncertain, social distancing has become mandatory and so in working from home. The prohibition of going out and spending most of the time at home has brought the importance of internet and social media back. People are now using social media and internet platforms to stay informed, stay connected, and stay sane. The inclination towards digital platform has brought companies right in the world of digital marketing and social media.

Companies are withdrawing their regular business activities to save money, abide by social distancing guidelines and mitigate business risks. Hence, now is the time to bring your business on social media platform and connect with people on social media who are looking for respite or wanting to connect with friends and family during these tough times of coronavirus pandemic.

Check the points discussed below indicating how businesses can take advantage of social media in these difficult times:

Provide Honesty, Clarity and Transparency

The honesty and transparency of communication gives more impressions and grabs attention of people online.You can communicate honest information about your brand such as how is your brand coping up with the current crisis, your future endeavours for the brand and new product development.
> A great way to impact your brand community is through video or photo updates.
> Share the content from experts and authoritative sources who are reliable and trustworthy. Include the details regarding incorporation of these expert ideas in your brand.
> Share your brand’s concern regarding the uncertain future and spread positive messages and helpful insights to present the human side of your business.
> Tell the truth regarding your brand’s situation and steps taken by your business to stop spreading of any rumours or assumptions during the pandemic.

Provide Entertainment or Value

Social media was introduced to connect with people and get entertained from the content. Businesses become so engaged in making sales and finding leads that they forget the prime purpose of social media that is maintain a personable platform on which your audience can connect with your brand.
> It is an excellent opportunity to connect with your patrons. Show behind the scenes, share about your employees, create interactive videos about your brand’s processes. Showcase the cool ways your brand helps the community and create interest on social media.
> Social media is filled with serious and informative posts regarding the outbreak of Covid-19. A humorous perspective such as funny or silly video that has a slight characteristic of your brand can provide business promotions and attract a lot of people towards your business and your brand will become popular.
> Social media is about creating connections and building relationships. Hold a Q&A solving with your team. Talk about your brand’s vision and goals. Ask your community base about their interests and what they would like to ask you and answer their questions in an engaging video or in photo posts and stories.

The pandemic has given ample time to businesses for returning to basics by maintaining relationships, provide entertainment and revaluate their social media presence to increase the brand value. It’s time to connect, engage and share whether you’re a business, a brand, or a human being. During this time you may not make great sales, but it’s an excellent time to build the foundations of business. Global Info cloud is a leading IT, automation and digital marketing company providing contemporary marketing solutions on social media. Register your business with us and get a seamless solution to handle your social media and make the most of it during this pandemic.

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How COVID 19 is Transforming E-Commerce

World is suffering through a pandemic globally, which has drastically transformed the way we are going to lead our lives. It has affected the economy of various companies and challenged them to re-invent their methods of operating according to the new norms. This is interesting to know that companies are working on principle of sustaining and building business without any rule book in hand.
The pandemic has also forcefully changed the customer behaviour and daily routine. Most people are now working, minimizing social contacts and avoiding going outside due to lockdown rules laid by the government. This pandemic is not going to leave us any soon, and it’s going to leave a scar on us.


Global COVID 19 pandemic has turned out to be a catastrophe for the retail industry. Major brands have kneeled down in front of this crisis and have closed many of their retail outlets. A shift from physical retail store has drastically changed the sales practices of these companies and now they are investing more on building up there E-commerce site. Companies have amended their employment policies and reduced their retail store staff. Instead, they are investing more on online advertisements which clearly indicates a shift to online – only model. Retailers are also putting up efforts on Content marketing, Social media marketing and Email advertising.


Impact of COVID 19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to the customer behaviour and shopping habits. Pandemic has left no option but to depend on online retail app and stores to shop for all their needs. Some people are spending on online shops as a therapy and are on a shopping spree and others are just spending on bare essentials: food, groceries, health and wellness products.

Due to the lockdown, people are staying indoors and have more time with them to browse through online collections and leave a review of the purchased products on retail sites. Online engagements have also shot up, as customers are responding more towards the marketing and promotional posts and mails.

Due to large customer dependence on online websites, companies are suffering from supply shortage as they are unable to manufacture new products during lockdown. Logistic services have also disrupted due to the pandemic which discourages customer from shopping online.


