Hospital Management Software

Enabling you to expand, automate, optimize your hospital tasks with a white label Hospital Management Solution.


GIC Healthcare solutions are adept in simplifying the intricacies and complexities of healthcare management and administration for the caregivers like doctors, nurses, and health professionals can focus on the paramount virtue of caring for patients and extending the reach of their service.

OPD Management

This is a portal that takes care of everything right from the medical, administrative and clinical process that happens on a day-to-day basis. Patient moving out of the hospital when they are discharged, go through multiple procedures.

OT Management

This feature is focused exclusively on delivering medical practices. A structured Practice Engagement is essential to allow practices to remain viable. This feature acts as a single point of contact to help and connect and gather the best support that suits your needs.

IPD Management

Our IPD management provides functionality to manage all wards, charges of wards, and vaccines. The admitted Patient Details, transfer room, room availability ward wise can be easily checked and monitored.

TPA Management

This feature allows an easy process of insurance claims in the hospital management software, so your patients can have easy access to their TPA’s for billing and other expenses.

Pathology Software

The pathology test feature allows storing the pathology test reports along with patients name, method, category, etc date wise which can be searched & accessed anytime easily.

Pharmacy Software

The digital version of the physical pharmacy can be managed through this platform. Additionally, this can be linked to the main billing as the patient collects their medicines, so would their charges be automatically updated on the same.

Inventory Management

Inventory feature allows you to monitor and maintain item stock list based on categories, suppliers, store, quantity, and pricing. This feature adds feasibility to inventory management & budgeting.


This feature helps to manage all the ambulance services provided by the hospital. This service allows tracking of ambulances available for service & also manages orders from external vendors.

Finance & Accounting Management

The financial module corresponding to a Hospital that controls and effectively manages the entire monetary flow and provides transparency and accountability thereby optimizing your monetary goals.

Payroll Management

A phenomenal Payroll and HR Management module that envelopes all routine activities of HRD along with the tasks pertaining to existing employees, be it their attendance and leaves, loans, ROTA registers, new hires, and also contractual employees.

Blood Bank Management

Blood Bank value-added management module facilitates Group-wise Donor information, Donor Card Generation, Donor Certificate, Group-wise Stock, Antisera quality checks, and aids in generating Group-wise Receipts.

Radiology Software

The internal system is integrated to ensure radiologists are booked automatically when a doctor refers you to book your radiologist’s appointment. Centralized reporting tools are available for CT scans, ultrasound, X-rays, and PACS and are compatible with all other radiological imaging technologies, bringing the best result.

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