Growth in the automation industry

What is the automation industry?

Automation Industry means the majority of production is done with the use of automated machinery and less involvement of human labor. It does not mean that there will be no human interference. To run the machinery some amount of human skill and intervention is required or at least to monitor the machinery, having said that, there are few industries where fully automated machines are used for production. It totally depends on the type of production and industry.

Scope of the automation industry

There is a number of industries where automation systems are currently used such as food, Manufacturing, chemical, Pharmacy, Process, Automobile, power plant, etc. 

Type of automation industry

  1. Fixed automation

This type of automation is used when the production rate is high and to achieve this a fixed program is set for the operations. This process increases the production and efficiency of the product. One of more advantage of this process is that it reduces the overall cost of production. The only drawback is that once the process is set in a particular way, it is hard to change the process. This type of process is only used for production where one fix type of products is being manufactured.  

  1. Programmable Automation

It is best for fit for medium to high-end processes. It is more flexible than the fixed automation method. It allows you to change the method based on the product. New products can be introduced and also programs can be revised according to that.

  1. Flexible automation

It is a more flexible method of automation; it allows the products to be designed according to the product. These changes can be done by the simple use of codes. This method is suitable where there are different ranges of products.

  1. Integrated  automation

In the case of the integrated automation system, everything is automated through computer systems. Right from the start of the process to the end of it, each and every process is controlled either by robots or computer systems.

Reason for growth of the industry

Automation brought many positive changes in the industry. Automation is the main reason why there is so much of a boom in the market. List down are a few of the reasons why many industries are going for automation.

  1. Reduces errors

Even after years of practice, human still makes some or the other. It is the natural tendency of humans that mistakes are bound to happen because of various reasons, but this is not the case with machines. Once the program is set machinery works in the same program without any errors.

  1. Increases efficiency

How many works do you think is required to get the job done? 100-200 may be more than depends upon your company and production, well when you substitute that with machinery plus you can also increase the efficiency of the production.

  1. Diversity

It allows you to diversify the process and focus on more core processes which help in increasing the overall production of the business.

  1. Cost reduction

The overall cost of operation also comes down with fewer labors and more machines. The work efficiency also increases which helps in increasing the production and leads to a reduction in the cost of the company.

With the introduction of “Make in India” many of the policies are in favor of promoting the industries and individuals to do business. There has been a constant growth in all the industries because of these policies and also because of the technological advancement in the industries. Many of the industries now are using automated machines, robots rather than human labor which why we can see a constant growth in all the industries. As we have discussed above, there are many benefits of using an automated system rather than human labor.