Businesses around the world are trying to propose the best model to sustain during this global pandemic. The strategy is to get adapted to the current unpredictability of the situation because it still has a ray of hope for the E-commerce industry. A strong online presence will reduce the risk and create opportunity where businesses should invest on online marketing tactics.


Online customers are changing their behaving globally and are adapting to e-commerce which is putting a strain on these businesses. The future of e-commerce will be shaped according to how they will adapt to them and pave their own way through these difficult times.

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Why Has India Become a Popular Place for Outsource SEO Services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization outsourcing has become immensely popular in India. Outsourcing is the practice of entrusting the specific business process to external agencies. There has been an incredible growth of India’s outsourcing industry in the past few years due to the nature of advantages associated with it. Outsourcing allows a company to expand as well as increases their return on investment leading to higher profits.

As per data, currently over 30% of ‘Internet marketing campaigns’ are being outsourced by companies to reputed professionals who have expertise in this field. Most businesses are now switching to online market place and the requirement of SEO is increasing for an engaging online presence. still wondering whether it will be wise for you to outsource SEO services to India then make sure to go through some of the vital benefits or perks that you will be able to enjoy after availing the services of SEO professionals in India.

Go through the following points explaining the vital benefits of outsourcing SEO services from professionals in India:

Access to highly skilled professionals
SEO requires a longer time for providing an effective ROI for your online marketing campaign, it will be a wise decision to outsource the work from professionals who have expertise in digital marketing and SEOs. English has been a part of education system in India, the digital marketing experts already hold a command over it and provide the best SEO services in this language which is widely used on online platform. This factor attracts businesses from all over the world for outsourcing the SEO services from India with great results.

Affordable price
Outsourcing SEO services from professionals in India comes with an exclusive benefit of affordable price. An in-house SEO professional will come with an additional cost of overheads or expenses of recruitment, paying monthly salary & perks, health insurance, etc. By outsourcing a professional you will save on all these costs and can hire them on project basis.

Advantage over time zone
Indian Standard Time (IST) is a about 10.5 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time and 5.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, companies situated abroad can take advantage of this time difference and fulfil the requirements of its client 24/7 after outsourcing Search Engine Optimization services from India.

Favourable Indian Government
Government in India is stable, the Indian economy and infrastructure has been developed since 70 years with measures to enhance the infrastructure of the IT sector and thereby providing the best possible outsourcing services consistently. This is a favourable aspect for the organisations looking for outsourcing their digital marketing campaigns with SEO services from India.

Competitive market
A competitive and constantly upgrading market in India especially in the field of IT sector, lead to an increase in the number of SEO Agencies which provides high-quality services at an affordable price. A competitive market promises high quality professional service with prominent results.

India is certainly one of the best places to outsource SEO services with various favourable points on its side. Global InfoCloud is a leading digital marketing agency in India, successfully handling internet marketing campaigns of various businesses. Collaborate with us for effective SEO services and get high ROIs on your online website presence.

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Why Every Small And Medium Business Owner Needs To Learn Digital Marketing

Small and medium businesses are the organisations that are constantly looking for new customers, traditional marketing methods may attract first hand customers but digital marketing opens up a whole new horizon of customers present online.
Being the captain of your business ship, you must know how to use various tools online and take charge of your own business marketing. Learning and understanding the scope and possibilities within digital marketing might open up new dimensions for your business and here is why you must know about it:

Proper marketing strategy
Building a proper business strategy to run a digital marketing campaign will provide a definite goal. Business owners who do not have an idea about it or does not have a proper strategy will not know how to promote the business online and set unreal expectations from digital marketing.
A basic knowledge about the marketing strategy will help business owners of small and medium businesses to define realistic goals and be able to define target audience and form an effective and successful digital campaign. “

Consumers are digital
Most consumers have smart phones with constant access to internet. Google, Yahoo, Bing are the most popular sites used for online search. It becomes almost necessary for small and medium businesses to make a strong online presence as most consumers use web searches to find new solutions, products, and brands. Social media, blogs and online reviews also form a major impact regarding your business and can attract more potential customers.

Easy to track the progress
Keeping track of the digital marketing metrics is important to get an accurate measure of ROI and define areas of improvement for future. Analytical tools available online provide a checklist to marketers for different ad content and manage how audiences react to each campaign. Business owners must know how to study this data and take advantage of checking the number of visitors on your website, the number of page views, average time a user spends on your website, bounce rates, conversions and analyse your growth over time.

