Facebook Marketing Guide 2019
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Facebook Marketing Guide 2019

Before starting about Facebook marketing guide, let us understand what is Facebook?

Everyone knows the story of Facebook and how it started. The hero of the story is Mark Zuckerberg, and he brought change with his superpowers and skills. That change is known as Facebook. Since 2004, Facebook has changed a lot with time and generation and adopted according to technology, which is why Facebook is so relevant until now. After Facebook, a lot of other social media platforms came such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. All these social media platforms can be used for growing and marketing the business.

Talking about digital marketing, Facebook is also used as a means of marketing, and there is nothing wrong in that. Having said that, Facebook is known as one of the cost-effective and cheapest means to market the business and products. But why only Facebook and why not other social media platforms? Yes, nowadays the trend is changing, businesses are using Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to market and promote their businesses.

But why Facebook won the first hand? Facebook has a huge amount of users as compared to other social media platforms and which is why businesses prefer Facebook over other platforms. Facebook lets you market your business with unlimited means and with the wide audience available you can easily set and target your audience which helps.

Why should you use Facebook for marketing in 2019?

According to facts shown in the Statista website, India now has over 300 million Facebook users which are 100 million more as compared to the United States.

But, how to use Facebook advertisement and channelize the resource in a proper manner is the main concern. There are a lot of things one should keep in mind before starting marketing on Facebook. Here is the list of those things which one should keep in his or her mind before starting a Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook Page

The first step is to create a Facebook page and not a Facebook account. Facebook account is not for businesses as such as it has some demerits. A Facebook account user can only add 5000 friends and if someone wants to see the content, they need to send friend request which is time-consuming. That’s why businesses should consider making a Facebook page, as it doesn’t have any limitations, anyone can see the page, it has more freedom than a Facebook account.

Simple steps to create a Facebook business page

Steps to create a Facebook business page account includes, Select Facebook business page while creating a page and then while selecting a business classification one should click on business or brand. The third step is to add the company’s information such as the name of the brand, category of the page, address and phone number is optional. Upload photos for the Facebook page, it is recommended that the Facebook profile photo should be the logo of the brand. With profile photo, there is a section for uploading a cover photo of the brand which should be used effectively by putting a photo of the employees of the company or any recent accomplishment of the company. Next step is the about section, where you can give some information about the company and its achievements. The second last step is to add a description of the page within one or two sentences. The last and most important step of all is to keep posting on the Facebook page to grab the attention of the audience and to increase the audience on the page.

Let us understand a few more points about why and how one should use a Facebook page?

As said in the above points, Facebook has a wider audience which helps in effective marketing. A wider audience means the marketing has to be planned to work effectively. One must understand that these audiences are of different ages, gender, and locations. To capture such a huge market one need to make proper strategies and set a target audience for whom the marketing should be done and which can affect them.

Various types of Facebook content        

Once you find your audience, the next step is to create content, so that more and more people get attracted towards the page. The content should be such that it helps you to engage and inform the audience. But there is a catch in all of this that the one who creates a successful content should understand how to use status, images, and video as a means for Facebook marketing.

Let’s talk about status first. Status helps you to write a short description, easy and simplest format for updating information about the brand. The next more engaging content you can create is by images. No doubt, images are more engaging as compared to texts. Images are visually pleasing and easy to understand. You can use high-quality photos which can reflect your brand as more exciting. With images, you can also add some short description with that to explain more about the image. Videos are most engaging as compared to both images and statuses. They are easy to understand and are more visually appealing.

After deciding which means to use for content, the next step is to plan the calendar accordingly in the most effective way. For that one need to understand when and what to post, so that you can engage more and more audience within less time. Scheduling posts reduce the efforts and also increase the engaging ratio of the page.

Let’s now discuss something about Facebook ads.

Once you understand your audience and content, the final step is to market the post using Facebook ads. It helps you to reach your target audience. It appears on the news feed of your audience. You can decide your target audience depending upon their age, gender and location which is the most effective way. Depending upon your need, you can decide your budget. Once you decide your budget, you can start your campaign. The best thing about Facebook is that it provides you with analytics of how the advertisement performs. It gives you all the basic information which will help you to focus more on the target audience efficiently.

Facebook polls are the most helpful way to understand the current mindset of the audience. It can be used for any specific event or brand. It is engaging and easy to create at the same time. Facebook groups are a more personalized way of engaging. These groups can be public or private, more specific to a certain type of audience.

These are some of the ways you can use Facebook Marketing, for gaining a wide range of audience.