10 Ways to choose your Domain Name
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10 Ways to choose your Domain Name

A domain name identifies a network domain, it represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, it is attached with any services communicated via internet like personal computer used to access internet, a server computer hosting a website or the website itself.
Domain name is the name of a website unique to it which cannot be owned by anyone else. It is is purchased and registered online through various websites.

Selecting a possible domain name is as important as choosing a brand name, it should be unique, must define the nature of your website and must be easy to identify. It requires a lot of thought and consideration to think of an ideal domain name for your website.
Here in this blog we are enlisting 10 ways you can choose a perfect domain name for your business:

1. A Short Name

A complex and long domain name will risk your website to get lost while typing the spelling.
It’s a lot better if you have a small domain name which is easy to remember, and the possibility of a spelling mistake is less. This way you will not lose your potential viewers or customers.

2. Easy to Type

Having a complex spelling for your domain name is going to give you negative results. Using slangs or creative spellings for your domain name will land your viewers to a wrong website. For example, using ‘4’ instead of for or ‘instead of you. Keep your spellings clear and universal to type.

3. Defining Keywords

Keywords are important to be seen easily during an online search. Keeping a domain name similar to the type of service or business provided by you will make you reach the top of the list while somebody searches regarding your services. For instance, you can keep your domain name woodworks.com if you are a carpenter working with making of wooden panels.

4. Geographical Area’s influence.

Some businesses cater to alocal audience. The reach need no to be worldwide but, only in a particular state or city. You can add the geographical locations name in your domain name to make it easily searchable for local customers of that geographical area.

5. Do not use special characters of numbers

Using a special character like hyphen (-) or numbers can confuse a person and they will be unable to find your website. When somebody hears about a website name, they tend to forget the special characters and misunderstand a number to be written in spelling or a numeric. To avoid such confusions, it’s better to have a simple domain name. If you really need a number due to its identity in your business, you can register the other versions of the same domain name, so that they redirect it to your website only.

6. Rememberable

Domain names are registered from all over the world, so you can imagine how many of them are there online. So, having a catchy and quirky domain name is important. It should be easy to remember even if somebody read it only once. For testing if it can be easily memorized you can send them to your friends or collogues and test that if they can easily remember it for next time.

7. Research about the name

A domain name is going to be visible to everyone on the internet, so you don’t want to mess it up by naming it without a thorough research. Make sure your selected domain name isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or registered with some other company. It can land you in legal trouble and could cost you a hefty fine which will be a negative impact on your business.

8. Appropriate domain name extension

Extensions are suffixes which come after the domain name like .com.in or .org in your web address. The most widely used extension is .com, it may get difficult to get your desired domain name registered with it as a web address. However, you can go for many other suffixes which can define your business such as, .photography or .edu .

9. Protect your domain name

There can be various versions of your domain name like a misspelled version of the same name. Your competitors can register themselves with those names and swallow up your share of market. So, for protecting your website you can purchase the other versions as well so they will redirect to your website only even if somebody did a mistake while typing.

10. Be fast or Be Last.

Domain names are not a very expensive assets to hold. Thus, they are sold quickly across the web. If you don’t want your well researched and unique domain name to go away to someone else, you have to act really fast and purchase it in advance. Various websites online will help you in buying domain names and secure it for your use only.

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