Analysing all these aspects you can work to optimize your marketing strategy and get the best results.

Business becomes more interactive
Digital marketing is evolving day by day, with certain digital marketing campaigns such as social media marketing, blogging, improved search results, text messaging, online advertisements, email marketing and affiliate marketing, it can be effectively utilised to give customers a more personalized experience.
Creating online posts like images, infographics, short video or client stories can keep your audiences engaged with your brand and bring potential customers. A customised and more relatable content notification can bring more engagement from users and bring future purchase.

Increased reach
Digital marketing can strategically focus the reach of your brand and increase the visibility. It helps you to reach a wide range of audience which is impossible through traditional marketing. A new target audience is reached through digital marketing which gives your brand an effective exposure and recognition.

Small and medium business owners can hire a team of experts for digital marketing. However, being the owner they have a better idea about their business and can guide the team in planning digital marketing strategy. Global InfoCloud is a digital marketing company focused on enhancing the presence of these businesses online through seamless digital ad campaigns.

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Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

An era of technology and science has arrived which has influenced most of the world’s population. This technology not only affected people’s life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays businesses have moved to the virtual world and is preferred to have digital presence to spread it’s awareness.

A credible website will cause more trust and diversion of consumers towards a brand. A strong website design is paramount in creating this trustworthiness. By presenting an online destination that is straightforward and easy to navigate, users will have a more positive experience throughout the website, making them more likely to complete a purchase and repetitively visit your website. it is quite evident that web designing holds a huge place in determining the success of your company. Some basic and useful web designing tricks that can truly boost your business are:

Video Landing Page
An interactive and easier landing page which can create more interest amongst the users. The lazier options created can cause more users to take interest in your webpage. It is observed that rather than reading larger texts on homepage people love to watch videos with interesting content and information regarding the brand. Nowadays, due to the popularity of OTT platform people spend much of their time on gadgets by watching videos. Therefore, it’s a great idea to introduce a video on the landing of your website. A video can give a basic idea of your website and promotes your brand in an innovative and highly acceptable way. So, video landing page is an innovative and highly profitable element for taking your website to a much higher popularity.

Parallax Scrolling
Consumers are often lazy to click and browse through the website, to make the experience more seamless parallax scrolling is a great option. It combats consumer’s laziness while maintaining an engaging digital environment. This tool gives a user all the information within a few seconds without the hassle of going inside the website and clicking buttons. Parallax scrolling is an innovative option to make the navigation process much easier for the user. There are several layers of the webpages, this unique quality can be used for designing the website in a much more interesting way and browse those layer through the home page. Thus parallax scrolling makes the navigation of the user easier and reduces the mess of lots of new pages.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the latest innovation in the world of technology which is slowly penetrating in every online platform. It can directly affect a user experience of your site by providing tools like chatbots, where users get attracted and feel more connected in a personalised manner. An AI can also provide 24X7 assistance to the users which will make functional at any point of time. Thus AI is a key element that provides complete customer satisfaction without any human effort. This technology is being upgraded with time and can be fruitful to the website in longer run.

Animated CTAs
CTAs or Call-to-action buttons and statements are crucial aspects of web design. Users require some confirmation before they take any action on your webpage. These little animations will guide them and inform regarding the consequences after they click on a certain button. By incorporating subtle animated CTAs, you can capture their attention more, and encourage them to complete the action. This animated direction not only makes it easier for you but also helps the users, and in addition it also increases the appearance or attractiveness of your site.

Better text font
Text is the key element of your website. A user reads the content of your webpage first once they land on your home page. So, developing a clear and attractive typography of the contents can surely contribute to the success of the user interface of the website. Thus, attractive typography like bold text, custom fonts, designed text, etc. can draw interest of the users and catch attention while browsing for a longer span of time Thus, a typography plays an important role in expanding your business efficiently.

Website is a prime requisite for any business now, a thoughtfully designed webpage can give higher conversions and a profitable business. The above key points can help a webpage designer to create a more interactive and seamless website. Global InfoCloud is a leading IT and digital marketing company bringing businesses online through website designing. Connect with us for further details.

