Five Crucial Elements to Consider When Choosing an ERP System for the Corrugated Industry

Five Crucial Points to consider When Choosing an ERP System for the Corrugated Industry

Success in the corrugated business is highly dependent on efficiency, precision, and adaptability because of its dynamic and complicated landscape. Choosing the appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system becomes essential for businesses that want to stay competitive and streamline their operations. This blog will explore five crucial factors that corrugated manufacturers should know about when selecting an ERP system that meets their requirements.

Functionality Unique to the Corrugated Business

Corrugator operation, converting, and packing are just a few of the unique manufacturing processes that make up the highly specialized ecosystem in which the corrugated business operates. To properly handle these nuances, it is imperative to select an ERP system that provides industry-specific features. Seek for characteristics specific to the corrugated manufacturing process, such as die management, roll tracking, production scheduling, and quality control. Global Infocloud Pvt Ltd (GIC) in Pune offers an efficient ERP system that effectively caters to the needs of the corrugated industry.

Integration Capabilities

Optimizing operational efficiency and data accuracy requires seamless interaction with current systems and equipment. Software programs like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and warehouse management systems should be able to integrate with an ERP system. It should also allow interaction with production equipment like corrugators, printers, and die-cutters to facilitate automation and real-time data interchange.

Customization and Scalability

Every corrugated producer has different needs and processes that could change over time. Thus, when choosing an ERP system, scalability and flexibility are essential factors to take into account. Select an ERP solution from GIC that lets you modify the system to fit your unique requirements without sacrificing functionality. Furthermore, our ERP system can grow with your company, easily add new facilities, expand product lines, and increase production volumes.

Real-Time Visibility and Analytics

Decision-making in a fast-paced business such as corrugated manufacturing requires real-time visibility into operations and actionable insights. Comprehensive dashboards and analytics tools with insights into production efficiency, inventory levels, order status, and key performance indicators (KPIs) should be included in an ERP system. Our ERP system enables you to have access to real-time data. It allows you to spot bottlenecks, streamline manufacturing procedures and react quickly to shifting market demands.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Following industry regulations and standards, including ISO certifications and food safety requirements, is essential in the corrugated business. It is consequently essential to choose an ERP system that makes regulatory reporting and compliance management easier. Look for features like traceability, audit trails, and lot tracking to ensure that legal obligations and quality standards are fulfilled. Additionally, make sure the ERP system provider—like GIC—maintains and updates the system following regulatory changes.


A strategic choice that can have a big impact on corrugated manufacturers’ competitiveness, efficiency, and agility is choosing the appropriate ERP system. You can make an informed decision that supports your business goals and puts you in a successful position in the ever-changing corrugated industry landscape by taking into account the above-mentioned factors.

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