15 Strategies to Increase Engagement on Facebook
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15 Strategies to Increase Engagement on Facebook!

Want to increase engagement on Facebook?

Here, we’ll talk about the 15 strategies that would help you to increase Facebook engagement. Global InfoCloud Pvt. Ltd, located in Pune, provides social media marketing services, and we have successfully used these strategies to help our clients to gain maximum Facebook engagement.

But before heading to the 15 great strategies, let’s understand the term engagement in relation to Facebook.

How do we interpret “engagement” on Facebook?

In social media marketing, engagement acts as a holy grail. It is an action that someone takes on your Facebook page or responds to your posts. It measures how often people who go through your post also interact with it.

Engagement differentiates successful social media strategies from failures. The most common ways are commenting, liking, and sharing. Other ways are saving, viewing a video, or clicking on a link.

Facebook engagement is essential if you’re utilizing it to promote your business or products or services as it helps to extend organic reach. It helps boost your News Feed placement as per the Facebook algorithm and indicates that your audience is engaged and wants to interact with your brand. And this is what, as a marketer, you want.

15 smart strategies to enhance Facebook engagement

  1. Know your audience

If you want to seek engagement, you must fulfil the wants and needs of your audience. So, in the very first place, you should understand, who could be your audience and eventually would be entertained or inspired by your post.

  1. Engage through teaching, entertaining, informing, or inspiring

Though your main aim is to promote yourself or your business, still don’t burden your audience with the sales pitch. They don’t get engaged with one. Make them smile or think or suggest ways to improve their lifestyle with some engaging content.

  1. Reveal your personality

Since you’re using social media, don’t ignore being ‘social’. Put as much of your personality as possible. Let your posts reflect your personality. Being on social media is not just understanding your audience, but your audience also knows you. In this way, you get connected to your audience and get maximum engagement.

  1. Be relatable

Share your posts that acknowledgethe real and relatable experiences. These may include sharing some behind the scene content, presenting some honest and vulnerable emotions, or sharing some funny memes. Let your posts be warm, even if you have to be a little raw. Thank your audience whenever you get a chance.

  1. Be simple and crisp

Your Facebook account is not for sharing your novel ideas, philosophies, or theories. It’s about sharing content that is simple, crisp, and sweet. It’s about keeping your audience engaged. But if your posts are long, complicated such as sharing something on existentialism, then your audience may lose interest and move forward. So without compromising quality, keep your posts simple and short.

  1. Make use of images

Visual content is quite effective in catching attention. As a social media marketing service provider, Global InfoCloud understands the impact of visuals and images. They instantly increase Facebook engagementand make your page look professional and desirable.

  1. Post engaging videos

Images are great but videos are superb. They have even higher engagement, especially Facebook live videos. So, strategically upload live videos every once in a while. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes native videos, hence, instead of sharing a link, you must directly upload your videos to the site.

  1. Incorporate call-to-action button

The call-to-action button has a great impact. It compels a person to go beyond liking, sharing, and/or commenting. It could ask you tobook an appointment, watch videos, install an app, contact, buy a product, etc. It’s a good measurement of engagement.

  1. Interact with your audience

It is one of the best and the easiest way to engage people with your posts. You can do this by asking questions, using fill-in-the-blank posts, or starting some trending conversation. Through these, you make your audience feel important. And for this reason, they share, open up their mind, and become attached to you. The questions can be as simple as ‘at what time do you get up?’ to anything else.

  1. Adore your followers

To engage your followers, make them feel, they are important. Don’t be in a rush to sell or promote your products or services. Neither should you treat your followers as nameless, faceless beings. It kills all the engagement. Show affection for your followers. You can do this by several methods. Check out a few of these:

  • Appreciate them by reposting their posts.
  • Respond to them.
  • If there are positive reviews; success or inspiring stories about your customers, post them.
  • And most importantly, call them by name.
  1. Stay active in the Facebook group

Create a Facebook group that could involve your fans and keep them engaged. The meaningful interaction in the group helps to create brand loyalty and increases engagement. Join other relevant Facebook groups as well. It helps you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders in your industry.

  1. Post frequently and at the right times

To stay in the market, you need to be a pro marketer. Be active on Facebook and keep the volume of your post higher. You can post a number of times per day, but one post a day is essential. In addition, post at the time when your audience is most likely to be online. Remember, if your posts are engaging, your followers wait for the new posts. Don’t disappoint them by being lethargic.

  1. Vary your content

We, human beings love variety. So, it’s natural to lose followers, if you don’t offer them variety. Don’t stick to one type of content. Engage your followers and keep them following you by providing them with varying content. You can do this by rotating through images, videos, memes, reviews, customer stories, etc.

  1. Automate everything

Since you have a busy schedule, you can’t spend hours just posting at several channels. Automation helps to free your time and utilize them somewhere else. It’s one of the best strategies as it saves your time, allows you to be consistent, and helps you to keep the social media fun instead of draining. Social media marketing services providers do it efficiently and help to improve your engagement on Facebook.

  1. Repackage your best posts

Don’t let go of the excitement of that amazing post easily. Some of your posts may resonate with your audience. Use them, to get the fantastic feeling again and again. Recycle or repackage your posts that go well with your audience. You can do this by posting the post as it is after a few days or months, or you can add something new to it or spin it, etc.


These are some of the best strategies that you could use to engage your fans and followers. By following these tips, you will improve.

But still, if you’re struggling to have engagement, there are social media marketing services providers who can help to boost your Facebook presence and increase your engagement.

Global InfoCloud Pvt Ltd of Pune is one of the best social media marketing services providers. We have over ten years of experience in this field and offer a wide range of services to our clients. So, if you’re looking for a social media services to increase your engagement on Facebook and other social media, contact us.