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Why your business needs a Chatbot?

A brief about chatbots

are computed programs that can have a real conversations with users through a chat interface. Chatbots can comprehend written and spoken messages and interpret its meaning. The bot can then search for relevant information and deliver it to the human user.
Modern smartphones and computers rely on chatbots with Artificial Intelligence to help users get information
Chatbots are designed in two categories based on the technology involved:

1. Command based chatbots rely on a databank of replies and heuristics. The context of query is analysed by the bot and it replies with the data fed into its programme relevant to it. They cannot create new text and answer ambiguous queries.

2. AI based or Machine Learning Chatbots have the capability of replying to ambiguous questions by creating replies from scratch using machine learning and processing data over internet. These chatbots train themselves with past queries with the machine learning skills and get smarter over time.

By the year 2020, almost 80% of businesses are using a chatbot in various forms. Chatbots have become a key element for business growth for solving customer queries. The requirement of advanced powered bots is going to rise in future. Here are various reasons stated below why you should opt for chatbots for your business:

1. Automated Customer Support
A common list of FAQs are there in every industry’s database which users commonly enquire. A specific set of queries have the same replies which they need to send every time a customer makes an enquiry. For such instances, it is best to save your time and engage the users with chatbots to answer them.

2. Save Human resource
Chatbots are designed to assist consumers for a specific task at any point of time. They can also perform a repetitive task round the clock making your business available 24/7 to the consumer. Hence, the human resource can be relieved from such tasks and engage them in productive task for the enterprise which will save the cost of hiring multiple support employees.

3. Cheaper development
Chatbots require a minimal cost of development as compared to the development of an application which act to its advantage. Investment in advanced technology like chatbot will work as a value addition to your business’s customer service.

4. Increases the scale of business
Chatbots are an automated computer programs which can handle more customers simultaneously. Existing consumer contact solution if handled by human agents, would limit their interaction to maximum 2 to 3 customers at a time. By employing chatbots which can operate with a lot of consumers you can scale up your business to new markets without the problem of multiple incoming enquires by new consumers.

5. Assist consumers with product choices
A survey online found that 83% of shoppers online need support in choosing a product or services while shopping. Sometimes, customers require assistance online while buying an expensive product or during first purchaseChatbots act as an online assistant by filling the void and provide knowledgeable recommendations to the customers for selecting the right product and services.

6. Engage Consumers with your business
Digital marketing experts have recommended often to engage the consumers with the business. Their engagement converts into 20% – 40% of more spends by consumers which is a profit for your venture. This can be achieved by actively interacting with them on social media channels; however to add a real time interaction and value to this a chatbot can engage even more consumers and personalize their engagements and convince them to go for your product or service.

7. Efficient Workplace
Chatbots are majorly used for consumer conversations, however it has found to be useful being assigned for interacting internally within the organization. It helps in building an efficient team by completing mundane and repetitive tasks. It will automate their work that are tedious and make them more efficient by engaging in a logical and creative thinking projects.

Chatbots can support your business with various services apart from costumer service such as marketing, sales and even internal tasks such as assisting employees. It is a value added service for your business which assures you a great technological advancement in future.
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