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5 Social Media Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try

Social media is used for marketing and promotion of businesses with tools available on these platform. The whole thought behind social media analytics is to understand the direction in which the campaign is heading and rectify the process as per the results achieved.

Social media platforms are aware of the necessity of analytics, that’s why they provide users with some form of insight. However specific tools available online can identify content trends, learn more about target audience behaviour, competitors’ strategy, etc. These are not the kind of analytics that one can find in Facebook’s native insights, a social listening tool to collect and analyse social media data from various sources is required.

We have listed the 5 social media tools you must consider to analyse your social media campaigns:

1. Awario
Awario is a social media monitoring and listening tool designed to help individuals and businesses discover conversations about their brands, products, or services so they can monitor the discussions, know the public’s prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends. It analyses publicly available online data based on the keywords you choose to put in your posts. This makes the tool extremely versatile: it provides you with valuable insights on your brand, your audience, your competitors, influencers in your industry, etc.

All this data can be exported in CSV files, or in PDF white label reports.

2. Sotrender
Sotrender is a cloud-based social media analytics solution that provides businesses with detailed analytics, reporting, and benchmarking tools to optimize their performance across social media. It combines metrics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube insights on one dashboard allowing for easy access and analysis. It shows you the area of maximum engagement by your followers, what content performs best, and how your community is engaging with it. Based on these data and analysis, Sotrender will recommend some actions that you could take to improve your social media performance. You can also analyse the content posted by your competitors, their audience, growth rates, and much more, to strategize a plan to perform better than them.

3. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo is powerful online tool that allows a user to find out the content that is popular by topic or on any website. In order to provide the content that people are interested in, you must know what is popular amongst them
it analyses social listening data for different purposes. First and foremost, it leverages social media analytics to inform your content strategy (both web content and social media content). The tool analyses content shares to identify the hottest topics, emerging trends, thought leaders, and the most popular content types. It finds the hottest content by topic, author, or domain within a matter of seconds. Buzzsumo also shows the share activity across all the major social networks including, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Buzzsumo is the best match for the brands that put a heavy weight on their content marketing strategy.

4. Crowdbabble
Crowdbabble is a social media analytics company that helps marketers tie social media activities to business outcomes by eliminating complexities and reducing the time required for analysis. It provides you access with detailed analytics of your social media accounts across a variety of platforms. It gets data from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. It collects all the necessary metrics in one place so you can check out all your social media performances without opening the apps separately.

In addition, Crowdbabble can also analyse your branded hashtag and tell you how many people mention it in a minute, how many users are engaging with it and the top posts that mention the hashtag.

5. Sprout Social
Sprout Social is not an analytics tool, it’s a social media management tool and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes, meaning that it combines scheduling, profile analytics, and social listening features.

There are individual statistics such as reach, clicks and impressions for each post. A separate dashboards for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook analytics is provided, where you can see your profile analytics and benchmark your account against competitors. One can see cross-channel reports which combine the data from all your social media accounts.

Sprout Social also does social listening for brand analysis, market research, and customer support. It allows you to identify social media trends, pin down the key topics around your brand, and give a timely response to criticism on social media.

All this data can be exported as raw CVS files or presentation-ready PDF reports.

We have suggested the above 5 social media analytics tools available online to regularise all the social media platforms utilised for by your business for digital marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to do market research or want to take up competitor analysis, there will be a tool for you to choose from. Global InfoCloud is a leading digital marketing and IT automation company helping businesses with diverting their business on the right path on a digital platform and get high return on investments. Contact us for getting these solutions from our experienced and expert digital marketing team.