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Why you should opt for Cloud Services?

What is cloud services?

Cloud services’
 is term referred to an array of services provided on demand to a company and customer over the internet, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware. These services are created to provide easy and affordable access to applications and storage of data.

The cloud services deliver a significant advantage to the companies of all categories. Services like proliferation of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media and data analytics is included which does not require any physical infrastructure by the company. Businesses have realized the importance of cloud services and are opting towards them. Here are a few points which emphasizes you to opt for them:

Ease of Scalability

The key advantage of cloud services is the ease of scalability. The platform gives the freedom and capacity to make an optimal set of computing resources and provide extra storage. It rapidly allocates resources with needs of the company and adjusts the resources like bandwidth, storage, RAM, etc. In traditional hosting you have limited access to the resource’s adjustment.

Affordable prices

Cloud services does not require any infrastructure, own hardware or physical space so you don’t have to bother about paying for unused space or resource. Since, you only pay for the resources you have used, it gradually reduces your cost of maintenance and saves a lot of your monetary funds.

Superior Performance

Cloud hosting of your business means superior performance and great speed. The load of data is balanced across various servers as it gives more capacity leading to an increased availability. Cloud services provides an added advantage of network uptime and assures no single point of failure, it performs extremely better than traditional hosting servers.
Due to low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers, it allows 2x faster load times.


Secure Server

Security threat is the biggest concern amongst companies as they rely on computer technologies. Having a multi-server application like Cloud, makes it secure and disaster recovery is much easier. As compared to traditional hosting which requires RAM and CPU, etc to share your resources with other websites on the same server or you have to additionally buy a dedicated server to secure your server which comes at a high cost. Since cloud services has a secure infrastructure with secure data at many levels of the network, application and physical security, no one can access your data and try to disrupt your data. It ensures that data is safe through encrypted solutions, firewalls, etc. A traditional hosting service has only one server, therefore it does not offer disaster or backup recovery.

Upgraded technology

Cloud services uses latest technologies, where you can customize and make use of software applications as per your business requirements. Latest upgrades and technologies in cloud services has made it very popular amongst businesses. Whereas, in traditional hosting, you cannot customize according to your needs and preferences.

Companies which are hosted in cloud environment perform better than hosted on the traditional server. It is a great model where storage and computer solutions can be used by businesses. For organizations that require high loading page speed, immediate allocation of resources, environmentally friendly server, disaster and backup recovery plans, etc. then cloud services are the perfect option for you. GlobalInfoCloudbelieves in using the latest technology for all its products. We firmly think that such upgradations will not only make the product safe but also makes it seamless and advance.