Why Has India Become a Popular Place for Outsource SEO Services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization outsourcing has become immensely popular in India. Outsourcing is the practice of entrusting the specific business process to external agencies. There has been an incredible growth of India’s outsourcing industry in the past few years due to the nature of advantages associated with it. Outsourcing allows a company to expand as well as increases their return on investment leading to higher profits.

As per data, currently over 30% of ‘Internet marketing campaigns’ are being outsourced by companies to reputed professionals who have expertise in this field. Most businesses are now switching to online market place and the requirement of SEO is increasing for an engaging online presence. still wondering whether it will be wise for you to outsource SEO services to India then make sure to go through some of the vital benefits or perks that you will be able to enjoy after availing the services of SEO professionals in India.

Go through the following points explaining the vital benefits of outsourcing SEO services from professionals in India:

Access to highly skilled professionals
SEO requires a longer time for providing an effective ROI for your online marketing campaign, it will be a wise decision to outsource the work from professionals who have expertise in digital marketing and SEOs. English has been a part of education system in India, the digital marketing experts already hold a command over it and provide the best SEO services in this language which is widely used on online platform. This factor attracts businesses from all over the world for outsourcing the SEO services from India with great results.

Affordable price
Outsourcing SEO services from professionals in India comes with an exclusive benefit of affordable price. An in-house SEO professional will come with an additional cost of overheads or expenses of recruitment, paying monthly salary & perks, health insurance, etc. By outsourcing a professional you will save on all these costs and can hire them on project basis.

Advantage over time zone
Indian Standard Time (IST) is a about 10.5 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time and 5.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, companies situated abroad can take advantage of this time difference and fulfil the requirements of its client 24/7 after outsourcing Search Engine Optimization services from India.

Favourable Indian Government
Government in India is stable, the Indian economy and infrastructure has been developed since 70 years with measures to enhance the infrastructure of the IT sector and thereby providing the best possible outsourcing services consistently. This is a favourable aspect for the organisations looking for outsourcing their digital marketing campaigns with SEO services from India.

Competitive market
A competitive and constantly upgrading market in India especially in the field of IT sector, lead to an increase in the number of SEO Agencies which provides high-quality services at an affordable price. A competitive market promises high quality professional service with prominent results.

India is certainly one of the best places to outsource SEO services with various favourable points on its side. Global InfoCloud is a leading digital marketing agency in India, successfully handling internet marketing campaigns of various businesses. Collaborate with us for effective SEO services and get high ROIs on your online website presence.

How COVID 19 is Transforming E-Commerce

World is suffering through a pandemic globally, which has drastically transformed the way we are going to lead our lives. It has affected the economy of various companies and challenged them to re-invent their methods of operating according to the new norms. This is interesting to know that companies are working on principle of sustaining and building business without any rule book in hand.
The pandemic has also forcefully changed the customer behaviour and daily routine. Most people are now working, minimizing social contacts and avoiding going outside due to lockdown rules laid by the government. This pandemic is not going to leave us any soon, and it’s going to leave a scar on us.


Global COVID 19 pandemic has turned out to be a catastrophe for the retail industry. Major brands have kneeled down in front of this crisis and have closed many of their retail outlets. A shift from physical retail store has drastically changed the sales practices of these companies and now they are investing more on building up there E-commerce site. Companies have amended their employment policies and reduced their retail store staff. Instead, they are investing more on online advertisements which clearly indicates a shift to online – only model. Retailers are also putting up efforts on Content marketing, Social media marketing and Email advertising.


Impact of COVID 19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to the customer behaviour and shopping habits. Pandemic has left no option but to depend on online retail app and stores to shop for all their needs. Some people are spending on online shops as a therapy and are on a shopping spree and others are just spending on bare essentials: food, groceries, health and wellness products.

Due to the lockdown, people are staying indoors and have more time with them to browse through online collections and leave a review of the purchased products on retail sites. Online engagements have also shot up, as customers are responding more towards the marketing and promotional posts and mails.

Due to large customer dependence on online websites, companies are suffering from supply shortage as they are unable to manufacture new products during lockdown. Logistic services have also disrupted due to the pandemic which discourages customer from shopping online.


Businesses around the world are trying to propose the best model to sustain during this global pandemic. The strategy is to get adapted to the current unpredictability of the situation because it still has a ray of hope for the E-commerce industry. A strong online presence will reduce the risk and create opportunity where businesses should invest on online marketing tactics.


Online customers are changing their behaving globally and are adapting to e-commerce which is putting a strain on these businesses. The future of e-commerce will be shaped according to how they will adapt to them and pave their own way through these difficult times.