Business Automation
Growth in the automation industry
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What is the automation industry? Automation Industry means the majority of production is done with the use of automated machinery and less involvement of human labor. It does not mean that there will be no human interference. To run the machinery some amount of human skill and intervention is required or at least to monitor the machinery, having said that, there are few industries where fully automated machines are used for production. It totally depends on the type of production and... READ MORE

Digital Marketing
Real Estate Digital Marketing Techniques
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Marketing Marketing helps to widen the reach of the product. With proper planning and methods, marketing can do wonders. Traditional marketing techniques are hectic. A lot of resources are used in marketing. But with the advancement of technology, there has been a change in the methods of marketing and business. The traditional method of marketing is unpopular. Businesses prefer digital marketing over the traditional method of marketing. Why is digital marketing so popular and effective?... READ MORE

Social Media
Facebook Marketing Guide 2019
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  Before starting about Facebook marketing guide, let us understand what is Facebook? Everyone knows the story of Facebook and how it started. The hero of the story is Mark Zuckerberg, and he brought change with his superpowers and skills. That change is known as Facebook. Since 2004, Facebook has changed a lot with time and generation and adopted according to technology, which is why Facebook is so relevant until now. After Facebook, a lot of other social media platforms came such... READ MORE