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

In recent times branding and promotion strategies are not only evolving but also shifting towards the digital platforms. This change was triggered due to the increasing use of the internet and social media. Now, Google has become more like a verb than a noun and has become the first preference for any kind of information. Therefore, creating and promoting content/services/ products has become the need of the hour. Currently, the digital marketing world is run by Google. 

Digital marketing is proved to be the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Promoting and advertising your products or services on digital platforms has become a competitive business. The digital platform includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Website    

The most important aspect of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Every business owner whether he/she owns an SME or a giant company has opted digital media to market their brand. There are many tricks that you can follow to generate proper leads, gain a position on the search engine, and reach the right kind of audience. This article focus on many such strategies.

Search Engine Optimization 

No matter how beautiful and well-functional your website is but it won’t reach the right audience unless your SEO is strong. Optimizing SEO will ensure that your website tops the search result, generate leads as well as traffic on your website. SEO highly technical and takes a little time to learn. But once acquired, it will work wonders for your content and website. 

Create Well-targeted E-mail List 

Many business owners ignore e-mail marketing and do not pay much attention o building. But it is the best platform to generate repeat sales and build a trusted as well as professional relationship with your customers. Good e-mail marketing gives you an opportunity to convert your leads into sales. 

Optimize Content for Mobile As Well as Desktop

Many Google algorithm focuses on mobile compatibility and hence, it is important to target both kinds of audience. If your website is mobile-friendly and compatible with the desktop than it has a better chance at raking on the search engines.  

Upload Blogs on a Weekly Basis

An ideal way to attract and engage the audience on your website is by putting up note-worthy content on your digital media platforms. It helps you in brand awareness and builds up a good online reputation. You can use platforms like Quora, WordPress, LinkedIn, etc.     

Focus on Organic Traffic for Social Media 

Social media platforms are majorly used to increase the reach and lead generation as everyone uses social media.  According to the reports, almost 70% of consumers know about you because of social media for customer support and 33% prefer social media over the telephone. 


In a competitive market where the rate of digital marketing agencies is growing day by day, it becomes hard to choose the right partner for your company. One of the best digital marketing agencies in Pune is Global Infocloud offering SEO, SMO, Google Adwords, marketing services, cloud services. 

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Global Infocloud Is A One-Stop Solution For All Your SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Web Design And Development Outsourcing Needs In India

Internet is an easily accessible platform today by numerous people all over the world. Widespread and constant internet access has increased the time spent by a user per day on various websites and apps. Marketing is all about connecting with the audience at the right platform where they are spending the most amount of time. Hence, digital marketing has become an important tool to enhance the performance of a business and improve its overall presence for consumers.

Digital marketing comprises of all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.
Digital marketing is defined by the usage of numerous tools and channels to connect with potential customers where they engage for most of the time online.

Global InfoCloud (GIC) is one of India’s leading I.T and digital marketing service provider, with digital branding skills and a global footprint. We have an expertise in helping multilateral clients in their endeavour to build digital infrastructure for better future. As a fully integrated IT firm, we connect unparalleled mastery across services, markets, and geographies. Various solutions of digital marketing excelled by GIC include:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is the process of optimizing your website to “rank” higher in search engine results pages, thereby increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic your website receives. The channels that benefit from SEO include websites, blogs, and infographics. We at GIC have an experience of working with this digital marketing tool and craft a strategy well in advance to create an effective campaign.

Pay-per-click (PPC)
PPC is a method of diverting traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. One of the most common types of PPC is Google Ads, which allows you to pay for top pages in Google’s search engine results pages at a price “per click” of the links you place.
Our team of experts streamlines the advertisements and creates a campaign with highest PPC.

Web Design and development.
Web design refers to designing of websites and its layout that are displayed on the world wide web. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of production and maintenance of website. Our team of web designers have an experience of designing a user-friendly website with consistent layout. We have designed websites for esteemed clients from various business sectors in India providing them a smooth platform for promoting their products or services.

Global Info Cloud aims at providing clients with proficient and timely services. We take care of all your technical as well as design and development requirements for website and apps. In addition to that, we take care of virtual marketing needs of our clients. Indian market is brewing with various local businesses which can take advantage of our digital marketing solutions and reach wider range of clients virtually. Global InfoCloud being a provider of an array of DM services can prove to be a one stop solution to the business owners in India for outsourcing their marketing and setting up of an online platform.

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