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Why Social Media is More Important Than Ever for Businesses During the Coronavirus

Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented times where future seems uncertain, social distancing has become mandatory and so in working from home. The prohibition of going out and spending most of the time at home has brought the importance of internet and social media back. People are now using social media and internet platforms to stay informed, stay connected, and stay sane. The inclination towards digital platform has brought companies right in the world of digital marketing and social media.

Companies are withdrawing their regular business activities to save money, abide by social distancing guidelines and mitigate business risks. Hence, now is the time to bring your business on social media platform and connect with people on social media who are looking for respite or wanting to connect with friends and family during these tough times of coronavirus pandemic.

Check the points discussed below indicating how businesses can take advantage of social media in these difficult times:

Provide Honesty, Clarity and Transparency

The honesty and transparency of communication gives more impressions and grabs attention of people online.You can communicate honest information about your brand such as how is your brand coping up with the current crisis, your future endeavours for the brand and new product development.
> A great way to impact your brand community is through video or photo updates.
> Share the content from experts and authoritative sources who are reliable and trustworthy. Include the details regarding incorporation of these expert ideas in your brand.
> Share your brand’s concern regarding the uncertain future and spread positive messages and helpful insights to present the human side of your business.
> Tell the truth regarding your brand’s situation and steps taken by your business to stop spreading of any rumours or assumptions during the pandemic.

Provide Entertainment or Value

Social media was introduced to connect with people and get entertained from the content. Businesses become so engaged in making sales and finding leads that they forget the prime purpose of social media that is maintain a personable platform on which your audience can connect with your brand.
> It is an excellent opportunity to connect with your patrons. Show behind the scenes, share about your employees, create interactive videos about your brand’s processes. Showcase the cool ways your brand helps the community and create interest on social media.
> Social media is filled with serious and informative posts regarding the outbreak of Covid-19. A humorous perspective such as funny or silly video that has a slight characteristic of your brand can provide business promotions and attract a lot of people towards your business and your brand will become popular.
> Social media is about creating connections and building relationships. Hold a Q&A solving with your team. Talk about your brand’s vision and goals. Ask your community base about their interests and what they would like to ask you and answer their questions in an engaging video or in photo posts and stories.

The pandemic has given ample time to businesses for returning to basics by maintaining relationships, provide entertainment and revaluate their social media presence to increase the brand value. It’s time to connect, engage and share whether you’re a business, a brand, or a human being. During this time you may not make great sales, but it’s an excellent time to build the foundations of business. Global Info cloud is a leading IT, automation and digital marketing company providing contemporary marketing solutions on social media. Register your business with us and get a seamless solution to handle your social media and make the most of it during this pandemic.