Rushikesh Anekar

Head – Finance

Rushikesh Anekar stands as a Strategic Chartered Accountant with an impressive track record of over 17 years of global expertise. Serving as the Financial Officer since 2016, he has distinguished himself in client retention, business development, and effective team management. Rushikeshs domain expertise lies in Accounts and Finance Outsourcing, Tax Planning, Audit, and GST across diverse industries and global markets. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic insights have made him an invaluable asset in navigating the complex landscapes of financial management and compliance.

As the Financial Officer, Rushikesh has demonstrated a remarkable ability to not only retain clients but also to foster business development. His strategic approach to client relations has played a pivotal role in the sustained growth and success of the firm under his leadership. His proficiency extends beyond traditional accounting and finance functions, making him a trusted advisor to clients across various industries. Whether it’s navigating complex tax planning strategies or ensuring compliance in the ever-changing landscape of GST, Rushikesh’s expertise adds significant value to the organizations he serves. Apart from his technical prowess, Rushikesh is adept at team management, ensuring a coll-aborative and efficient work environment. His leadership style emphasizes mentorship and skill development, contributing to the professional growth of his team. In essence, Rushikesh Anekar stands as a seasoned professional, leveraging his global expertise and strategic acumen to excel in the intricate realms of chartered accountancy. His commitment to excellence, coupled with a proactive approach to client relations and business development, positions him as a trusted leader in the financial domain.