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Key differences between Boosted Post and Facebook Ads

Key differences between Boosted Post and Facebook Ads

Social media is now a great platform to reach your audience or fans; to market your business or yourself. It helps you to build the brand, increase your sale and drive website traffic. Yes, it’s a great platform! And you’re trying several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to post your content. But you are bewildered, you’re not getting enough organic reach relative to your time investment. In addition, you have a large number of followers who like your page but your content reaches only a few hundred at a time.

Thus, it’s clear. Maybe your content is terrific, it fails to be visible to a large audience, who could benefit from it. It’s all about complex social media algorithms. So, if you wish yourself to be known to a large audience, want your product or service reach to the nearest and the farthest place, be strategic and invest in the paid advertisement.

A large majority of people from diverse groups use Facebook to remain socially connected. You can avail the of social media marketing services to increase your visibility on Facebook. This platform offers you two types of paid advertising: Boosted Post and Facebook Ads. Read this curated blog to know what boosted posts and Facebook ads are to make an informed decision for which type would you like to go for marketing yourself and your business.

What are Boosted Post and Facebook Ads?

Boosted Post: A post that you created on your page’s timeline to reach the targeted audience of your choice and get it boosted. These boosted posts are visible to the people who may neither know you nor what you do.

To opt for this, you must be very clear who your targeted audience would be, the budget and for how long you would like your boost to run. The boosted post:

  • Helps you to reach more people.
  • Is relatively low-cost.
  • Is easily handled as it is managed directly from your timeline.

However, the boosted post has limitations.

  • This is visible to your audience as ads, and hence it becomes clear – you paid for it.
  • It does not offer you the freedom to customize your audience.

Social media marketing services help you to have your posts boosted if your tight schedule does not allow you or you do not want to get into the complications of social media marketing.

Facebook Ads: These are paid messages that are shown on Facebook. These help you to target a specific or broad demographic of your choice. These ads have several benefits:

  • These give you freedom for customization. It depends on you where you would like to place your ads. It allows you to identify and reach your ideal audience. It also gives you an option for creating ‘lookalike audiences’.
  • They help you to set your marketing strategy with your business goals. Provides you with several options such as store traffic, conversions, and lead generations.
  • The carousels on Facebook enable you to provide specific descriptions and a call-to-action button that motivates your audience to ahead to act.

However, the limitations are there with Facebook Ads also.

  • These ads pose complications. This requires you to have a greater idea of your target audience.
  • They are created from nothing as against the boosted posts that are created from your existing post on your page’s timeline.

Facebook ads have great potential to promote you or/and your business. But the complications in creating and handling those ads make it tough for many people to be benefitted through its marketing. Here, social media marketing services help you to optimize your experience.

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