How can future search affect your business?

How can future search affect your business?

Future search should be used when commitment and ideas need to be shared amongst all the stake holders of the organization. Involvement of all the associates brings new ideas and give rise to energy for taking measures.

It involves a large group of stake holders who have been chosen as they belong to different backgrounds and ideals working towards the same goal. People from various demographics have the potential of sharing diverse ideas and information which will together form a broad spectrum of outcomes for developing a business or organization.

Future search conference works on the basis of discussions between these stakeholders which can be processed in the following way:

Focus on past: The associates of the conference are given a task of creating a timeline of key events related to their past experiences based on the future search topic. Each participant has its unique list of episodes which will help analyzing the subject.

Present Trends: The members of this conference make an association of ideas trending in the market now, which are related to the current topic and going to affect in the future. They can also discuss the trends or ideas they are following in present to boost the business.

Ideal Future Search: Diverse group of people attending this conference will put themselves in future scenarios and describe a potential solution for an Ideal future program. The whole idea of this conference is to get various unique ideas from each stake holders and use their expertise in solving a future business problem.

Inference from the conference: All the data and key points from this conference need to be gathered and put together by volunteers and make a framework of actions need to be taken for the prosperity of business in future.

The most important aspect of Future search is its participants. People from all the cross sections who have been influenced by the decision should attend this as participants. Usually Future search meetings involve 60-80 people, however you can decide these numbers on the basis of your agenda.

Advantages of Future search for your business:

– Due to the commitment and involvement of all the participants, a proposal can be passed with more ease and clarity.

– Everyone involved with the project has attended this conference, which makes it a source of gathering information and ideas.

– Due to sharing of future visions and common agenda stake holders stay committed to the business.

– Participants find themselves working towards the same topic with common ideas and get energized. Complex issues get resolved easily and a common vision leads to a taking a concrete decision.


All these efforts will only be fruitful if the conference is managed properly by the hosts. They must honor the ideas of each and every participant for an ideal result from Future search conference. It is a great tool for the advantage of businesses for solving complex problems with lesser resource investment.