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Big Property Info

Product Vision

Big Property Info intends to provide the elite investing consultancy to their clients. To supply the quick services to the clients in need of property on lease/rent on the required locations.

Designing Services

Logo Design

Brand Identity Design

Digital Designing

Our Client and their challenge

What is Big Property Info?

Big Property Info is an organization that guides you to make smart investments by consulting you thoroughly in your real estate needs. It excels in providing a quality and quick service to the technically versed team.

About Big Property Info

Established in 2009, Big Property Info serves as a leading investment consultant in the real estate industry. The company since then has emerged as one of the most influential firms in the field. It avails the complete information regarding various properties available for renting, sale, and buying. Till date, the firm has successfully sold more than 500 properties and has placed over 5000 properties on rent/lease.

The organization works with complete transparency in every aspect that helps clients to understand complete procedure clearly. The mission of Big Property Info is to offer all clients options that are superlative in the field and make the deals worth investments.

Client Challenges

Even though Big Property Info had an immense industrial experience, the work done was not being presented to the potential clients in an efficient way. The firm approached us to associate with them to develop a website. We learned in brief about the organization and interacted with the team that outlines the flow of the business, the statistics behind the existing website and their goals.

This left us with the challenges to generate a new color scheme, and design and wireframe each template of the new website before starting the development. Our team engineered the front-end and the back end of the new website. By working together we got it all working and launched.

"Our biggest challenge was to Implement a solution that will keep it future ready and still relevant in the existing market.

Zones we worked on for Big Property Info

We helped our clients develop in the following zones:

Implementation of the automation in the management sector

Developed different methods to exceed the client's coordination

Built modern strategies as per the time insight

Boosted the working mechanism

IT Business Automation

Portal Designing and Development

Technical Solution

Well-developed portal with integrated technology and advanced insights tools.

Insight and Analysis Tool

Market Insight


The main purpose of the new website was to enhance and design the user experience to make the performance of the website smooth and enjoyable, to hike the conversion rate of the current websites and to convert more visitors into customers. The graphics that were chosen for the website reflect both the objectives and ethos of Big Property.

After placing a well-framed color palette, we mapped out the key features, positioned and aligned each template of the new website. Following the amendments, we produced a complete set of visuals for these templates. At every stage, these visuals were circulated through in-house backend team to ensure if everything was possible with the system.

Designed and developed the solution through consumer insight

Found out the pitfalls through user interaction

Analyzed market demand

Found the zones that would inspire improvement

Analyzed different point of views

Strategy designing to justify the concept of Big Property Info

Feature Details of Portal

An Interactive & highly Personalized Portal

Densely Informative

User Friendly

Matching Universal Standard

User can generate content through blogs

Technology Used



Because it has built in functionality and securitys

Everything gets auto-detect and needs zero-configuration

Programming language


Offers stability, flexibility, and speed enhancing the performance

To improve the scalability



For the better performance

Highly adjustable therefore easy to make favorable changes

Useful and extensive documentation

Additional Technology




All India:Properties and Agents present all over India

You can view the properties available

Information about the availability of the under construction properties

Information about the availability of ready to move homes

Find the properties as per the required bedroom numbers, ranging from 1 to 5.

Choose the amenities prior to your needs and then search

View who posted the ad owner, agent or builder

You can choose your options according to your furnishing needs.

Provided by the list of properties that are the result of your combinational requirements.

The banners of the properties direct you on the page detailing a complete synopsis of it

It will lead you on the website of the property developer, where you can view

< The address of the property

The range of the area



Number of Bedrooms

View the 2D plan of the home

Available amenities

Pune: Properties and agents present all over Pune

View the listings of the properties available

View the lists of the agents available

Get the details of the agents such as contact details and the locality he works for.

