Why is ERP streamlining the hotel industry?

An ERP system is composed of a variety of applications and tools. These tools help all areas of your business communicate effectively with each other. Within the ERP system, all data is available in real-time, which enables employees to make faster, more informed business decisions.

What is ERP?

Typically, an ERP software combines multiple traditional management functions into a logically integrated system, in order to facilitate the flow of information across these functions. It is designed to model and automate basic processes across the organization over a centralized database and simultaneously, eliminates the need of disparate systems maintained by various units of the organization. This software is advantageous as it solves your business; henceforth, is more time efficient. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical giant, an auto parts supplier or a hotelier, the ERP software will keep you at the front of your game.

What is Hotel ERP?

ERP is an essential tool for the hotel industry today; it allows your business to thrive in the market by offering certain technological benefits. Above all, it ensures that your hotel operations run smoothly and efficiently. In the 21st century, ERP software solutions are being implemented by an array of hotels. In fact, it is gradually replacing its older counterpart, property management system or PMS. This software collects data of the activities procured solely at the front office. It includes the following —account receivables, sales, telephone management etc. Alternatively, an ERP software oversees all the hassles of the hotel industry—from front desk to the backend.

Mandatory Features of ERP for the Hotel Industry:

  • Room Booking System: The ERP software has modernised the traditional method of booking hotel rooms. Previously done through a guestbook or phone call, the online booking system through ERP enables hotels and resorts to track current reservations and use various metric plans to understand occupancy trends. When a booking is made through the system, it automatically sends a confirmation to the customer. The ERP alone takes care of tasks and streamlines the room booking process.
  • Guest Management: Customer Satisfaction is the utmost priority of any hotelier, or entrepreneur for that matter. By implementing the ERP software, hotel staff can keep a track of guests’ room and food preferences. These small details keep businesses at the top of their game as they are able to offer their guests/customers customized services. Additionally, this software allows for a sense of familiarity between staff and guests, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Be a favourite amongst families through the ERP system.
  • Front Desk Efficiency: Through the ERP system, staff can manage tasks from a single screen. This software increases efficiency of the front desk and calls for greater customer satisfaction. This system not only helps decrease the amount needed for check-in and check-out, but also helps when offering discounts, group rates, bill forwards or room changes. Additionally, typical front-desk services that are offered by hotels like—wake up calls, special requests, housekeeping, or maintenance needs are more efficient.
  • Inventory Management: Early inventory management systems were designed to provide basic stored item and storage location functionality. Today, ERP systems allow companies to continuously improve their operational efficiency. Hotels and resorts can create a central database that displays buying, selling and consumption trends. Consequently, this information can be analysed for unusual market patterns—to determine if there is cause for concern. Additionally, staff can use the ERP system to track both internal and third-party users, vendors, suppliers, order management and complete audit reports.
  • House Keeping, Laundry and Maintenance: The implementation of ERP software allows hotels and resorts to streamline the management of the following services—housekeeping, laundry and maintenance tasks. By creating a customized calendar and schedule, management can track which rooms are available for check-in and which are yet to be cleaned. Additionally, managers can create maintenance schedules that display routine tasks and any required repairs. Through the ERP system, staff can customize laundry schedules for internal and third-party services and easily link guest laundry services to their room invoices.
  • Restaurant Management: Hotels that have their own restaurant need the details of the restaurant specifically. This involves invoices, bills and inventory listing. Implementing the ERP software separate services availed by guests in the hotel itself and meals eaten at the restaurant for easier billing.

The hospitality industry is competitive and faces several challenges. With the implementation of an ERP system, staff can streamline a hotel’s operations, ensuring increased rates of efficiencygreater levels of hospitability and ultimate customer satisfaction. Global Info-cloud provides you the erp software for your hotel according to industry standards with most advanced technology features.