Business Automation in Hotel Booking

Business Automation in Hotel Booking

The evolution of the hotel industry has been immense just like any other industry. The growth of the digitalization and business automation in hotel booking has made it convenient for the customers, business managers and owners to manage the workflow of the business efficiently. The ERP is management system is intentionally designed to use as an entity that is multi-optional, user-friendly and adaptable and would be able to manage all aspects of the business. All the micro and macro operations of the business could be tackled in a clear, faster and effective way with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning software.

ERP system dates way back in 90’s, but at that time there were only a few industries and businesses using it. ERP is one of the greatest tools enhancing the use of business automation in hotel booking. The hospitality industry, particularly the hotels have adapted the ERP systems recently. With the rapid growth in the field of technology, customers prefer pre-booking their stays to avoid the obvious inconvenience. Therefore hotels need to have the booking softwares if they wish to flourish their business and attract new clients. But, using two different softwares for the business management does not sound cost and time effective. This made ERP the best option for the hospitality industry to utilize since it allows integration of information, provides consistency and offers the precise information regarding all the platforms. The crucial role that an ERP plays is, it allows hotels to streamline different tasks and bookings that eventually lead to the increase in the pace of goal efficiency and enhance the consumer management.

The advantage ERP allows to its hotel business is that it eliminates the need for two softwares for the different tasks and everything can run through a single server application. The online booking system gives the liability to the management team of the hotels to outline their functionality throughout right from the accounting to the chain management that too by using a single server. It concludes that ERP is mandatory for the hotels to stay visible and alluring in the market and for the customers to book their stay easily. The process is extremely time and cost efficient as the data entered by customer reaches the managers within minutes of time.

ERP enables the online management systems that empower the hotels to create the new sales channels, grow their online presence, provoke their rate of occupancy and increase their revenue. Since the system runs on the single server it allows the management to learn the needs of the guests and also track them. It is not just limited to the guests but the staff is also tracked. This helps the management to allocate the tasks on the system.

The linking of the website, social media pages, and management software has increased the effectiveness of the hospitality industry by three times. Also, the third party booking agencies are connected to the software. This helps the management to align and synchronize the available rooms, inventory, and charges on all mediums that could be used for the booking. The integrated SMS, mail or text notification system links all the departments within. It also allows a quick response to the complaints and requests, resulting in the improvisation in the hotel service. ERP definitely proves as a game changer for the business automation in hotel booking.

Let us see the special benefits this software provides

  • Built-in guest history

Retention of the customer is extremely important for the success of any hotel business. ERP permits you to save, edit, manage and analyze the customer data. By keeping the track of the types of the guests that visit your hotel, their likes, dislikes, preferences, concerns, and comments will ease your way to serve them better. In addition to this, your data is extremely secure and remotely accessible as it is stored in the cloud.

  • Boosted efficiency

The availability of the room, check-ins, check-outs, traffic calculations, etc. can be viewed in real-time to assist you in running the business smoothly. Duplicate booking could be easily avoided with the help of centralized system by monitoring the guest bookings along with checks in place preventing double booking for the same room.

  • Enhanced Supervision

ERP help you supervise all the activities and processes through the centralized system to make sure seamless operations in your hotel.

  • Flexibility

ERP’s have readymade business modules that deal with the finance, HR, and inventory. This simplifies the work of the manager. Most of the solutions can be customized as per the business requirements. We can say that these tools and their features have empowered the business automation in hotel booking.

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