Listings of the Houses at an affordable prices

Listings of the houses that are EMI-free till possession

View the houses with the ready possession Property

Display picture of a property

With the name of the certified agents

Regional details of the property

Area details of the property

Reach easily to the contact agent by clicking and submitting the details on the form

A click on any property will give you a wide description of the property

List of amenities the property holds

Details regarding localities

Relevant agent and his contact details

Set alert form for your updates

The agent's button will lead you to the agent's list with their contact details

Post a property add for free

Free registration

Allows you to post a property add for free

Register to log in your account and post your property add

Opportunity to expose your property to a large audience

This allows you to add information like

Display picture of the property

List of properties for rent and sale

Receive instant query over phone and SMS

Get ease of access by setting property alerts

Attract genuine clients



Paid advertising for individuals

Information about the basic listings

Click “buy now” to avail the package

The click will permit you to proceed with payments

Agents and Consultants

Choose agents and know about the expenses involved

Click on proceed button to buy one


Densely informative listings of the new projects

Provides you link to the builder's search results

Special Profile Display Page

Know about the featured builder display service

Information about high impact combo

The button will take you to the “get a callback form”

Fill in the details and submit


Guidance from Industry experts

Offers a feature of loan calculator for your convenience

Fill in the asked details and calculatee

Provides a detailed chart of your understanding

Pie-chart is present for a quick synopsis

To help you buy, a buying guide is provided

Customer Service

Sorted and separated contact details to make your selection easy

Allows you the comfort of creating multiple accounts with same details

The details used for deactivated accounts can be used to create new accounts

You can deactivate the account

Easy reset or review of password

Features of registrations

Check the user registration

Ease option to post/delete and refresh property

You can post requirements or alerts

Post photographs/ picturest

Check out the responses

Easy search of properties on the big property

On the bar below you can find the quick links to the properties like

The ones up for the sale

The ones for the rent

The ones for the buying

To advertise

Direct links to search as per the location in India

A page is dedicated to informing the clients about the User Information, Cookies, link to the third party sites, accessing and uploading the personal information and the information security.


You can create an account and sign in to perform your activities

Backend functionalities

The backend performs the task of accessing the data requested by the users through the web browser, merging and transforming it, and sending back the data in the processed form as per the requests.

The back-end we framed is the result of all the considerations it results by being available on demand and ever ready to react and respond to the user's request.

We used PHP platform that is not only easy to deploy but also allows creating dynamically built pages quickly. Its modern framework helps to stay competitive

We integrated the payment gateway to authorize the payment transactions through credit card, debit card, and net banking

Also integrated the SMS gateway to provide an easy, flexible and efficient way to integrate with the website. It facilitates auto-generated SMS’s or text messages that are delivered to the intended recipients.


The dashboard control panel displays the number of :

Properties present

Registered users

Categories of the registered users like if they are agents, owners or builders

The website visitors


Provide you the property listings

With the property names

It's availability for Property or sale

The property type i.e if it is a bungalow, multistorey apartment or bungalow.

The property source i.e if it an agent, owner or builder.

It's status of approval

Allowed to perform the action on this

Action functionality helps you to add or delete the property

Through search bar, you can directly search the property with the name hence saving time.

Users Listings

You can view the name of the registered users

The panel displays the contact details like contact number and email

The type of user the registered person is

Time of the registration

The verification status of the registered users

Action functionality allows the admin to add and delete the property

Key Results

Enhanced Solution

Great Market Exposure

Improved system performance

Working Together

Every development stage proceeded only after thorough communication amongst the team member through various communication modes. The participation of operation team in the management meetings ensured the coverage of all requirements of the end users.

Managing Complexity

More customers mean an increase in the number of products. The firm required a well-coded and thoroughly tested solution to the clients with all completed requirements before the given deadlines. Successful generated the entire framework of the product on the latest framework to make it more user-friendly and browser independent.

A Successful Solution

We delivered a complete set of well-integrated frontend templates and backend framework. We also made amendments to level up where required to ensure the easy integration. The company experienced the ease in monitoring the processes. The work process of the website is smoother and more transparent now.