Business Automation
Online Opportunity For Food Retail Sector
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Imagine a grocery store where you do not have to actually go out of your house to go to, will receive personalized recommendations and offers in a huge way, a store where you don’t have to open your purse or wallet to pay for your shopping. Sounds far-fetched? Well, it is closer than you might think. Technology has transformed the work process of the industries fundamentally. In the retail industry, the changes have been evolutionary but digitalization is completely changing the meaning... READ MORE

Digital Marketing
Why Startups Should Opt For A Digital Marketing Company
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With the increase in technology, we can say that we live in a digital world where our maximum decisions are dependent on the online presence of different industries. Gone are those days when the brands would do business merely dependent on the years of its existence and for the quality products they would provide. Although these renowned businesses are still doing well and are held in high esteem they are not the only brands that the consumers are attracted to. We are surrounded by the scores... READ MORE

E-Commerce Fashion Industry: Trends & Strategies
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The Internet has made the world a smaller place and businesses have been using e-commerce to do business since the 1960s. However, in the past decade e-commerce has experienced a booming growth all over the world, including developing countries. It helps both small and large businesses to cater to a global market without any substantial investments. The fashion industry is as vast as it is diverse. During the turn of the century, many fashion houses were confronted with two compelling... READ MORE