Online Exam Solution

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Online Exam Solution

Conducting an examination can be a challenging task! There could be a multitude of things that need to be managed single-handedly. The best way to make the exam process more efficient, speedy, and accurate would be to invest in a professional Online exam management system.

Admin panel

Authenticated entry from every modern browser to the web-based Admin/Management Panel. Admin has authority to managing every thing inside the system like batch management, student management, test series with section management, and question bank management. To conduct an online examination in any institute, the admin can conveniently leverage these tools. Get quick, succinct, and accurate performance and operations statistics.

Reports and Analytics

Get customized reports and analytics pertaining to the student’s performance, whether they are heading towards progress or not. Also, screen and schedule proper examination timings and optimize operational time management. Precise & Accurate reports can forge success into your educational institute.

Assessment Delivery

This feature is essential for both the teachers & students. Students can learn apt time management with well-executed and planned deliveries of their exams and assessments while teachers can monitor their performances and keep a record of their deliveries.

Accessibility & Ease-of-use

Our interactive online examination system lets you gain access to it anytime, anywhere, on any smart device. It is a quick enrolment process that is simple to utilize equipped with the finest user-friendly interface. Students & Teachers can easily get acquainted with its unique features and work with convenience.

Results in a click!

The students can get the results as soon as the exam is conducted & concluded. Quick & apt results can potentially create a path for students to work on themselves and progress effectively.

Scalable & Customizable

Regardless of how huge the student volume is, we strive to meet all your educational specifications. We also believe in ensuring that you get a customized solution that drives efficiency creates a coherent flow of examination conducted online.

Benefits of using an Online Exam Software in today’s time!

Safe Exam Process

Using an online examination software aids the teachers with convenience & flexibility in setting the questions. It also prevents students from cheating during the exam as there is minimal human interference in the exam process.

Fast Result Processing

While using an online exam software to conduct an online test, you can check the answers as soon as the test has been conducted. Results can be accessed at the convenience of the students & teachers.

Easy to Access

The traditional way of conducting an exam involves various intricate processes like, student registration, roll number generation, invigilation, checking of answer scripts, etc. In contrast with this, online exam software simplifies the cumbersome process making all the students appear for the exam from any corner of the world without the hassle to travel & hunt for the exam centers. Anyone with a stable internet connection can appear for the online exams.

Different Types of Questions Supported

You can set a mixed bag of questions. You can opt from MCQ type questions or subjective type questions that are already present on the platform. Or, you can also set your questions for the online exam. These questions can range from charts, figures, diagrams, tables, equations, code, short notes, among others.

Reduced Cost of Examination

Online exams are way more affordable than traditional pen and paper exams. The online exam software makes the test process cheaper and more feasible than the conventional pen and paper exams.

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