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What Exactly B2B Content Marketing Is And How To Write It?

B2B content marketing is the word we all have heard many of the times, but our knowledge on this concept stay restricted. B2B content marketing is nothing but a way of business to business marketing that majorly uses the curated, relevant and valuable content to attract the companies and the wholesale buyers.

Bill Gates once said ‘Content is the king’ and we are just about to explain to you why!

If we take a look at the history of advertising we will always find that the brands with the big names became big because they published themselves through valuable and meaningful content. May it be a simple tagline or some jingle the brand had.

But 2018 is the time where using only jingles and taglines would not make that impact. The time and competition demand more. And to provide this extra, Content Marketing is crucial.

Despite all these facts, the questions still rise ‘ What good the content could do to my business?’ How would the words really influence the purchasing decision of the companies? And even if it does how much would it be?

If all of these questions are rising in your mind then just keep reading because this article has every answer in store for you.

To give you a little close insight here are a few B2B content marketing statistics that you will want to pay attention to.

  • The most effective B2B content marketers say that about 28% of the total budget is allocated to the content marketing.
  • Over the years the marketers have witnessed the significant growth in the site traffic by 7-8 times higher with the help of B2B content marketing.
  • 44% of the content marketers say that their organizations have a clear idea about what kind of content proves right and successful for their business.

How to write it?

How to write the content and do the B2B content marketing is a vast concept, but to help you understand better we will list out some of the strategies you can practice to increase the effectiveness of your B2B content marketing.

The strategy to do your B2B content marketing must be different and advanced from that of B2C content marketing. You must take the efforts to look deep into the process of delivering precise content.

Analyze where you are currently

To understand what steps you need to take to make the B2B content marketing better you need to take a look at where you stand at the present point. While doing this ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a clear look at the buyer persona to be targeted?
  • Do you have the knowledge of how to reach that persona?
  • What is your present content?
  • How do that content affects that your targeted persona?
  • What channels are you using to distribute the content?
  • What your competition is creating?
  • How do you compare?

Find out where you are heading

Once you understand where you stand n the field it is extremely important to determine where you are heading and how to cover the created gap.

Things you need to do:

  • Have a clear idea about your business persona
  • Try to communicate them in the most efficient way
  • Reach your target through the new distribution level
  • Optimize your existing content
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Do best than your competitors

Short or long-tail keywords

The problem with the massive rise in the content field is because there is the scope of doing a lot. Which means you will have to struggle a lot ranking for the short-tail keywords like ‘logistics’

But the descriptive phrases like ‘logistics management and software case studies’ will get easily ranked due to their lack of competition. The only downfall of the long-tailed keyword is that their search volume is generally low. Therefore you need to select the keywords that find balance.

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