Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially
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Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

An era of technology and science has arrived which has influenced most of the world’s population. This technology not only affected people’s life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays businesses have moved to the virtual world and is preferred to have digital presence to spread it’s awareness.

A credible website will cause more trust and diversion of consumers towards a brand. A strong website design is paramount in creating this trustworthiness. By presenting an online destination that is straightforward and easy to navigate, users will have a more positive experience throughout the website, making them more likely to complete a purchase and repetitively visit your website. it is quite evident that web designing holds a huge place in determining the success of your company. Some basic and useful web designing tricks that can truly boost your business are:

Video Landing Page
An interactive and easier landing page which can create more interest amongst the users. The lazier options created can cause more users to take interest in your webpage. It is observed that rather than reading larger texts on homepage people love to watch videos with interesting content and information regarding the brand. Nowadays, due to the popularity of OTT platform people spend much of their time on gadgets by watching videos. Therefore, it’s a great idea to introduce a video on the landing of your website. A video can give a basic idea of your website and promotes your brand in an innovative and highly acceptable way. So, video landing page is an innovative and highly profitable element for taking your website to a much higher popularity.

Parallax Scrolling
Consumers are often lazy to click and browse through the website, to make the experience more seamless parallax scrolling is a great option. It combats consumer’s laziness while maintaining an engaging digital environment. This tool gives a user all the information within a few seconds without the hassle of going inside the website and clicking buttons. Parallax scrolling is an innovative option to make the navigation process much easier for the user. There are several layers of the webpages, this unique quality can be used for designing the website in a much more interesting way and browse those layer through the home page. Thus parallax scrolling makes the navigation of the user easier and reduces the mess of lots of new pages.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the latest innovation in the world of technology which is slowly penetrating in every online platform. It can directly affect a user experience of your site by providing tools like chatbots, where users get attracted and feel more connected in a personalised manner. An AI can also provide 24X7 assistance to the users which will make functional at any point of time. Thus AI is a key element that provides complete customer satisfaction without any human effort. This technology is being upgraded with time and can be fruitful to the website in longer run.

Animated CTAs
CTAs or Call-to-action buttons and statements are crucial aspects of web design. Users require some confirmation before they take any action on your webpage. These little animations will guide them and inform regarding the consequences after they click on a certain button. By incorporating subtle animated CTAs, you can capture their attention more, and encourage them to complete the action. This animated direction not only makes it easier for you but also helps the users, and in addition it also increases the appearance or attractiveness of your site.

Better text font
Text is the key element of your website. A user reads the content of your webpage first once they land on your home page. So, developing a clear and attractive typography of the contents can surely contribute to the success of the user interface of the website. Thus, attractive typography like bold text, custom fonts, designed text, etc. can draw interest of the users and catch attention while browsing for a longer span of time Thus, a typography plays an important role in expanding your business efficiently.

Website is a prime requisite for any business now, a thoughtfully designed webpage can give higher conversions and a profitable business. The above key points can help a webpage designer to create a more interactive and seamless website. Global InfoCloud is a leading IT and digital marketing company bringing businesses online through website designing. Connect with us for further details.