Email Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales in 2022
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Email Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales in 2022

What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a promotional activity of sending marketing-related informative material through email. It is an effective digital marketing strategy targeting customers with promotions directly reaching their inbox.
Emails for cart abandonment, sales, and product announcements are commonly sent as a promotional material in an email. Although, one can start email marketing and send emails in almost any situation to any customer. You can gather email addresses of customers by providing newsletter signup options on various digital platforms and set up your email marketing campaign.
It is estimated that there are approximately 2.5 billion email users worldwide, hence email marketing can turn out to be a great tool to reach those potential customers and send them information regarding your brand image, provide customer support and keep in touch with them. Email marketing being popular over the last few years, led to a great number of bulk mails and unsolicited spams reaching the inbox making your promotional letter getting lost in the list.

Check the list of points compiled below for a successful email marketing campaign in 2020 and grab more sales with the current trends:

Minimalist email design
Minimalist email design are preferred now to gather more sales. Users receive a large amount of emails from various brands for promotions. It is important to standout from the crowd and send eye-catching and crisp promotional material. Instead of colourful and bright images in the mail, a minimalist email and plain text mail works better. A minimalist email design has benefits such as optimised email load time, deliver a clear brand image and keep the focus on the offer or information and not just the image.

Personalised email campaigns
Email marketing in 2022 is no more about having a single promotional material for all the consumers or audience. Brands need to analyse the psychology of each user and create email promotions solving their individuals problems, these mails convince them to buy your products.
Hyper-personalized automated campaigns are the future of personalization that gives great results. Companies can track browsing behaviour and real-time data to send highly-relevant emails to the users.

Mobile optimization
The number of mobile phone users have exponentially increased over time. Mobile phones help save time and people prefer reading emails on them nowadays. Not only around 61% of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices, but also 79% of mobile users have made a purchase online with their device in the last 6 months which means customers are ready to learn more about your product and buy it with the gadget.A well-optimized email is clean and simple to understand and brings more click through rate.

Social media integration
With the popularity of social media platform, you can find a potential client in these social media users. It is found the 42% of the population (3.2 billion users) are on social media. For brands, this means an alternative way to reach their target audiences, establish a connection with them, and deliver the brand message. To enhance the influence of email marketing one can integrate social media platforms as people like to read about your business and it’s reviews on various social media sites, working with Instagram nano- and micro-influencers is a great way to leverage reviews, and therefore start selling on Instagram.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive sales if the key trends for email marketing are followed carefully. To stand one step ahead of your competitors and ensure your subscriber’s interest in your email campaigns, think about their needs and give email marketing trends a try. Global InfoCloud understands the importance of email marketing and follows the latest trends. The digital marketing campaign designed by our team comprises of these elements which leads to a larger internet presence and return on online investments. Connect with us to promote your business through our efficient and seamless channel.