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Product Vision

Pratham Foods aims to provide their customer with the ghee that is 100% pure and made with a lot of care. They are working tirelessly to offer the Pune city with the best quality and help them have an easy access to the goodness of original Ghee.

Designing Services

Brand Development and Management

Built responsive, user-friendly and high-performance website designs

UX Design

Content Management

Our Client and their challenge

What is Pratham Foods ?

The concept of Pratham Foods revolves around the goal to remain one of the prime manufacturers and supplier of the wide assortment of Ghee, that includes Cow Ghee and Buffalo Ghee. It proves the high-standard ghee with assured purity. Now people can keep aside their worries to find pure ghee in the market and completely rely on Pratham Foods. It allows you to get access to the Ghee within just a few clicks from the comfort zone of your home too.

About Pratham Foods

Pratham foods are established and owned by Mr. Swapnil Tithe who holds the degree of Graduation in BCS and an MBA in (E-Business). He holds an immense experience of working of a reputed IT company for good 12 years. His zeal for business brought him closer to start something of his own and that is when the idea of manufacturing the high-standard ghee struck him. The idea behind Pratham Foods is to constantly offer the ghee that is not just elite in taste but is 100% pure. The purity of ghee is the reason why he chose the Sanskrit name Satva. The dreams and aspirations of Pratham Foods is supported by his wife Mrs. Swapna Tithe, who looks after the finance and administration of the firm. Pratham food aims to supply the pure ghee in each corner of the city and help people to consume nothing but the best.

Client Challenges

Being a startup Pratham foods struggled to make its place in the commercial market. Even though it offered the best of quality, not many people knew about it and this started impacting the firm's revenues. The firm lacked the well-framed portal that would, either way, give its complete idea to the customers approaching it. Therefore they had no source to let the people know about their unique concept. The lack of proper business solutions to handle clientele dipped the positive impact it was making on people.

Lack of awareness about

The existence of online platform for the purest ghee

The ease would induce in the lives of the people

"Our biggest challenge was to implement the solution that will make it futuristically advanced and still be compatible with the present time"

Business Areas Where We Worked!

Marketing Consultancy/ Business Automation

We helped our client in the following areas: Strategy Design as per market demand, brand building, awareness, and market efficiency.

For Marketing Strategy Development

Recognizing Opportunity

Clients expectations in the new market

Conceptualization of testing and development

Digital Marketing

Brand Development

Business Automation

E-commerce portal development

Billing and Invoicing ERP

Marketing Challenges

Since it was just the beginning for the Pratham Foods, it was not in the focus of the commercial market. In spite of all the positive factors it carried, it was lacking the recognization in the food industry. Its promotion was just through friends and relatives and nothing more. It desperately needed to reach to the potential clients to mark its foot imprints in the field. They were highly low on the sources that would help them to get into the limelight and this impacted badly on their brand value. The firm faced further consequences when it failed to target the correct audience. It also faced many unsuccessful attempts to attract new customers.

Reaching to the right Clientele

Consumer Insight to online ordering of meat product

Consumer's acceptability to online ordering of meat product

Brand Development




Customer Engagement


Building Brand With consumer insights

To confirm the pitfalls Pratham Foods had interacted with consumers and influencers

Food Industry Professions

Health Enthusiasts

Nutritionist and Dietician

Home Makers

Through the numerous discussion sessions that involved one-on-one session and also a group we attentively interacted with the consumers.

Through the interactions, our team found the insights that resonated with the target audience.

The insight proved that people must be more careful about choosing their food

Sticking to this insight our team generated solution that would redefine the brand.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Conversion rate acquisition

Google Advertising

Multi-Lingual Search Marketing

Paid Search

SEO Audit

In order to make Pratham foods understand our strategies, our team constantly informed them about our methodology and techniques and also asked if they wish for any alterations. This helped us to build appropriate solutions.

"we're very excited about the launch of the new website

and the benefits of its easily accessible

expert information for the wider consumer market."

Technical & Operational Challenges

Engineering a complete product to aim for a high growth.

They needed a complete portal that is fully responsive, user-friendly and appealing. Therefore a portal was highly required.

Had no proper billing and invoicing. This affected the finances.

Had no solution for customer data management.

The solution for minimum investment on resources.

Technical Solution

Portal Development with ultra-modern tools

Insight and analysis tools

Marketing Insight

Social Media Insight

Invoice & Billing System

Content management system

Key Results

Market expansion

Improvised Product

Could focus exclusively on business growth

500% growth in the new client's acquisition

Gained Loyal customers

Fewer obstacles

Smooth functionality of the management

Significant Cost Reduction

Operational costs got reduced due to effective use of data solution by 75%

The solution improved the marketing strategies and client responses.

Optimization of revenue realization

Real-time inventory reports brought transparency

Optimised Inventory utilization in serving the maximum number of ads

Working Together

Team members constantly interacted amongst each other through Skype, Webex, Emails, and phone. Our operational team is also part of the executive teams to get the complete view of customers demand, and align well with their requirements. This ensures that the team has a complete understanding of the necessities of the end-users. Team members also directly interacted with the implementation team of Pratham Foods. This saved the time spent in creating detailed product specifications.

Managing Product Complexity

The hike in customers demanded the increased number of product enhancements. It was intensely required to deliver a well-functioned, thoroughly tested product to the client with the complete unit of their requirements in the due time. With the constant teamwork, we built the complete framework of the product on the latest framework. This transformation of the testing technique from manual to automated the product grew more reliable. With the help of knowledge gathered by both the teams, many hosts of new features were added to make the product robust and compatible.

A successful Solution

With the constant hard work of our team, our inspired minds and our integrity we successfully delivered the elite and well-versed solution to Pratham Foods and contributed in their revolutionizing success.