Nidhi Jalan

Founder & Managing Director

Nidhi Jalan, an accomplished Architect by profession, stands out for her exceptional design acumen and expertise in managing diverse building projects. A graduate of Pune University in Architecture, she possesses a unique strength rooted in her profound understanding of science, infusing dynamics into her designs.With a robust portfolio, Nidhi has designed, developed, and managed numerous buildings,
showcasing her versatility and creative prowess. Her innate ability to blend architectural principles with a deep understanding of science sets her apart in the field. She has actively contributed to over 100 building projects, collaborating closely with her team to bring innovative and dynamic designs to life.

In addition to her role in architecture, Nidhi serves as the Co-founder and Executive Director of Global Infocloud, where she spearheads the design studio. Her scope of work spans from building design to branding design, showcasing her multifaceted talents. Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, Nidhi efficiently manages operations, ensuring that the design studio operates with precision and creativity. Under her guidance, Global Infocloud has achieved significant milestones, reaching new scales of success. Nidhi’s strategic leadership and dedication to operational efficiency have played a pivotal role in the company’s growth. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the seamless integration of architectural and design principles, contributing to the overall success of the projects undertaken by the company. In essence, Nidhi Jalan emerges as a dynamic Architect and Executive Director, seamlessly blending the worlds of architecture and design at both the individual project and organizational levels. Her unique combination of architectural expertise, scientific knowledge, and operational efficiency propels her and her team to new heights of success in the ever-evolving design landscape.