Digital Marketing

Real Estate Digital Marketing Techniques


Marketing helps to widen the reach of the product. With proper planning and methods, marketing can do wonders. Traditional marketing techniques are hectic. A lot of resources are used in marketing. But with the advancement of technology, there has been a change in the methods of marketing and business. The traditional method of marketing is unpopular. Businesses prefer digital marketing over the traditional method of marketing.

Why is digital marketing so popular and effective?

There are many things to cover in this. But let me first address the fact that digital marketing is less stressful as compared to traditional ways of marketing. Digital marketing helps you to utilize the resources at the fullest. It also helps the business to widen the reach.

With the development of the nation, there were many things that changed with it. Demand for real estate also increased with the rise in the population. The high population demanded new houses, which help them to expand the market. Real estate is a vast topic which includes residential, commercial, industrial and land. It’s difficult to cover the real estate market, as it consists of many areas to market. Focusing on a single area and ignoring others might lead to losses.

The digital market covers all the drawbacks of traditional marketing techniques. The digital market allows real estate to maximize its resources to reach its maximum output.

Social media

Social media allows you to reach various places and reach a wide range of customers. Using social media is a must to succeed in the real estate sector. Digital marketing should be one of the heads of the lineup while starting a real estate business. If used in the right manner digital marketing can do wonders for you. Digital marketing helps you to build a strong image in the market.

Just like visiting card, a website of your business works as a visiting card for your business. Your website must showcase all the work currently going on, what are the projects that have been completed as of now, and what are the other facilities provided by you.

Website in 2019

In 2019, a website helps you to build an image, so make sure that the website of your company represents all your work and accomplishments. It is a good way to target your audience, and it is not easy to provide all the information on a single web page. So, they need to create multiple web pages to provide all the information and the work done by them. The first page or the landing page should be interactive, must have all the interactive pictures of the projects that they have completed till now. The landing page should explain everything about the business and the brand.

Once you are done with creating a website for your business.

The question is What’s next?

The main concern here is that there are a lot of similar websites on the internet just like yours. Nowadays everything is done on the internet, and the majority of the population uses the internet for searching properties online and this is where the word SEO comes into the picture. What SEO does is, it helps the website to organically rank it above all the other websites, whenever someone searches. It helps to improve the ranking, increases traffic as compared to other websites.  It is easier said than done, there is a lot of planning to be done to get it right.

Engaging the potential customer with the help of a creative blog. Blogs and SEO work in parallel lines.

What are the blogs and how they will help will be your question?

Blogs are the creative way of telling information about the upcoming projects, completed projects, awards, information about buying and selling of the property, related to investments, various ways of financing, loans, property information, surroundings and many such topic related to real estate which helps the buyer and anyone who is interested in real estate projects. SEO helps in ranking these blog above others when someone searches anything related to real estate business or buying of a property.

Engaging the potential customer with the help of a creative blog is important. Nowadays, everyone is on social media. It is a great platform to widen your reach. There are a number of social media platforms which can be used such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In terms of number, India has the most number of Facebook users.

Social Media platforms

Facebook is a great platform to advertise the project. It is one of the cheapest ways to communicate and reach a wider audience. Instagram works in the same way but more through images. A creative way to reach the audience via pictures. Pictures of projects with some information engaging and gaining more audience. With changing times, the traditional blog types are getting lesser views as compared to new microblogs. Twitter is a perfect example where microblogs are used to engage the audience. These microblogs are short and contain small information which is easy to go through and easy to read. Also, it takes less time as compared to traditional blogs.


With all these marketing techniques, you still have to advertise your project. They need to inform their customers, about the ongoing projects or even finished ones.

Facebook is one of the cheapest means to advertise your projects. It helps to target a specific audience. It gives you all the detailed information about the advertisement. It helps you to know where to target and what will you seek from the advertisement.

Google Ads is a paid advertising campaign. If your budget allows and you are ready to be effectively seen whenever someone searches for the property. With the help of Google adds you can increase the reach to a wide range of audience.

Emails are the oldest way of marketing but the most effective one. When you know who your target audience is email is a useful means of marketing. Personalized emails grab a lot of attention and allow you to connect on a personal level. The first thing one should keep in mind while using email is that they should have a strong database.

Following the current trends

Once you know your potential customers, the next step is to engage them through your website content and posts. Following the trend is one of the few things you can do for engaging potential customers. Following the current memes, making a similar post, conducting surveys, contests, sharing daily pieces of information, quizzes, and much of such engaging activities help in grabbing the eyeball of the customers.

The latest trend is creating content on YouTube, which is allowing the users to experience a real-time view of the property and the surrounding via videos. Video making is more useful in terms of engagement ratio as it helps the customer to know in and out of the property. Inspecting the property through video might save a lot of time and helps in faster decision making.