Digital Marketing
10 Ways to choose your Domain Name
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A domain name identifies a network domain, it represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, it is attached with any services communicated via internet like personal computer used to access internet, a server computer hosting a website or the website itself. Domain name is the name of a website unique to it which cannot be owned by anyone else. It is is purchased and registered online through various websites. Selecting a possible domain name is as important as choosing a brand name, it... READ MORE

What brands and companies do or don’t do at this time will matter in the future?
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“Your actions today will mold your tomorrow”, a quote which perfectly describes the impact of the Dos and don’ts by a company at this time which will define how they are going to perform in the future. Future is uncertain and it’s not possible to exactly predict any formula to achieve success, however with certain strategies and planning one can mold the future in their favor. Listing your strength and weaknesses Strategize to understand how your business functions,... READ MORE

Content Writing
How to improve the impact of content marketing on ROI
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What is ROI? ROI or Return on Investment is a simple formula to calculate the amount spent on a particular service and the return value to a business under the influence of its application. Return on Investment = Gains from investment – Cost of Investment X 100 Cost of investment What is content marketing ROI? Content marketing ROI is a percentage that represents the amount of revenue gained from content marketing in comparison to the amount spent on distributing... READ MORE