Would you handle your business sales or focus on marketing of your business?
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Would you handle your business sales or focus on marketing of your business?

Is having a brilliant product the first and only prerequisite to building a successful business? The response for most businesses is no. And why? Because producing revenues requires potential consumers to understand that a product exists, what it is doing, and why it’s greater than a competitor’s product. You may ask, as a business owner, “which is more important-marketing or sales?” Or “should I pour more capital into marketing or hire the smartest sales team?”

We will thoroughly break down the discrepancies in sales and marketing so that we can help you understand which strategy is better for the business.

● In selling, marketing plays a significant role.

It allows sales teams to identify and qualify leads and maintain contact during the sales cycle with prospects. While in most companies, sales and marketing exist in separate divisions, integration between the two will help to boost total revenue and profit efficiency.

● Sales are crucial because they are the bottom line.

Marketing is about getting acquainted with a commodity. Without promotion, you can not sell a commodity. Next comes marketing. Marketing is about recognizing the need or needs of a client. You will not market it if a consumer does not need or want it.

● Pull vs Push

The purpose of marketing is to draw people into the brand. Using appealing advertising, intelligent positioning, telling incredible stories, advertisers are looking for ways to create curiosity and response. Salespeople need to push until the slightest curiosity is still there. A sales job or by attitude turns persons into more outgoing, approaching, and even a little stubborn. This is why it can also be really hard to coordinate between ads and sales.

● Art vs Science

Some say marketing is craft and sales is mathematics, but we think the reverse is true. Marketing demands more and more expertise and consistency in analytics. Digital marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook advertising allow very reliable data tracking, which is why today’s marketers must be outstanding analysts. To detect patterns and assess performance, they spend much of their time working on Excel, Google Analytics, and CRM info. There is an innovative aspect of marketing, but competent artists, editors, and authors are outsourced to a lot of it. Also on the innovative side, real advertisers are using more and more data to make business decisions.

● Generating vs Converting

Marketing’s function in the cycle is to produce leads. This includes getting people to contact the company, asking for details, filling out a questionnaire, writing an email. The next steps of the loop are depending on the sales staff. Just ads will get you that fast. Sales must get these individuals who have sparked some curiosity in marketing through their initiative to act.


Marketing and Sales have always been in a debate of who might be more essential, who gets the recognition and contributes much more to the country’s success. Content is king, and it’s as important to present a vision as to sell the commodity itself. Consumers tend to be part of a group that is accepted within popular culture and on social media. Personalized and related material put out by ads is one of the easiest ways to integrate a vision into the branding. Global Infocloud provides the best IT solutions and curates marketing strategies based on your business structure and product line. Contact us for more information.