Sowbhagya Pentakota

Head – Business Development

Sowbhagya Pentakota is a dynamic professional, holding a PGDM degree from IIM Raipur (2018 batch) and a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering (2015 batch). Her academic achievements are complemented by her distinction as a National Nutrition Mission Fellowship recipient in 2018, showcasing her commitment to both management and societal well-being. Currently serving as Head of Business Dev-elopment, Sowbhagya has been engaged in diverse projects within the Banking Industry, specifically in Institutional Business. Her focus spans across Government Entities, TASC (Education, Healthcare, Trust, and Religious institutions), and the Co-operative Segment. She possesses comprehensive knowledge of Digital Transaction Banking Products and SaaS-based software solutions tailored to these segments.

As a Lean Six Sigma Certified Professional, Sowbhagya brings a disciplined approach to her work, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Proficient in data visualization tools like Tableau, she excels in transforming complex data into actionable insights. Her mastery extends to advanced Excel and PowerPoint presentations, showcasing her ability to communicate complex information in a clear and compelling manner. Sowbhagya’s skill set encompasses Stakeholder Management, Team Management, Consultancy, Campaign Management, Change Management, and Customer Relationship Management. Her proactive approach, combined with a can-do attitude, allows her to embrace challenges with energy and enthusiasm. Sowbhagya’s ability to consistently deliver results reflects her commitment to excellence in every facet of her professional endeavors. Self-motivated and adaptable to fast-paced environments, Sowbhagya possesses the capacity to excel in dynamic settings. Her adept management of competing priorities, coupled with her resilience in the face of challenges, underscores her as a valuable asset capable of navigating and thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of her industry.