GIC's cost-effective flexible ERP Software for the corrugated packing industry

GIC’s cost-effective flexible ERP Software for the corrugated packing industry

For the corrugated packaging industry, accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility are critical. Businesses in this industry are fast adopting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to streamline operations due to the complicated nature of managing production, inventory, and customer demands. The ERP software from Global Infocloud (GIC) is revolutionary because it provides an affordable, adaptable solution specifically designed to cater to the needs of the corrugated packaging sector.

Tailored for Corrugated Packing

GIC’s ERP software meets the complex needs of the corrugated packaging sector. It guarantees that the software blends invisibly with industry-specific procedures, offering a comprehensive solution that tackles issues with order fulfilment, inventory control, production scheduling, and other areas.

Cost-Effective Solution

The affordability of GIC’s ERP solution is one of its best qualities. Budgetary restrictions are a common obstacle for small and medium-sized businesses in the corrugated packaging sector when implementing new technology. GIC’s affordable ERP solution assists the corrugated industry without sacrificing usefulness. Because of its affordability, companies can adopt modern technology without going over budget.

Flexibility for Business Scalability

Variations in demand, seasonality and market dynamics define the corrugated packing industry. Because of its inherent flexibility, GIC’s ERP software gives companies the scalability to adjust to shifting market conditions. Our ERP for the corrugated industry enables growth and change to accommodate, regardless of whether a business is a start-up trying to get off the ground or an established enterprise looking to streamline operations.

Simplified Scheduling of Production

Effective production scheduling is essential for success in the corrugated packaging sector. The ERP software from GIC is excellent at streamlining production schedules to efficiently use resources and achieve the desired goal. Our ERP solution for the corrugated packaging industry gives real-time insights into data analytics. It empowers decision-makers to make well-informed decisions that increase overall productivity.

Inventory Management Precision

Minimizing excess inventory, averting stockouts, and eventually maintaining costs under control depends on accurate inventory management. The ERP system from GIC enables inventory control by giving real-time visibility into inventory levels. Order triggers, demand forecasting, and automated tracking all help to streamline the inventory management process and lower the possibility of mistakes and inefficiencies.

Improved CRM, or customer relationship management

Superior customer service distinguishes businesses in a competitive market. Robust CRM features in GIC’s ERP software enable corrugated packing companies to manage customer relationships efficiently.The ERP system guarantees a smooth and customer-centric experience from order processing to after-sales support, encouraging loyalty and a favourable brand image.


GIC’s ERP software for the corrugated packaging industry proves to be an affordable and adaptable solution made specifically to meet the demands of the corrugated packaging sector. This ERP solution enables businesses to confidently navigate the complexities of production, inventory, and customer relations by combining affordability, flexibility, and industry-specific functionality. Those using GIC’s ERP software are well-positioned to meet industry standards and to establish new benchmarks for efficiency and innovation in the corrugated packing industry.