The Impact Of Digital Marketing For Spa And Beauty Industries
Digital Marketing

The Impact Of Digital Marketing For Spa And Beauty Industries

The beauty industry is all about helping people feel good about themselves and provide them with services which makes them feel relaxed and stress-free. The widespread web of this industry includes spa, beauty parlours, estheticians, barbers, hairstylist, makeup artists, hair salons and much more.  All these are operated by young entrepreneurs single-handedly or by the professionals of the beauty world with an army of experts. With the changing trends in various fields, it has also become mandatory for people of the beauty industry to enter into the world of internet and take their business online so as to get better marketing resulting into inflow of clients.

From a responsive website design to email marketing and loyalty programmes to big social media marketing plans beauty professionals must be there where their audience is. And we at Global info cloud help you by assisting in improving your online presence. In today’s world of a techno-savvy generation where half of the population have smartphones and access to the internet, 61 % of the consumers search for the beauty products and services online. They make up 50% of the more frequent purchase than compared to the general population.

 Consumers of skin care products and services are 29%  more influenced by internet advertisements than average consumers. Along with their availability virtually with the help of social media networks, they get a direct access to the service provider which can work wonders for your business by taking it to another level.

How can we help you in expanding your beauty business?

Search engine optimization

People don’t search to search but they search to FIND! When consumers are searching they are doing their research about the product or the service they want. If they are searching a local service they are motivated buyers which mean there is a higher chance of customer acquisition. In order to be a top choice for your prospective client, you must show up in a search. Search engine optimization is having your website rank higher organically in search engines. It is important that you must be found when people search for the services provided by you and not only by the name of your business. You can also appear in the listing section of search engines or on the review sites over the internet. You might feel why is this important? According to the statics, 70% of the potential clients search for online reviews before trying out a new salon. If you are worried about what if a negative review comes, you absolutely don’t have to worry about it as a well-handled negative review can fetch you more clients than several positive reviews.

Email marketing

As search engine optimization opens doors for new clients email marketing helps in staying top of the mind of your existing clients. 20 % of your loyal customers know what kind of services you offer. Rest might be unaware of all the services, therefore, email is a great way to showcase all the services your salons offer. Thank you emails immediately after the client gets a service done or emails with special discounts and coupons on birthdays and anniversaries can lead to more and more client capturing. Appointment reminders, event-based emails, appointment confirmation emails and text messages also help in customer solicitation. Along with all these a loyalty programmes which deliver loyalty points on every service and these points be converted into cash on getting several services done will keep the client coming back again to the salon.

Social networking sites

Social media is very important as every salon or beauty service provider has a visual story to tell. Posting pictures of your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest is one way of engaging with your fans and customers online. Social media sites are dominated by the female audiences where  92 % of women share their experiences, inform about deals and give reviews about the product or services to one another online. Social media is one of those marketing tools which comes with its value in real-time nature. No other tools provide you with the ability to truly engage with your customers when they are away from salons.

Profile images, cover photos, logos, location are something that resembles the core value of your brand or salon.  The complete about section on facebook about who you are and why you choose this profession provides the customers with complete insight into you making you more open and trustworthy. Consistency in posting your work and daily images along with replies to the comments are something which will help in upgrading your business and staying in people mind.

Global Infocloud is one stop solution for all your digital marketing queries and processes. If you are looking to attract, engage, communicate effectively and efficiently using a strong digital marketing strategy to build up and interact with your clients. We invite you to visit us and we will suggest you with the best plan suited for you. We assist in improvising your virtual presence by taking your business online and expanding it on a global level. With all the above-mentioned services we have the potential of changing the graph of the current status of your business.