How To Increase Conversion Rates Of Your Hotel Website
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How To Increase Conversion Rates Of Your Hotel Website

The main aspect of any website is its overall look and appearance. A nicely developed website with the right sort of features and tabs can impress a visitor and it also improves the chances of him/her getting converted into a lead. However, there are many other factors that can increase the traffic for your website.

Hotels were always in great demand as people have always loved to travel to different locations. However, with globalization and increase in overall population, people have started preferring the hotels and this has led to a steady increase in the competition as well. Therefore, numerous hotels have launched their websites and even some third party websites such as Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc. have started providing references of these hotels which are based on a number of aspects such as customer reviews, Google ratings and much more.

Top 5 factors that should be focussed on to increase the conversion rates of your hotel website:

User-friendly website

Many-a-times it happens that you are generating enough traffic on your website but it is not getting converted to actual sales of your services and products. A website that is easy to understand and operate is the one that increases your chances of improving the revenue of your hotel. This happens because the visitor finds the process of booking easier and chances of him/her of buying the product increases to a large extent. Instead of providing a length and a complicated procedure for booking and payment you can provide them with simple steps that needed to be followed in order to rent a room. This not only impresses the visitor but he also will remember this user-friendly experience and prefer the next time he travels to a nearby destination. Apart from that you can also make your website compatible and user-friendly on digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. which will help you to grow your overall reach and conversion rate quickly.

Social media impact

Use of social media to drive traffic to your website can be very helpful because all the people are linked to social media platforms in some way or the other. Also, you can use these social media networks to build your own brand and create its own following. You can join the different communities which are available on the social media platforms and use them to impress your target audience by implementing digital marketing strategies.

Manage website rankings

One of the best ways to manage website rankings is by implementing SEO strategies and working your website on the top of all the search engine results. Your website must be such that when you search for its name it must be displayed in the top ten rankings of the search results. Implementing SEO strategies will not only boost your website rankings but also improve the traffic which will ultimately result in more conversions.

Improve the content of your website

All the stylish icons and excellent design of your website are of no use if the content of your website is not good enough to attract your visitors. Content can be in different forms such as blogs, informative video sharing the details and location of your hotel, infographics and much more. Creating the right kind of content for your website can help you earn the loyalty of your customers and they may even recommend your hotels to their relatives and friends. Also, you can provide them with accurate contact details, maps and services which make your hotel easily accessible to all those who are visiting nearby.

User-generated content

A visitor trusts a fellow visitor who has already used your services earlier. Therefore, if your website has enough user-generated contents such as customer reviews, experiences, etc. then that can really improve your conversion rate. Also, you can have client testimonials from business groups, friends group or organizations who stayed back in your hotel while travelling, visiting a nearby tourist attraction, etc. This will generate a sense of curiosity amongst the visitors and they will be more inclined to try out the services and ambience of your hotels.

All these factors get positive results for improving the conversion rate for your hotel website. Apart from these methods, you can also try out the following innovative business automation methods to enhance your conversion rate:

Instant messaging

You can use business automation in hotel management for messaging guests’ comments and reviews by indulging them in a mobile management solution. Also, you can provide them with a menu through which visitors can order food through mobiles and complete the payment through e-payment solutions like PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

Room booking

Like a “Book My Show” app, you can show your visitors the available rooms in your hotels. This interface can be provided on both computers and mobiles.

All these above methods can improve the conversion rates of your hotel website. Apart from these methods, implementation of automation techniques can really boost your revenues. Global InfoCloud is a leading provider of IT services and digital marketing services in Pune. We have years of experience in designing and implementing social media campaigns that improve your brand value and generate surplus leads for your website. We have the ability to improve your social and online presence and have enough expertise to provide a global platform for your business.