Sales CRM Solution

Enabling you to expand, automate, optimize and grow your business operations with a white label Sales CRM solution.


While CRMs are meant to be user friendly and come with a great interface, their features are of prominence as well. A step-by-step detailed approach makes your CRM up to the mark. Below are some features that make the CRM worth it!

Personalised Touch

Our CRMs are designed in a way where in a user gets a personalised touch which makes daily usage easier. With information managed and updated on an individual level and the user being addressed by his/her name gives a good experience.


For organizations who love it to keep clean and updated, projects section is definitely one’s favourite. With a list of projects displayed, you also get to understand the participants and the work order. Work order plays an important role when there are numerous projects handled by multiple participants.


For all the enthusiastic teams out there, we leave you uncompromised with almost everything! Support section ensures your work flow is not affected due to any kind of glitches. Any participant, if gets into technical glitches, may go ahead and raise their ticket. This is notified to the concerned team members helping them solve the issue.

That Extra to Stay Updated !

What if we told you, you can now keep all your employees updated with the trends of the relative industry/product? With the right information that makes a difference, the CRM not only aims to focus on getting the work done but also gives informational returns. A dedicated section for adding to knowledge-based content, media or any other form makes it a versatile application!


Our thoughtful placements of items and tasks are one in all clustered systematically under the dashboard section. The user, in one look can have a complete status of the work/task or a project that is ON or completed.


While discipline makes everything possible, we aim at making discipline simpler. With a facility where in your task list is made available to all the project members, it becomes easier for the member to manage the task with regards to completion. Project management being the game changer, task management definitely is a support.


Well, increasing customers is something every organization wishes to witness. With the leads section active, it becomes easier for the sales/marketing department to get on to new leads and convert them into customers. In the leads section one can fill in the details of the lead, his product niche, requirements and assigned participant who would be working on the conversions. After having assigned, this is also notified to the participant.

A Section That Gets You Quicker Then The Quickest

A calendar listed with the activities allotted to you makes you get onto your activities without missing on anything. Day-to-day and on an individual level work flow becomes easier and hassle-free with some basic utilities placed in your CRM. This can be amended or modified as per the organization’s choices depending upon what and how they would want their delivery style to be.

Sign invoices quickly

Efficiently develop innovative electronic invoices or upload existing documents to create customizable invoice templates in seconds. From receiving a purchase order to issuing your next invoice number in real-time.

Recurring Invoicing

For every week, month, year, and perhaps for recurring schedules, the Recurring invoicing feature can be used to generate a scheduled recurring invoice. This functionality is useful for monthly activities, yearly contracts, or other repetitive accounts.

Admin Panel

Includes Content Management & Time to time edit premium management facilities. Easily Edit and delete member profiles. Manage passwords & give Membership approvals. You can Manage user documentation and get on-time support.

Plan & Organize Proposals

Create successful sales orders from any proposal. It includes a proposal status feature stating open, closed, or accepted. Create Proposal templates with important details such as pricing, salesperson, dates, job, freight, and other details including the sales order.

Contract Management

Experience the ease of storing every contract online, accessible anytime, anywhere, with a complete historical overview. Our online CRM enables you to immediately access your contracts including their details, making sales executions significantly easier.

No lead leakage

Automatically capture leads from all your networks, handle them smartly & delegate them to the right teams. Ensures zero lead leakage and low wasted opportunities.

Quick turnaround

Prompt Responses give Better conversions. Automate lead qualification, prioritization, and delivery based on advanced lead & agent attributes pertaining to appropriate individuals & teams.

Customer Support & Assistance

Our team provides you with world-class 24/7 customer service. We ensure through our ardent efforts that customers receive help and can reach us from anywhere and at any time.

Benefits of Sales CRM

If you are looking for a way to properly organize and significantly improve your sales team, then what you require is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. CRM software is aimed to support enterprises manage and optimize their sales operations by making it easy for members of the sales team to handle, monitor and organize various prospects and clients. Let’s take a look at some of the CRM benefits that are distinctive.

Streamline Performance of Revenue

CRM makes it easier for you to streamline business activities and automate daily tasks, saving you time and resources.CRM helps the sales team throughout the whole sales cycle, from scheduling meetings and follow-up reminders to drafting emails and generating quotes. This frees up valuable and makes your company focus on more important activities like business growth & expansion. In addition to attracting potential clients, it also provides the workers with the resources they need to establish good relationships with consumers.

Improved Customer Service

With plenty of customer data at your fingertips (order history, activity, interests, feedback, etc.), CRM leaves no stone unturned to please your customers. You can be effectively trained to respond sooner and more easily as challenges or concerns arise. You may now be able to predict the customers’ expectations more, such as whether they are waiting for another order or new products they may be interested in.

360 Degree View

The CRM provides you with a complete view of your client. It is structured to provide accurate sales, marketing, and customer service information to the organization, ensuring that all departments are synchronized and coordinated. In addition to consumer characteristics and desires, CRM helps you to make the most of any customer interaction and to produce data-driven decisions based on real-time, up-to-date knowledge with a comprehensive history of marketing, sales, and support efforts.

Enhanced Internal Communication

CRM helps different departments to operate as a team within an organization and also facilitates collaboration between departments. A strong CRM framework helps workers in advertising, marketing, service, shipping, logistics, IT, and finance to see what point a prospect or client is at and what activities need to be done in a given time frame.

Build Long-term Relationships

Building partnerships is at the core of a powerful CRM solution from a management perspective. Whether you manage a department of sales, promotion, or customer support, the system touches on all aspects of a corporate relationship with the customer and/or prospect. As one department contributes information about a particular contact to the centralized database, the update will be instantly reflected in the system in real-time. This centralization gives managers the power to maintain reliable and up-to-date information.

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