Food & Retail Business Automation Solution

Helping you Expand, automate, optimize, and grow your food business operations with white label food app solutions


Helping You Expand, Automate, Optimize, And Grow Your Food Business Operations With White Label Food App Solutions

Launch Your own food ordering

We present on-demand, cutting-edge technology

for global startups to build their own apps and

aggregator platforms

Connect your restaurants and
food joints to customers online

Track your orders in real-time, optimize

operations and offer superior food ordering

experience to your customers

Simplify order and delivery

We deliver white label food app solutions

for corporate enterprises and governments to meet

food deliver and transportation needs

Interested, invested, and involved in your success

End-to-end food app development solutions for well-established

businesses and startups in the food industry, with a few key advantages

White Label & Customizable

We present to you completely white label

food app solutions for your food business along with a

logo, branding, and an option for customizing features and


Pre-Built Solution

A ready-to-deploy food ordering solution

for a faster time to market process and for saving valuable

time and money

On-Premise Deployment

Our solution is deployed on your private servers to give

your business complete control over all the valuable user

data that will be generated

Domain Expertise

Take advantage of our expertise that is generated by

successfully developing food app solutions till date in the

on-demand food app development domain

Global Solution

We offer you multi-language and multi-currency

support which ensures that the food app solutions

can work in many countries across the globe

Accept Payments Anywhere

We offer out of the box support for popular payment

gateways and easy addition of new ones according

according to the needs of your business

-Intuitive User Experience

Our thoughtfully designed app and web interfaces offer

an amazing user experience to all the stakeholders.

Robust and Scalable

Our cutting-edge tech supports more than 50000

orders per day in the base solution with an option to

upgrade capacity as per your needs

End-to-End Support

Our food app developer team offer end-to-end support

and ensures seamless deployment and launch

Full Feature List

Our base app solution comes with a ton of convenient features for customers, delivery personnel, admins, and food dispatchers

They come with an option to add advanced features, integrations, and customizations according to your business needs

Customer Profile

A section dedicated for customers to add and manage their account details easily

Mobile Number Verification

Easy authentication of the mobile numbers of app users with OTP verification flow

Order Now

Instant food ordering in a few simple steps

Schedule Your Order

Customers can schedule a food delivery for a future date and time

Accurate Order Tracking

App users receive real-time ETA updates on a map for a better ordering experience

Cost Estimates

Upfront cost calculations based on the delivery charges are provided

Multiple Payment Options

Secure in-app payments using one of many payment choices

Notification Alerts

Timely order related updates via push notifications, SMS, and email

Promo Codes

Customers can easily apply applicable discount codes and coupons when ordering a meal

Referral Rewards

Unique referral codes for each app user to share with others for rewards and credits

Cancel Order

Easy order cancellations with applicable charges based on the delivery policies

Product & Price Review

Post-order prompts for customers to rate and review their ordering experience

Ordering History

A section dedicated for customers to view all past and previously scheduled orders

Favorite Food & Location

Customers can save frequently ordered food items and delivery locations for faster ordering

Multiple Location Shipping

Customers can request a food order to be delivered to various different locations

Book For Others

An option to order a meal for others that sends order details to them via SMS

Help & Support

In-app FAQ and contact support section for faster query resolution