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Product Vision

We strive to be a world leader in fashion-knit and fashion article of clothing by empowering innovation and style to produce total client satisfaction.

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Our Client and their challenge

What is Semessta?

Semessta is an online shopping portal, made with unique features like user-friendliness, easy payment gateway and product display, modern touch to make every customer’s shopping experience worth-the-buy.

Background Semessta Fashion

The project was time-honored in the year 2018 for a client who aimed to provide an online shopping medium for people from across the globe. With a capable and hands-on experience for similar companies, the client knew how competitive the field is.

Semessta now competes with multiple brands that were launched before.

Client Challenges

Our client aimed to provide the products across the globe with the same viewing competence, alternative payment methods, and overseas delivery.

In the time period where bigger e-commerce portals are in fame, the client needed the world and the nation to know how his shopping portal stands exclusive in part of quality, speed, and trust.

The client needed a website that people can trust and can acquire a position in their heart, before and after shopping both.

As an experienced individual, he expected us to make his website flexible so that customers can effective spend time on shopping.


Design: Semessta has a design that attracts customers to view, buy and share their experience through mouth-word and digital communication.

The website has a great amount of organic searches that are obtained through spread of mouth-word and people’s digital communication with each other. This was an observation via feedback section and the conversion rate.

Customers are able to pay for their chosen product through payment alternatives/ modes.

The website displays exact product as customers will receive.

In the event of product cancellation from the client’s side, the customer will be given refund in just 48 hours. The back-end office systems have great deal here.

The Client

Global Info cloud and the team have given their best to website creation for Semessta. From audience engagement to rapid increase of sell, their success story has brought us happiness and a feeling of satisfaction.


Noting down all the requirements, Global Info cloud Pvt Ltd. gave a creative thought and utter importance to the newest designs to make each and every product reachable and re-reachable.

Going step-by-step, we first theorized and then designed a basic structure. A website that would make it easy for buyers to search and visit the exact product they desire to buy, we introduced a framework which can handle theimmense product catalogs.

Semessta gives a high-class shopping experience to all the viewers as well as the buyers.

The vendors get to access the control board to manage the portfolio of new products and to adjust the display.

We incorporated the back-office systems in order to run a smooth business of communication between the business team and the customers for product dispatching, shipment, and delivery.

Every catalog and product of every catalog can be modified anytime according to their distinctive equalities as desired.

The website consists of categories of clothes to minimize customer’s efforts and to land them exactly on the product they wish to view.

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